Growing up too fast....

Monday, October 26, 2009

A busy weekend in Chattanooga


Karen Landers hugging the girls and new baby Samantha Landers-so precious.
We took a two day trip to Chatti to visit our Florida friends the Landers Family, our biking buddies Billy and Kenny and the Walters.
This would be our first time to sleep in the same room with the girls in their pack an plays-needless to say we tip toed around trying not to wake them. Spent an hour before sundown "off roading" at Prentice Swallow where the girls enjoyed bouncing around- so much that they fell asleep for the first 30minutes. Then back to home we came Sunday morning.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mmm Good

Sadie would like to show you how much she enjoys lunch time. I wish this were the case all the time. First off Trista is very serious about meal time. She cleans her tray and then leans over to clear off what Sadie hasnt eaten on her tray. Sadie tends to be a bit more finicky about her food. She knows what bite is next if you are feeding her and if you try and trick her (example: hiding lentils under her noodles she proudly spits them out or smashes them in her hand and tosses them over board for Rocky) So far I have found they they both like peas,squash,avocaodo, noodles of any kind, yogurt, cherrios and fruit.

Monday, October 19, 2009

HoneySuckle Farms Pumpkin Patch

After 2 weeks of uncooperative weather we finally made it up to the pumpkin patch in Springfield. The girls loved riding in the wagon (thanks mom), going for a hayride and winding thru the "kiddie" Corn Maze. Better not forget the complete strangers that were taking their picture joke! So we're a little bias but aren't they darn cute....just wait till you see their costumes for Oktoberfest!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dad comes for a visit

Hats off to mom and Lara for the 24 hour unfailing love and caring for dad...we only had him three days and I was exhausted. Stephen came out Friday night to help with Showers and such. Mom went for a nice weekend to Gatlinburg to spend with friends from her Alumni class and we kept dad with us. I learned how to give my first insulin shot. I just kept telling myself "15 units tall, sliding scale small" if I got it switched around we would of killed him.....literally. Big responsiblity and thats why I'm glad Lara is the nurse(worlds greatest nurse ever by the way) and not me. Anyway we had a nice weekend Saturday came and went which was good since it was the year mark from when he had his stroke and really the last time we communicated with him. Dad I enjoyed our "story hour" by the lake as I read a book on Dolphins,whales, lions and Tigers while we you nibbled on walnuts and apples with almond butter. Dad loved having the girls crawl all over his feet. He especially got tickled when one would "toot" and look around to see where that noise came from. Love you dad- you come anytime.:)
Chris is sooooo hoping for tom boys

Monday, October 12, 2009


Happy Fall My Little Pumpkins

sadie is not fond of caps or hats
My Little Pumpkins. Sadie on Left Trista on Right

Monday, October 5, 2009

One Minute too long on the phone and.....those are the SCOOP frito's and she had TWO in her mouth!
Dont let that look deceive you......

MiMi's Munchkins

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Curious Critters
My Sweet Sadie 9.5 months
I was wondering why everyone was so quiet.....I just couldnt resist a photo!