Growing up too fast....

Monday, August 7, 2017

Let the Braces begin....

Sadie before braces
AUG.3rd. 2017
 Sadie with Braces
12 months later.... Braces done.....(stay tuned)

Trista before Braces
Aug. 16th, 2017

Big 3rd Graders. Jack Anderson Elementary

BIG 3rd Graders
Sadie: 8 years 8 months old. Teacher: Armstrong
Trista: 8 years 8 months Teacher: Brown
School: Jack Anderson Elementary
Hendersonville, Tn
AUGUST 7th, 2017
Sadie: Left Trista: Right


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A LONG overdue couples night out except this pic is just the ladies! Butchertown Hall Rest. in Germantown
Such. Good. Food.

4th of July on the Old Hickory Lake

Lopez family took us out on their boat to see the Hville Fireworks. 

Rod's Condo- March of 2017

 As always, Rod Sweet is so gracious enough to let us come to his Condo in Daytona Beach, Fl for their spring break. They spend HOURS on the beach, surfing, swimming and having a blast.