Growing up too fast....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

This ones for you, mom

Mom commented that I haven't posted any pictures in so long( a couple hours seems long to JuJu:) and once I thought about it I realized that's because I haven't taken any in a long time. The older the girls get the busier we get with activities and outings and just staying occupied.
Where do I start? Well, Jenny said it best "you don't have babies anymore they are toddlers" TODDLERS is right and with that lovely word comes the word "NO" along with lots of other little attitudes. They are pretty good for the most part. I do have to admit whereever we go in public people always comment how well behaved they are and how quietly they sit at story time.
People always said, "oh, twins how neat- they will entertain each other" YUP they entertain each other all right. I break up a dozen plus squabbles a day. I am hoping they pass this phase very quickly.
We have entered the world of POTTY TRAINING. Sadie just took over the potty(REALLY need a second one) she's gone about 5 times including #2...I know GROSS but hey its a milestone in the land of motherhood and Trista FINALLY decided she'd had enough of Sadie getting all the M&M's and the special Potty Song/dance sung to her.
Some days they want to do it and some days they don't or should I say I DON'T! I know this is going to take a lot of patience and time BUT we are off to a good start. They do understand that when you go pee pee on the potty you get an M&M out of the M&M machine & we've really encouraged them that Tinkerbell does NOT like to be tinkled on! They do love their big girl undies. Awe....such little babies growing up to be such little girls.
Sadie is my little love bug and my stripper- we would find her many mornings completely nude. We are talking zipper,footed, button P.J's SO we put it on backwards...problem solved! She gives me hugs and kisses all the time and will often chase Trista down to give her a hug and kiss. They always give a gentle pat on the back when the other one is crying or hurt and last week I got my first FOOT RUB. They took off my socks and put lotion on my feet at the same time and rubbed my feet......for a few seconds....but hey it was nice while it lasted! Trista adds a couple new words a week to her vocabulary. And they love to wipe, change and powder their dollies.
Now, before you're wondering if there are any Thanksgiving Pics.....THERE ARE....BUT they are nicely stored on a fancy camera that is perched right in front of me that some how the card reader has been misplaced and we cant get the photos' off the camera onto the computer. Arrrggg! Well, we can get them off but I'm waiting for my wonderful husband to sit down and do it:)!!
Sad to say that we have a photographer in the house and we had our last family portrait done over a year ago- but I hear that's usually how it goes.
Cant believe how fast the year has flown- the girls will be two in just over two weeks! Lots of cute things planned just for them.
Life is getting fast!
Until next to all.