Growing up too fast....

Monday, March 26, 2012

E. Lucile Carlson May 15, 1931 - March 19, 2012

We all knew her as Nana. Chris describes her as a babushka, better known as a Russian grandmother, although I don't think he she has any Russian in her.
I've known Nana for 18 years. When I started dating Chris my junior year in high school that is when I met Nana.
When I think of Nana I think of...
A guttural laugh, head thrown back with a loud holler
Every hair in place and amazingly how it looked exactly the same for the 18 years I knew her
Natural remedies
Strong hands
Mary Kay
A good listener
A talker
but most of all what I respect about Nana is that she was REAL. What you saw is what you got. She told you exactly like it was. I like that in a person. She didn't sugar coat anything.
We went over Saturday for the service and as soon as we go there the girls asked where Nana was. Nana seemed to know just what to get the girls. One christmas she got them rocking horses, this last year she got them colorful dolls and big book reading pillows! I wish she could have been around longer for the girls to know her.
You will be missed, Nana.

Minnie is in Time Out

I asked Sadie what Minnie did to be in Time out and she replied "Minnie hit Mickey"
Fair enough.

Granddad Carlson Turns 106

This old man he played two he played nick knack on my show....well not exactly.
Granddad Carlson turned 106 on March 14th. We knew we would not be in town for his actual birthday so the girls and I took him some early balloons,card and cookies. At 106 I guess you can make your demands. He informed me he didnt like cookies or cake but that he did like CUPCAKES!! Granddad at 106 you get WHAT EVER YOU WANT!!

Dr. Taylors Little Farm

Last wednesday Rita Taylor(in Portland)called me to say their mama goat had just had twin baby goats. I thought the girls would like to see them so we made a trip of it.I took one of their friends and Roxie and riley came along too. Trista loved the goats. She ran after them and held them and as you can tell from the pictures Sadie wanted nothing to do with them. She likes animals so I'm not sure why the skepticism but I do know that Sadie has to kinda warm up to the idea in a lot of things and evidentaly 10 minutes was not enough time. We sat by the Koi pond and ate a snack and played on their huge play gym. What a neat place! The baby goats were so precious!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Titi comes bringing goodies!!

Titi, we always love it when you visit. The girls went right up to you and gave you a hug as if it was yesterday they saw you. Aun(ti-ti-ti)aka TITI makes thee best eggrolls. Even though I told her we could make them while she was here she said it was easier for her to just bring up some packages that she had already made. So, I didnt argue!
She brought goodie bags for the girls which they loved and are still carrying them around during the day, boiled peanuts, stir fried rice and EGGROLLS!!
I(we) love it when you visit and NOT just because you bring us eggrolls.
Uncle Bill told lots of stories, we walked and talked by the lake on a log stump and just relaxed. Hope you had a relaxing time titi. Thank you for watching the girls too while I went to my Lacrosse game.
As I've alwasy said...COME ANY TIME!!
It warms my heart to know that you took care of me at the age the girls are and now my girls are getting to spend time with the same Titi I know and love!
You have a special place in my heart.

Trista, my big girl!

She didn't know I was watching her. She was concentrating to hard to get her shoes back on herself.
Trista loves to do everything herself. "No, I do it" Trista is a little more laid back, little more cautious, and little less sneaky. She's a big help around the house. I love being able to tell them something to go get for me and they can do it. She loves to clean up her spills, pour her own juice or cereal, pop her own Edammame shells, use a knife to cut her own pancake, measure the ingredients when I'm baking, stir the eggs, dress and undress herself. She's such a big girl. She's gone without for over a year and for months she has been without a diaper at night. Trista weighs 33lbs and is 34 inches tall.
She loves her chapstick, dollies, stickers, Hello Kitty purse. She says her favorite color is BLUE.