Growing up too fast....

Monday, April 25, 2011

An Eggstra Wet Easter Weekend

Baby England, Cousin Preston, Sadie(pink top) Trista(white top)
Easter egg hunt tradition was at the Carters and we made it just in time before the down pour of rain. They loved collecting all the eggs this year. Erin made the girls their adorable dresses from Tshirts.
They all had so much fun. Thank you to Juju for their bunnies, chocolates, edible fruit bouquet, sun dresses and shoes- LOVE THEM. Thank you to Mimi for their bubbles and Seasame Street DVD's-they will love it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peas and Gummy Bears do the tango

WIKIPEDIA SAYS....The gummi bear originated in Germany, where it is popular under the name Gummibär (help·info) (rubber bear) or Gummibärchen (help·info) (little rubber bear). Hans Riegel Sr., a candy maker from Bonn, started the Haribo company in 1920. In 1922, he invented the Dancing Bear,[1] a fruit-flavored gum made in the shape of a bear.[2] The success of the Dancing Bear's successor would later become Haribo's world-famous Gold-Bears candy product in 1967.

Chris and I are 100% sure these are our kids but to turn down certain foods we've at times wondered. Sadie will hold the peas in the front of her mouth and chew on them for literally 10 minutes. Come to find out, Chris use to do the same thing! It's not usually habit that we have dessert after meals but this particular time I had, the one and only of course, HARIBO Gold Bears- my absolute favorite!
Although I hate to revert to spanking if they don't eat their veggies(mean mommy, I know) the Gummy Bears were a great motivation and as you can see no hesitation on throwin em back with the peas!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I love to eat therefore I must run!

Training Partner: Angela Thurmond. Only trained up to 18 miles.

If 30,000+ people doesn't motivate you I don't know what will.

This post isn't about the girls. Being a new mom and with that has come lots of adjustments and sacrifices that somewhere along the way I have focused all my attention and energy on the girls/family that I have forgotten to take the time to think about myself.
So...I'm being a little selfish and this post is about ME!

The second most rewarding thing I've done in my life, besides being a mom, was completing the Chicago Marathon. I don't even remember my time but that doesn't matter...I FINISHED and I'm proud of that!
I use to work with a girl in Florida that told me, "I only run if someone is chasing me." That was one of the many things I loved about Florida, the Greenways, tons of running events and great weather. Florida is where my running obsession started. I guess I should stop right there. I really am not running. I'm a jogger. I'm not speedy but I'm not slow either.. as Goldilocks would say "just right"
I always use to find it humorous that I would pay money to put myself thru grueling running events whether it was rain, HOT Florida sun or freezing my butt off at the Disney half marathon in 2005. I have to constantly remind myself that I really won't "run" unless I am training for something. I literally have to PAY someone or some organization in order to motivate myself to get out and pound the pavement. Crazy, I know but that's what works for me.... home gyms DON'T.
So I was thinking back and I cant even tell you how many running events I've done. My favorite one was the Celebration run and that's because it always had the best long sleeve Tshirts and great snacks at the end. See......I love to eat therefore I must run!
So here's what brings me to my post. I actually loved the first 15 months of having the twins cause I could eat whatever I wanted and counted climbing the stairs everyday as my cardio. They sucked all the fat off me. It was awesome... until I stopped nursing and that quickly changed. Yowzers! Why didn't any nursing mom of twins warm me of this? Probably cause there are so few mom's of twins that actually nurse their babies. Why didn't anyone tell me that I needed to start exercising again after kids....GEEZ! The pounds crept on slowly as I began to wean from three feedings to two feedings, to one feeding and then cold turkey just stopped. I put on almost 20 lbs. What was I thinking? Okay, so I'm getting a little personal. I am proud to say that I'm down 15 lbs, 1 dress size and I have 10 more pounds to go. My secret......RUN! I always have the best results when I am jogging or training for something. I have no desire to do another marathon but I will stick to my 10K's and maybe even add a few more 1/2's to my list. Best advice is get a partner. Not necessarily saying you have to run right next to them but have someone to run with, to make you get out there. I have Erin in the AM, Erica in the PM and my good ole faithful IPOD all the other times.

Back in the saddle first 6.2 mile PURITY DAIRY run is this Saturday-be thinking of me!