Growing up too fast....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Never a dull moment

First it was Geisha women in the house now its Ghosts! And once again its always when they are way too quiet upstairs and I am busy "cleaning" up another mess downstairs that I always find them getting into something they shouldn't be. I knew this because NORMALLY they are fighting over something that the other one wants but this particular time they were laughing. They were laughing for awhile but I couldn't quite think of what they could be having so much fun over upstairs. I did a mental check in my head---bathroom doors locked....check. Powder bottle that fell behind the bed the night before.....Oh Shoot! I skipped every other step going up but it was WAY too late and so the pictures show the fun time they had.
The bottle was empty and here is where it ended up.
If any other mother has experienced this they know that powder does not stay where its "sprinkled" goes EVERYWHERE. There was a nice layer of "dust" all over the bed, pillows, furniture, down the hallway floors, in the bathroom and over into the other bed room. So, when I went to suck it up with the Dustbuster it started to just blow it out the back cause the Dustbuster canister was too full. UGH!
The best part to this story was that we had a real estate showing on the house within an HOUR!! Gotta love my life!

July Happenings

This month, once again, has flown by. Titi and Uncle Bill came to visit. I love how the girls havent seen Titi in months and they greet her as if she was here yesterday. Titi- I tried to call you on Friday but no answer. I'll try again tomorrow.
We always enjoy their visit cause Titi is entertainment for the girls for hours plus I was able to get outta the house for a couple of hours and run errands and best of all I get a freezer stocked full of the best home made eggrolls! Thank You Titi- we love when you visit- come anytime- Love you both!

July has been a busy month of YMCA workouts and pool time. The girls are getting more use to the "childcare" thing. Poor Trista's little lip quivers when I drop her off. But it only takes a few seconds and she is busy playing with all the kids. Its funny though cause as soon as I round the corner at the YMCA entrance she starts to say "no play kids, mommy" I tell them that I only ask for ONE hour(okay- sometimes 2 hours) a day and they are going to be just find playing with the kids!
I'm so glad they have each other though when I drop them off.
The adorable cupcakes you see is a cupcake class I took that was so much fun. We learned how to make pigs, dogs and.... kitty cats that you can't see cause the girls were already devouring them. We worked with fondant which I've never been a fan of but surprisingly it tasted pretty good and its come a long way since I last tasted it. The lady's who own the cake place gave us their homemade cupcake recipe and their butter cream frosting recipe- that was the best part.

Did I mention that I'm taking a second language course? Its called trying to learn twin talk. I have interpreted more words that NO ONE would know or figure out unless you were around the girls. My favorite is at night time when we are putting them down for bed they say "no key-do, mommy" which means NO CLOSE DOOR. I love all the new words they are learning and figuring out.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 4th- 2011 and Family Visits

Chris and his girls! LOVE THIS PICTURE!
Sadie getting crushed ice with grapejuice after she got her first bee sting.

I actually thought I could get out of the two's with no marker/crayon madness. NOT.
These crazy 2 year olds. Turned my back for 10 minutes (to cook lunch) and knew they were way too quiet. Found them with the green crayon having their own art class on our french doors. I quickly fell in love with a cute little bald guy(not chris) name Mr. Clean(magic eraser). Those things are awesome. Took that stuff right off.
Its been fun weeks and weekends filled with the pool, the pool and the pool...oh and blueberry picking tomorrow.....then the pool:)
The girls spent three days with their second cousins over in Dyersburg, Tn and they always come back talking WAY more. And its such a nice little vacation for me cause they are entertained non stop...I LOVE IT!
All of us (jonathan and Angela, lara,stephen) were in town for various reasons and it was so nice for us all to be together. Mom got a much a needed break and went to Branson, MO with her sister and a friend from church. Lara flew in from Texas to "play" nurse for the week to give mom a break. The grandparents would LOVE for he to stay full time but Lara told them " you cant afford me, granddad"......I BET THEY COULD!:)