Growing up too fast....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Frosty the Snowwomen TURN TWO

Cant believe you are two! Where has time gone?! You sported your snowman hat well.....for the few seconds they were on. You know it's bad when you plan your kids birthday party theme around a bag full of $2.00 holiday plates and accessories that I purchased from a garage sale in JULY!(they were all in their original plastic in case some of you were wondering if they were opened:)Lara sewed the buttons on their white onesie and I put together their hats. Thanks to good ole Duncan Hines boxed cake mix and Google for finding the easiest SNOWMAN cake recipe. I think I spent more time on covering the cardboard box for the cake to lay on! We had family and our good friends over for the girls second birthday celebration. Thanks to all who came to share this two year mile marker in their lives. Sadie and Trista you are both loved so unconditionally.
Trista- I LOVE.....
how you give us big smiles showing your precious dimples
how you are usually first awake talking in the morning
how independent you are
to watch you give kisses to your sister
how you say "daddy" when Chris comes thru the front door
how you say the word balloon-"ba-luddleluddle"
how you take Rocky his bowl and want him eat
how you'll bring me a book and crawl up in my lap
it when you give me kisses
your little double chin when you sleep in your car seat
ALL 25 lbs of you. Love, mom and dad
how you are so quick to give mommy and daddy kisses
the smile you get on your face when you see me or daddy first thing in the morning
your sneaky smile when you know you shouldn't be doing something
how you pat your sisters back if she's crying
how you rubbed my back the to other day when I asked
how you are such a thinker and observer
how you would help me when Trista was potty training:)
ALL 25.5 lbs of you! Love, mom and dad

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just killin' time

Just when you thought there was not one more possible thing these girlies needed-----well, GLOVES!
To buy or not to buy? They enjoyed the snow until they got a running start down the hill which ended in a face plant and snow all over their hands and face. NOT COOL, MOM! Would it really be necessary to buy gloves for the 2 times it will snow in Tenn. See, their little coats they have on are actually 18months size- I'm squeezing them into them since buying new ones for this season would just be silly. Although, all I would have to do is mention the word to Mimi or JuJu and POOF- they would have em! Mom, I think you did ask if they needed coats and they are fine but didn't realize they wouldn't like the snow on their hands. We desperately needed some fresh air time today. Chris sold the auction car last week which left us home bound for 5 days practically. It wasn't so bad since we were in the middle of potty training. Then on Monday we got a Blizzard, by TN terms, and Chris felt it would be safer to take the cruiser. Okay hun, I know you want any excuse to drive in the snow/ice. We did have a car here but then thought ahead and pictured myself cramming two car seats into a tiny Mits.Eclipse sports car......NOT!
Aren't they just the cutest little snuggle bunnies. Poor Trista, any more snot running down that nose and she would boot Rudolph right out of his spot. The only part dreaded of winter-----runny noses and the cold.......and being stuck inside most of the time.

The only problem with playing outside in the snow and potty training is the double decker layers you have to peel when they say those sweet little words, "Pe Pe"! Once they've gone on the potty then it turns to a resounding, "PEE PEE" followed by "COOKIE"
Did I mention yet that we are potty training?;) Trista decided to jump back on board yesterday and this will be day two of no diaper except for naps and nighttime. She surrendered her duties of clapping and emptying Sadie's pee pee to tooting her own horn- we'll see how long it lasts. They are comfortable sitting on the big potty and go several times a day but we do have a little problem.......#2 is still SCARY to them. We are working on that. Thanks to me and my quick hands I have swooped in and caught several in mid air with the little potty- whew..... but enough about their bowel movements. Moms, this is challenging stuff! With two I am running constantly back and forth to the bathroom. And yesterday Trista needed to go, Sadie didn't like that Trista needed to go and ran to the potty and sat down...with her pants on(she didn't even need to go). Mommy was trying to stir the veggies so they wouldn't burn and Trista couldn't reach the big potty so she pee'd down her leg. I felt so bad and definitely scolded Sadie for dominating the little throan!
After coming in from the snow and stripping down to the bare minimum Trista decided that bare bun's and warm vent would do just the trick. What can I say, my kids would love to be naked rather than clothed. Sorry Trista for exposing your "chandelier" as my aunt would call it-HA!Never heard it refered to as that before.Until next time just wanted you to know whats been happen to kill time.
Doing a special dinner with just the family. Hmmmm I wonder where we'll go.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the birds!

SHE(TRISTA) WEARS THEM PROUDLY-Until Tinkerbell gets wet!
This potty training is frankly for the birds. This would be much easier in the summer where they can just streak all over the backyard. Its 20degrees outside and they dont want to put their clothes back on sometimes after going potty. Clothes are overrated anyway!
We should have invested in M&M stock. Actually they were eating so many in a day that I went and got the mini one's. Seems to be perfect motivation for Sadie.
Sadie figured that if she just dribbles a little every five minutes she gets more candy-smarty pants. She will come tell me that she has to go, pull her pants down herself, pee, empty in the big potty and the grand finale of waving and saying "bu-bye to it as it goes down the toilet. I told Chris our water bill is going to be crazy with all the flushes. Trista is on strike! Our strong willed child did good for a couple days and then decided she didn't want to go potty anymore. She just says "Na" She thought that if she just sat on the potty and didn't do anything that she'd still get an M&M, gummie fruit(the ones you left mom) or a sticker. Multiple rewards tends to help them stay focused- Trista anyway. I must say they've both gone on the big potty which will eliminate the potty chair all together.
Thanks to my other mom's of muliples that can relate- your advice has been so helpful- this is an exhausting task! Maybe its better that its one at at time- for my sanity.
So proud of them both. Trista we'll try again in a week or when she seems ready.

Titi and Uncle Bill come to visit

Titi and Uncle Bill
It was so good to see you. The trip was so quick. Thank you for coming all that way.
Thank you for their birthday money-they have quite a stash in savings!
Titi the girls loved sitting on your lap as you read to them and counting all the coins you brought for their piggy banks. I wish you could be around them more.
Love you both. Miss you.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

This ones for you, mom

Mom commented that I haven't posted any pictures in so long( a couple hours seems long to JuJu:) and once I thought about it I realized that's because I haven't taken any in a long time. The older the girls get the busier we get with activities and outings and just staying occupied.
Where do I start? Well, Jenny said it best "you don't have babies anymore they are toddlers" TODDLERS is right and with that lovely word comes the word "NO" along with lots of other little attitudes. They are pretty good for the most part. I do have to admit whereever we go in public people always comment how well behaved they are and how quietly they sit at story time.
People always said, "oh, twins how neat- they will entertain each other" YUP they entertain each other all right. I break up a dozen plus squabbles a day. I am hoping they pass this phase very quickly.
We have entered the world of POTTY TRAINING. Sadie just took over the potty(REALLY need a second one) she's gone about 5 times including #2...I know GROSS but hey its a milestone in the land of motherhood and Trista FINALLY decided she'd had enough of Sadie getting all the M&M's and the special Potty Song/dance sung to her.
Some days they want to do it and some days they don't or should I say I DON'T! I know this is going to take a lot of patience and time BUT we are off to a good start. They do understand that when you go pee pee on the potty you get an M&M out of the M&M machine & we've really encouraged them that Tinkerbell does NOT like to be tinkled on! They do love their big girl undies. Awe....such little babies growing up to be such little girls.
Sadie is my little love bug and my stripper- we would find her many mornings completely nude. We are talking zipper,footed, button P.J's SO we put it on backwards...problem solved! She gives me hugs and kisses all the time and will often chase Trista down to give her a hug and kiss. They always give a gentle pat on the back when the other one is crying or hurt and last week I got my first FOOT RUB. They took off my socks and put lotion on my feet at the same time and rubbed my feet......for a few seconds....but hey it was nice while it lasted! Trista adds a couple new words a week to her vocabulary. And they love to wipe, change and powder their dollies.
Now, before you're wondering if there are any Thanksgiving Pics.....THERE ARE....BUT they are nicely stored on a fancy camera that is perched right in front of me that some how the card reader has been misplaced and we cant get the photos' off the camera onto the computer. Arrrggg! Well, we can get them off but I'm waiting for my wonderful husband to sit down and do it:)!!
Sad to say that we have a photographer in the house and we had our last family portrait done over a year ago- but I hear that's usually how it goes.
Cant believe how fast the year has flown- the girls will be two in just over two weeks! Lots of cute things planned just for them.
Life is getting fast!
Until next to all.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gimme a one and two and three

I do wish they made these leggings in my size.
The cold weather is fast approaching and although I should be gladly welcoming it after his crazy HOT summer---I still don't want it to come. I do NOT like the cold. It quickly reminded me how fast the girls are growing up because yesterday I spent a couple hours during their nap taking out all their cute summer outfits and replaced them with velvet jogging suits, leg warmers and JEANS. They haven't worn jeans until this season and I have to say they are just the cutest little things in them. THATS when it hit me- they are growing up so fast. Believe it or not I still carry them both up the stairs....most of the time for their naps and they are getting heavy- not sure how much longer I will be able to do it. Booster seats went bye bye and for the past few weeks they've been eating at their very own table. I have even been "training" them to the bring their plate to the sink when they are done- after all I had to do it when I was younger and they do such a good job. They are slowly learning their favorite words such as: Bye bye, Hi, Mimi, Juju, Wawa(Lara), ice, pease(please)ball and of course mommy and daddy. Sadie I think knows more words than she's leading on- she tends to talk internally if you know what I mean. Not sure t
what thats all about:)
Potty training as been "talked" about and shown by example but I gotta admit I am not thrilled at all about doing this.....with TWO! Lately we've stayed busy with trips to the library, story hour at the book store and even a fieldtrip to Gallatins Recycle center...okay so I'm desperate to get out of the house. They are keeping us busy as you can tell my posts get further apart. Bare with me-I'm trying.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Indian Shores, Florida-The girls first beach experience

After we got back from Cancun poor Chris did the responsible thing and went back to work while I proceeded to unpack and repack yet again for another trip- this time taking the girls on their first beach experience in Florida. I figured this will be our last trip where the girls are free to fly so I wanted to take advantage of it. Lara flew down with me to help with the girls. Unloading at the airport was quite comical to say the least. Lets just say we almost had another "pee your pants" episode of laughter(it doesn't take much to get us laughing) as we tried to lug all our stuff in to the airport and up to the counter. Needless to say two people with two kids, a stroller, two car seats, 2 check on bags and four carry-on's was impossible but with the help of a kind Southwest agent that saw us struggling we made it to the check-in counter. The girls did great on the flight they flirted with all the flight attendants and passengers in the seats near by.

The gulf side has nude beaches too you know!

We had easy access to the pool, hot tub and beach. Trista was my busy body- she tormented the sand piper birds, chased the pelicans and strolled down the beach like she owned the place. Sadie on the other hand would sit for 45 minutes at a time moving the sand from one pile to the next. She studied the shells and all their shapes and sizes. My little thinker as Grandad Carlson calls her. They had no fear of the ocean. The salt water didn't even phase them! They were free,nude and one with the ocean......until it knocked them over a few times. By the end of the week they were jumping off the side of the pool and holding their breath for more than 3 seconds under water. Next summer they will be my little fish!

I have this exact same picture when I was little

Sadie- my diva

Thank you mom and and Aunt Faye for everything. Lara you spoiled me rotten. Thank you for being such a great sister. Love you. 12 days was a long time to be away from the honey and it was time to head home- it was good to be back. I told Chris that the beach will definitely be a future family vacation spot for us .So after 12 days we left our 85 degree weather and landed in Nashville to a nice cool 74 degrees. Ahhh the smell of fall was in the air. So long summer of 2010- you brought us great memories and that's what life is all about- making great memories.TRISTA-she put on dads socks and well lets just say something from my suitcase all by herself. Let the primping begin.
Sadie on the Left Trista on right

Our 10 year Celebration

I know this isn't really about the twins but after all how they got here was because two people fell in love. Our 10 year anniversary was celebrated with Chris's grandparents who celebrated their 60th and we were so honored to celebrate with them at the Biltmore Inn. Thank you Papa for all the planning and for the invitation, we enjoyed every minute of it.
I had never been there and it exceeded my expectations. The hotel was superb, the view was beautiful and the company we were with was delightful. I played my first game of Mexican train with domino's and I have to was FUN!
Two days after returning from the Biltmore in we unpacked and repacked for Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We stayed 5 nights at an all inclusive resort and the all inclusive part is an under statement. I don't think I want to travel any other way. We had our choice of 12 different restaurants that were fantastic. We were a stones throw away from 5th avenue where all the shops are and only a minutes walk to where we got two deep tissue massages for $25.00each- I almost felt guilty. We had one full day at zip lining which took us 3 hours to complete, an offroading vehicle thru caves and two swims in the underground rivers that was so incredible. And the rest of the time we did a lot of sleeping and chillin by the pool. Five days was just not long enough:)

Monday, July 26, 2010

There is no place like Mom and Dads

Thanks Mom for such a relaxing week. I know it was short notice but that's usually all I get when I know Chris has to go to Michigan. I always feel like I'm on vacation when I come. Good ole home cooked meals, the best tastin well water and a personal army of baby watchers(thanks cousins). The girls loved scoping the house for Coco the kitty while finding dozens of little what-nots to displace around the house. Mom- I'm sure you are still finding things in places they shouldn't be. You didn't seem to mind at all- thanks for being such a great JuJu to the girls. Dad -enjoyed watching you work so hard at therapy- keep it up you are doing great! Goes to show that I have not and SHOULD not mow the lawn. I wanted to be the good daughter and mow the back yard for mom when I got there on Monday and after thirty minutes I managed to plow into the apple tree, crack the front plastic off the mower and shake half the tree of apples to the ground.Sorry Mom- that back yard is a beast- I say forget it- just let it grow:) I officially don't have to mow our yard now that Chris heard the story. YEAH!!