Growing up too fast....

Friday, September 19, 2014

James Earl Thurmond

August 25, 1943 - Sept 1st, 2014

I thought I would be more prepared to sit down and write this but the tears just started to flow. 
I miss you dad!
All the things that make me think of you and things I'm going to miss about you:
Your nut eating
Your love and talk about sailing
Your goofy grin when you know you were being rediculous
Walking around in your white underware all the time
Your daisy duke cut off jean shorts-you did have nice legs
The Doors
Auction cars
Perrier water with lemons
The way you told us to always leave a place better than you find it
Brown breifcase
Coffee mug that never had coffee but water in it at the conference office
You peeing in a bottle in the car
"Turn the lights off when you leave a room"
"Did you drink your water?"
"Did you make your bed?"
Speak Correctly
Dont end a sentence with the word "at"
I've had plenty instead of I'm full
May I instead of can I........
Straighten up....hold your shoulders back
Your encouragement....always encourging to keep going
Explaining to me when I was little how fish breath underwater
That you almost spanked me for singing "Fernando" too much
Giving me my independence
Giving good financial advice even though you were not so good at it yourself
Your fruit trees
The animals and how you would catch the goat droppings in your hand.....bwahahah
"I know. I'm a pilot"
Your love for ethnic food
How you taught us how to work hard,
 Be honest, kind and fair
Your walks
Your lateness
Worship songs in the car
that you threw my cherry chapstick out on the Pennal Farm in Memphis
that you actually got me a horse for my Bday when I asked
that you made me ride that horse and till this day I HATE horses
That we had to work for our money and it wasnt just handed to us
when you usually bought the best!
That you saved $$ out for all us kids to have a car when we turned 16
that you let us and TRUSTED us to drive before we should have been
that you let me get a house cleaning job at 15 and drive there on my own 3 miles away
TIME magazine
National Geographic
Grapefruit with Salt on it
Motorcycle Riding
Honey on our cereal 
Shredded Wheat
Steel Cut Oats
The read that thing A LOT!
That you told us and showed us you loved us!!

You were a good dad!

Dad and Uncle Bill Copley you will be missed.