Growing up too fast....

Monday, August 15, 2011

The girls being silly....

I cannot stop looking at that smirk on Sadie's face. Droopy bow and a look like this fun is over, mom.
Trista on the Left---Sadie on the Right

I was surprised how well they did. Kudo's to child photographers- Chris and I were exhausted by the end.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family Photo Shoot Aug. 2011

None of these have been "touched up" or "Cropped" by Chris.

Sadie on the bottom
SADIE 2 years and 8 months
Trista 2 years 8months
Sadie the kisser!

I don't think much needs to be said on this post.
They speak for themselves.
A HUGE Thank you to Juju(mom) for all their outfits!

Monday, August 8, 2011

I think we've got some tom boys

Atta Girl.....way to take the lead, girls.

Chris figures he may not get his boy so he's gonna make tom boys outta the girls. Saturday he took the girls around and around the yard on a Yamaha 250 dirtbike. They held on tight to the front handlebars and loved it. Today was the first signs of cooler weather. There was a nice breeze, leaves falling and we were out messing around in the back yard when the neighbor boy, Race decided to come out and play.
Race- the absolutely adorable little boy has a four wheeler and was nice enough to let the girls TAKE OVER. Trista and Sadie rode that thing all over. Chris and I have often talked that when or if we ever get out in the country more on some land we'd love to get the girls "real" ones. Those were some of the best memories growing up. Go Carts, dirt bikes and mud pies! I was so mean I remember making a mud pie and put it in the neighbor girls mail box cause she was being mean to me. So all you friends out there........beware....I can make a mean mud pie!!
Another fun day at the Y pool and swinging in the back yard.(pictures of that coming soon) They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their swing. The other night I had to move Trista from the queen bed in the guest room down to her toddler mattress on the floor (that's for another Blog) and she woke up and said very clearly, "I wanna swing, mommy." It was MIDNIGHT. The swings were long over due. Chris picked them up on Friday when he was running errands at Lowe's with Sadie and I had Trista. We try and do that every now and then. They do so much better with a little break from each other. I taught Trista how to dip her Wendy's fries into her frosty. She liked it...who doesn't?!
Life tends to revolve around Pool, Bubbles, Swinging, Popsicle's and GUM.
After all...we should be enjoying the little things in life.