Growing up too fast....

Monday, July 26, 2010

There is no place like Mom and Dads

Thanks Mom for such a relaxing week. I know it was short notice but that's usually all I get when I know Chris has to go to Michigan. I always feel like I'm on vacation when I come. Good ole home cooked meals, the best tastin well water and a personal army of baby watchers(thanks cousins). The girls loved scoping the house for Coco the kitty while finding dozens of little what-nots to displace around the house. Mom- I'm sure you are still finding things in places they shouldn't be. You didn't seem to mind at all- thanks for being such a great JuJu to the girls. Dad -enjoyed watching you work so hard at therapy- keep it up you are doing great! Goes to show that I have not and SHOULD not mow the lawn. I wanted to be the good daughter and mow the back yard for mom when I got there on Monday and after thirty minutes I managed to plow into the apple tree, crack the front plastic off the mower and shake half the tree of apples to the ground.Sorry Mom- that back yard is a beast- I say forget it- just let it grow:) I officially don't have to mow our yard now that Chris heard the story. YEAH!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Visiting Granddad Carlson

I'm embarrassed to admit that it had been awhile since I had taken the girls to see Granddad Carlson. He is always so happy to see them. His smile is permanent from the time they walk in till when we leave. They weren't quite sure what to think of him since it had been awhile. They quickly warmed up and found a few things that fascinated them. Trista loved putting the keys in and out of his desk drawer. Sadie loved the magnifying glass. It was good to see him and I promised we wouldn't be so long to visit next time. Granddad has the "pint house" on the 11th floor and I found out that Sadie is not fond of elevator rides but they LOVED the birds that were in the entrance of the Towers.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth-Sadie's Audition for the Star Spangled Banner


Sadie found my eye liner but thought it was lip liner I guess.

Enjoying some watermelon while the chickens on the barbie...