Growing up too fast....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Trista is trying already to feed herself and gets very upset when you take the spoon.

Because I have nothing to do all day...

I decided to undertake the making of 25 loaves of bread last week and another 20 loaves this week for the ABC and campmeeting to sell. So inbetween nursing, burping, changing and playing I managed to make 25 loaves of Breakfast bread,cut, bag and label all in one day. Interesting to say the least. My kitchen was a disaster. Flour was dusted in places I didnt realize until it was pointed out by an ever so kind lady in the grocery store when I had to make a quick trip to get more apricots for the bread. What an eventful week. The girls are changing it seems like daily. They are both rolling over and this week Trista and Sadie both about two days apart started to grab for thier feet. They love screaming out in their crib only for me to find them smiling and tearlessly looking up at me. Sadie's quick afternoon 20 minute power nap makes me think that BABYWISE was correct when it said, naps will vary with multiples. I could shoot those authors sometimes.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Miss Personalities

Although they are our children we just think they are so bright. They are so alert, strong and love to push our buttons already....especially Sadie.
I am still home with the girls but of course am not turning down Real Estate business as it comes my way. So far they've been to two closings with me and sat in their carriers while I do paperwork at the office. This was the number one reason to do Real Estate was the flexibility and it's working out good so far. I love being home with them. Chris still works Monday thru Thursday so we have a nice long weekend as a family for fun stuff or for me just to get a break. It's amazing how helpful it is for him to bring the girls to me when its time to nurse, change them and put them back down for their nap. Nobody could really prepare me for how exhausting it would be with two. Sometimes I think how much easier it would be to just have one but then I can quickly think that I cant imagine NOT having the other one. They are both so different and unique and are both loved so much in their own little way. They are getting little personalities which I can already see MANY MORE white hairs on my head in the future because of it.
Chris's 30th birthday was this past Wednesday and his birthday wish was for him and me to go out to a movie and dinner so that would require us starting our evening early. So, hours earlier that day I prepared for that nights big event of Mimi and a friend (Dahlia Tamba)putting the girls down for the night.I put careful thought into laying out all the necessary things needed and even left a little yellow piece of paper with instructions.....I mean TIPS of how the evening should flow. Remember, they are on a very tight schedule and the girls know if we are not following it:)!
We had only left them one other time during bath and a feeding and that was back in January so you can imagine that they are USE to US putting them down for the night. Long story short they did not behave like I had hoped. When we got home I went and checked on them in their cribs and they were still "snubbing" while asleep since their 7pm feeding. I stood their thinking, AWE how cute and special it is to be loved and then I thought wait a second this means i really cant go ANYWHERE unless WE put them to bed. This is not looking good.
Mimi and Dahlia did a great job and they both said they would come back:) It just confirms that we need to do that more often so they can use to other people bathing and feeding them and putting them down for bed. Hmm the joys' of parenthood!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our second swimming adventure

We have started taking the girls to our pool at the gym on the weekends. Both Mimi and JuJu have bought them floats and swimsuits for a fun year of swimming. Uncle Steve came a long to help out since three sets of hands makes its a lot easier. We also invited Cousin Preston to join us and he is quite the kicker.
They are going to be good little swimmers- I just know it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Three Stooges

I love my baldies


Wow, time is flying by and I daily tell them to SLOW DOWN. Yesterday was their check up and they are thriving. Sadie is 13lbs 13oz and Trista is 14lbs 8oz.
Its been officially three weeks since they've been sleeping thru the night and the 7:30pm to 8:30am wake up time is just fine by me! I am still able to hold one in one arm and scoop up the other one to make only one trip downstairs but with this gradual weight gain it is getting a little more challenging. My bicepts definitely are getting a work out.
Sadie is the one sucking her thumb and Trista is in pink.
They had thier first swim lesson with mom and dad as the teacher. The 1-2-3 under went well. Sadie loved it, didnt even cry but Trista is going to take a little more time to warm up to the idea. Pictures to come as soon as we figure out our video camera.