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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter, Art Work and Spring Fever


There is something about rice krispie treats that make you feel like a kid again. And so tasty too! Up at 4am to make these little egg baskets for the girls school. I dyed coconut for the straw and put PB M&M's in the "nest". Then I crammed RKTreat in a large plastic egg as the mold, made an indention and put a PB M&M inside and then closed it up. thanks for the idea, sister:)

The girls are LOVING school! The teachers are fabulous,the teachers hug them when they leave everyday with an occasional kiss that Sadie insists on giving. She can be so independent and not need you one minute and so loving the next!
If I haven't said it yet....I LOVE THIS AGE!! All the moms of multiples use to tell me that 4 is a good age and indeed it is. Just a few snap shots of the crafts they do at school. I love the hand print ones. I can tell already that I am going to need a second file folder just to hold it all. 
Roll playing is a big deal right now. And very serious about it too. One day they were Venice and Carrie and they wouldnt even answer to their real names, then the next day one is England(sadie talks like a baby for a week after being around her:) and on many occasions one is Kelly, the dog and Trista is usually the master! They play mommy and baby a lot. They hold each other(funny to see cause they are the same size), feed each other, push each other in the "baby" stroller-- that would be a stroller that fits a baby doll NOT a human- the poor wheels on that thing are about to bust.  And occasionally I will catch them changing each others diaper...hmmmm!
They play for hours, I mean hours by themselves. They crack me up the conversations they have. The other day I asked Trista what her puppys name was and she said, "Vagina." Alrighty then!
They remind me every morning to give them their vitamins. They are growing like weeds-        inches and weigh   lbs. They love to sing and dance. Trista your favorite vegetable is cucumbers, edammame, peas, green beans and broccoli . Sadie....if I threaten your life you will eat Carrots but you do like and are willing eat peas, broccoli and corn on the cob. That is corn on the cob not off the cob. Can we say particular?;)
Sadie-L     Trista- R
They love their nails painted(Wacky sock day for school if you didnt notice)

I am so ready for SPRING. I can almost feel it in the air. I saw the biggest ferns at WalMart the other day and I am ready to plant flowers, hang ferns and  get dirty in the garden. Looking forward to fresh basil, tomatoes, cucumbers and veggies. The wind was crazy the other day so we decided to bust out the KITE that Mimi and Papa Tom got them for Easter. I'll admit it right now, I don't know if I have patience for kite flying especially on a day like Sunday when the wind would change directions every few seconds and not to mention that is was 40 degrees outside. We'll try again on a warmer, sunny day because the girls LOVED doing it! The girls Easter basket which is a product in the making will have a garden tool set because that's what they requested from the Easter Bunny. I think they believe more in the Easter bunny than they do Santa. To tell or not to tell? Nah, they'll figure it out one day! 
So, they also requested candy, chocolate, cotton candy....can we say Sweet tooth!?! They requested a Frisbee, garden tools(gloves, watering can,rake and shovel) and a kick ball!
Thank you JUJU and PAPA, MIMI and PAPA TOM for all their Easter Goodies, they love their packages and goodies BUT they especially LOVE YOU!
Happy Egg Hunting!

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