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Monday, December 24, 2012

Off to Texas to see about a little man named Parks

Buhumbug...even Mickey doesnt wanna fly this plane
Parks Tucker
Angela went to the bathtub....and caught a shark!
Their birthday was on Saturday and we left Sunday the next morning at 4am to head to Texas with Mom T.
It was a 12 hour trip in which the girls did great. All four us girls, that is. Sadie and Trista were Ipad entertained and except for an occasional squabble in the back followed by a much needed nap they did great. Chris had to work(thank you hun) so we headed down to see them since we knew they would not be able to make the trip to TN as previously planned for Christmas. Parks is in his 3rd round of Chemo. He is doing great. Mom and dad are holding up well. I cant  even imagine the stress they have to deal with. Lara and I took Parks to his chemo on Wednesday. We sat and waited for 4 hours and it only took them 5 minutes to give the Chemo. Better that way than the other way around, right!? He is a tough, strong little dude. So proud of him and Jonathan and Angela. Hate that they have to go thru this and wish we were closer to help out.
The girls broke in all of Parks toys while we were there and every now and then I saw them sneak a kiss on his blanket or arm. He was on his 6th day of steroids while we were there so he was a bit of Sponge bob fussy pants but considering all that is he is going thru he was a sweet boy to be around. He LOVES his stroller rides and his back pack excursions.... around the house....on Jonathans back. We loved seeing you guys!! XOXO to all. Miss those neck kisses, Parks!
Sadie asked the other day when we were going to see Parks again AND the other night they took their shoes off outside the front door. :)

Happy Fourth Birthday,girls. Your wish was my command

 It was a small you can see

Tristas Request: Cinderella Cake
Sadies request: Spiderman


I was a little sad this year about not making their bday  cakes myself but I have many more years. This year was a little different as you can see on the next post.
Your day was filled with all kinds of fun. We didnt do a big party this year with lots of kids we just did a family day.We took the girls to breakfast at the Pfunky Griddle where they could choose their pancake topping. Sadie chose banana, sprinkles and choc.chips Trista chose M&Ms, sprinkles and choco chips. The batter was multigrain and it was fabulous. We had scrambled eggs and a bowl of fruit. We then took them to the BIG SCREEN....bigger than our screen to see a Christmas movie and then home to have cake and ice cream with a few favorite people....their friends.
There are definitely advantage and disadvantages to having a birthday  on December 15th.
Advantage: YOU GET A TON OF GIFTS in a short time frame. We don't have to buy you much. Your gifts  can be combined which means they are nicer gifts :)
Disadvantage's: Its a crazy, busy time of year. I put your Bday gifts under the tree and I wrapped them in Xmas paper. Your Bday always has to be inside....for the most part.
What you got.
Warm outfits dolls and a new set of plates and bowls from Titi and Uncle Bill
Warm outfits from Cousins Preston and England
"Glass" slippers and Strawberry shortcake from Mom and Dad
A water slide from Glen
Harley Shirts from Race
A gas GO CART from Mimi, Papa Tom and Juju! Trista has already rode it several times. They have to grow into it a little but i think once they get the hang of it they'll LOVE it.

A Ballarina outfit and Hello kitty house shoes from Aunti Jen and Oni (uncle Steve)
Hello Kitty hoodie, spiderman and Hulk toothbrush, stickers, Cinderella gummie vitamins & bandaids, and headbands from Auntie Ang and Oni Johnny (imcle Jonathan)

All kinds of goodies from Mexico, a egg plant, nail polish, ring, headbands, Diva drawing board, ABC mucial book and CD from Wawa

You loved all your gifts and your ice cream cakes.

Where does time go? The BIG 4 and oh how they've changed

I cannot believe where time has gone. It seems like yesterday this time four years ago I was waddling into the hospital. were anxiously awaited, utterly loved from head to toe and you are without a doubt mamas little drama queens.
You are contantly told how tall you are and what long legs you have. In grew 4...yup FOUR inches from Aug. 8th to December 20th. I think we could call that  a growth spurt. Trista are currently 41 inches tall. You have GORGEOUS strawberry blond, with natural highlighted hair. Both your eyes are blue. Sadie you are just a tad shorter...1 inch...coming in at 40 inches tall. You both wear the same size shoe...a 9 but are both very picky if they dont fit JUST RIGHT! You both love for things to match especially socks.  You are both big helpers. You keep your room clean, you love your chalk board wall I made you for you birthday, you are good about bringing your plates to the sink, you love to do things yourself, you clean up after yourself if you spill, your knew thing is that you love to crack the eggs for breakfast.(I've chomped on quite a few shells:/
You love your baby doll strollers, baby crib and highchair for your dollies that Mimi and Papa Tom got you for your birthday.
These past four years have been so fun, so exhausting, so busy, so challenging at times, so much all about you two.
Here are a few things that have made me chuckle:

Me: You better not eat all that candy or your teeth will fall out
Sadie: "like wawa (lara)"

At breakfast one morning after handing them the cereal box and explaining to them to only take what they will eat and not waste cause little girls just like them are starving somewhere Sadie replied "we are starving"

After making holiday cookies Sadie asked who they were for. I told her they were for some people we knew to which Sadie replied, "we are people."

One evening I was getting ready for a date with Chris and Trista was "putting on makeup"  with  me. She put some eye shadow on and some lipstick. She grabbed the mirror out of my drawer to look at herself and said, "yeah, I'm pretty"

You are my pretty girls. Love you to pieces!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sadie and Tristas Great Great Granddad 1906-2012

Carl O Carlson
born in Sweden (100% Swedish)
1906 - 2012
The girls and I got to see Granddad one last time, the Thursday before TG. Granddad Carlson passed away on Thanksgiving Day. Granddad lived to the ripe young age of 106!! Just four months shy of being 107. I've known him over 18 years. I always enjoyed visiting and talking to him. I remember going to the Cumberland Towers and watching him make peanut butter and homemade bread....and that was when he was over 100 years old.!   So glad the girls were able to know him and spend time with him. He will be missed.

Thanksgiving at Mimi and Papa Toms

New Scooters from Papa Tom and Mimi

Sadie riding all by herself without training wheels

She rode over 1 mile with us!!

Sadie has been riding her bike without training wheels for a while. Since she got it she has not stopped. She rides all over. Seeing how she cant go on the road by herself she has gotten a lot of off road experience. She can even stand up while she pedals.  Trista still loves her hot wheel three wheeler. She shows no interest in learning how to ride her bike without training wheels. No rush  she'll get it when she's ready. This was over TG  at Mimi and Papa Toms place.

We arrived in Chattanooga for TG Wednesday evening, late! The traffic was terrible but we finally got there. Erin, Gavin and the cousins came over the next day. The girls loved playing with their cousins, jumping in the bounce house, funky shaped pancakes made by Papa Tom, park swinging, bike riding, scooter pushing and our COUSINS shirts!!

We had a delicious TG meal complete with Cranberry sauce, stuffing, Turkey(real) and fake(dinner favorite) mashed potatoes, salad and sweet potatoes with marshmallow. Homemade Pumpkin Pie that Erin made that was delicious. I was proud of myself. Only had one helping and small portions. Friday was started out with the alarm going off at 5am(4am Nash.time) to hit some black friday sales.Later that day mom and papa Tom watched the kids while we went on an 18 mile off road bike ride trail at the VW plant. Really nice ride---a bit excessive riding but after all we were with Gavin who excessive about riding. Burned off all the TG meal from the day before though.We headed home Sat. afternoon. Thank you Mimi and Papa Tom for a wonderful TG, The food was fabulous and your company is always enjoyed!!

Haircut #2 since they were born

I had made an appointment to get my hair cut a couple weeks ago. Trista said she wanted to get her hair cut too. Rather than have the girl who does my hair(too much $$) do her hair I decided we'd go down the road to Super Cuts. We walked into the place, the lady had a super cute animal cape for her to wear, a booster seat ready, a sucker in hand and all of the sudden Trista FROZE. She did not want to get in the chair. So we left! Glad I saved the money cause chris did just as good of a job as she would have. After a summer of pool fun and 2 years since their last haircut they really needed the dry ends cut off. So just a trim it was. I tell them everyday what gorgeous hair they have:) I think they get told everyday we are in public what beautiful hair they have.  People pay big $$$'s to have natural highlights like they do.

My Nude Sun bather

It was a chilly November morning....
I watched her take off her pj's from the kit. window
 My little nudist, Trista

Just basking in the sunshine

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sour Cream Nail Art

There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you are computer literate to feeling completely computer illiterate when trying to upload a video. WHY does it have to be so complicated. At least it seems that way. I have a few videos that I have uploaded to YOUTUBE but cannot seem to figure out how to get them on this blog. My YOUTUBE user name is CarlsonNews2 if you want to view them. I'm still working on it. Just wanted to say that we've had some big accomplishments this month. Sadie has learned to ride her big girl bike without training wheels. I looked out the window one afternoon and there she was riding around all by herself without training wheels. I was so proud of her. She did on her own time and she was SO proud of herself.  Also...they got their bunk beds and Sadie was the first to sleep up top. And a few months ago they decided to take the plunge and start swimming on their own without floaties at the Y pool.

These were random photos I took. I had put sour cream on the side of Trista's plate of beans and rice and this is what she decided to do with it. Not too fond of sour cream I guess. I give her props for getting it so evenly on each finger:)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I practically stole it

So I'm going to brag about my craigslist find for just a bit. As you know the girls are growing. Growing so much that they were out growing their adorable loft beds(made my Chris and Glen)I hated to see those go but they really did need more space to move around in the bed. So my hunt for bunk beds started. I really hated the thought of bunk beds. Why? Because I knew that I would be the one that would be having to make them MOST of the time. Sadie did make her bed the other day(we've been working on that ) and she did a very good job! Regardless, my OCDness would have to go back and fix it a bit so I really didnt want to go the bunk bed route BUT seeing how the room is only an itty bitty 11X11 size I knew that anything else would virtually leave them no room whatsoever to play or for other furnture. So I started looking! I basically looked and waited about 2 weeks till I found a steal. I knew what I didnt want. I didnt want to spend $200 on cheap, pressed particle board frames from Wal Mart. I wanted solid wood, sturdy and I wanted it for a steal. So this is what I found.....
1992 ETHAN ALLEN Bunkbeds. Solid wood, heavy and very durable. She said she'd had several people inquire about them but no buyers. The picture from craigslist was the bed frames leaned up against a garage and not put together. Some people cannot visualize what something can be with a few spraycans. I could envision something different. They were a light, pickled looking wood color. Basically, UGLY!! I sanded it down and chris sprayed them black with spray paint. I also got a narrow desk that goes with it. Cost: $150 Twin Sheet set on clearance at Target $7.48 2 Twin mattresses bought at Mattress Frim (used a Groupon) $50.00 Not too shabby if I must say so myself. I love a good find!!

Of Course I can tell them apart

Its been almost 4 years and I still get the question, "Can you tell them apart?" Of course I can tell them apart. I am with them from barely sun up till sundown. Seven days a week with an hour break a day. Going thru their clothes and shoes the other day I kinda chuckled out loud when I saw their shoes. I can tell who wears which shoes. The shoes on the LEFT are SADIES and he shoes on the RIGHT are TRISTAS. Sadie likes to scrape her shoes on the edge. Hence another reason NOT to spend a lot of $$ on shoes. I can tell who is who by their: TALK, WALK, THE WAY THEIR HAIR LAYS, VOICE, even by their WHINE!!!! But I love their differences.

Spider Man & the rescue

There comes a time when you just have to let go and let them be. And thats what I did. I was really pushing for Punky Brewster or Rainbow Bright but when asked....they or I should say Sadie consistantley said, "Spider Man." I know Trista would have been whatever I wanted her to be but she did mention Woody a few times and my friend, who has BOYS, just so happen to have both costumes! Thank you Kendra for saving me $40 on costumes. Costumes are not cheap and yet they are cheap material. Sadie was so excited when I picked her up from childcare and showed her the spider man outfit. I wish I'd had a camera to catch her expression. I knew then that it was so worth just letting her be what she wanted. I think the inspiration came from when we went to a friends house, who are also twin boys, had both Woody and spiderman costumes that they dressed up in. The crazy thing is that it was a year ago they did that. They evidently did not forget. We brought the cosutmes homes about a week before Halloween. Of course they wanted to play in them right away so I let them. Big mistake. Trista lost the Woody hat within 30 minutes. I combed the yard, the neighbors yard, the house but the hat was not be be found. So, the day of Halloween I set out to find a woody hat. I found that LOTS of people, like me, wait till the day of Halloween to get their costumes. Long day short I tried 4 different places and the last place I checked had a Woody Hat. We were set. We went to a neighborhood just a few miles up the road and walked for about an hour. Race their best bud and playmate went also. Plastic pumpkins were full of candy, their tummys already ached and it was 1 hour past bedtime, so we headed home. Jacob and Katherine, our new neighbors, were ready to greet....SCARE any tricker treaters that came to their door but were very disappointed when we told them that we'd been here 6 years and never had a tricker treater. So they scared the girls. Trista did fine but sadie did not like their face paint and fake blood at all. I know. My pumpkin carving was not real original or creative but that's as good as I get;)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Disney On Ice

A huge THANK YOU to Uncle Phil for the girls early Birthday gift and our Christmas gift. Thank you Uncle Phil. The girls LOVED it. We talked about it all week telling them that we were going and to see the expression on their face when Mater(from CARS) and Buz Lightyear(from Toy Story) came out on the ice was worth all the crazy $$ spent on concession stand goodies. Of course we couldn't leave without getting a Tinkerbell Snowcone Cup!! We were 10 feet from the Ice which made it even more spectacular! Did I already say that the girls LOVED IT!! Chris and I enjoyed it too. I love stuff like that! It was a fun family/date night for all of us. The last time we went to Disney on Ice was with our friends(Jonathan and heather Landers....pre kids:)8 years ago.

Papa (Art) Carlson pays a visit

Papa, We loved having you visit. You made that trip from Chattanooga in that sleek, red, Cadillac of yours and we are so glad you did. The girls loved having you read them their bedtime story and the delicious bread you made for us is requested daily. We put just a little butter, cinnamon and sugar and top it with just a dab of peanut butter. If I must admit I had a bite of Tristas and I decided to slice myself a piece with that same goody goodness on it. While we were eating it Sadie said,"I love Papa." to which Trista said in between bites, " I love Papa's bread." Me too, girls!! Thank you for visiting Papa. Know that you are welcome and have a place to stay anytime!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sweet Baby Parks Tucker

A post I thought I would never have to make. We got the call on Tuesday, Sept 11, 2012 at 5:30 pm from Angela. She stated between chocking back the tears that Parks had leukemia, ALL-- Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is a form of leukemia, or cancer of the white blood cells characterized by excess lymphoblasts. He was admitted to Cooks Children Hospital in Forth Worth immediately following some blood work done earlier that day. Angela knew that Parks was not acting like himself and she decided to take him in to the doctor. Once at the hospital, a blood transfusion was started right away which brought his color back and helped him feel better right away. Tomorrow is the 7 day mark when Jonathan and Angela received the news. Its been a long 7 days for me and I cant even imagine what its felt like for them. They have 102 treatments ahead of them, many blood transfusions, miles back and fort to the hospital over the next two years but Parks couldn't have gotten more committed, loving and strong parents as Jonathan and Angela. I've turned down people who've asked for donations, I had never given blood and the Leukemia flyer that would junk my mailbox would eventually make its way to the trash. It wasnt that I didnt care or that I was less compassionate of a person it was that it didnt hit close enough to home, it was never MY NEPHEW....until now! This isnt the first person I've seen fight cancer and it definitely wont be my last! This time and next time...I'll give a little or even a lot. All I can do is ask WHY? And as of right now there is no good answer for me other than bad things happen to good people and it just happened to Parks. I hope. Oh, how I hope I can look back at this post and think what a crazy ride its been for your mom and dad and ALL of us and now its are a thriving, cancer free little Toddler running around chasing after fire flies, puppy dog tales and getting in to all kinds of any 3 year old should. Parks, you do have enough rolls to make a sumo wrestler squirm in his Mawashi. You have a smile/laugh that is infectious and you eat puffs so cute that I watched the video a dozen times in one day and laughed just as hard each time. I wake up thinking about you. And at night I feel guilty going to sleep with such ease. I'd take that yucky medicine for you if I could. Wednesday is a big day, buddy. We are pulling for you. Hoping that the chemo doesnt make you too sick and that it gives that stupid thing cancer a swift kick in the you know where. LOVE YOU PARKS!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweat shop? Maybe!

Okay. So I'm a horrible rememberer and I forgot to get pics of the cousins from California and we forgot the camera for Englands 2nd Birthday Party. Maybe our next outing...which is the fair this weekend. Forget about learning your ABC's....we need to move on to more important things like ironing, foot massages, mommy hair combings and laundry folding. Now... if i could just get them to fix their own bowl of cereal in the morning I'd be set. I have to keep in mind that anything left out is always half gone. Here,you want to help mommy Windex the window? Good! 10 minutes later....Windex bottle half empty! Here, you want the Cheerio box on the table? Okay. Ran upstairs to change into gym clothes....Cheerio box half gone. Bowls overflowing, Rocky lapping up the O's as fast as he could go, a nice neat row lining the couch from corner to corner. So...bad idea about them doing things themselves but they are helping out a lot more. I just have to supervise! A few funny quick wit comebacks by Sadie: In the car on the way home I told Sadie to lick the sucker not bit it or it could break her teeth. She replied," Or I could crack my one teeth like Wawa(lara)" On the couch I was telling Trista to drink water because it is good for her and it will keep her well. Sadie quickly replied "because eating your boogers Trista will make you sick" I have told her that before. The summer is coming to an end. School is in session and the pool hours are less because we all know that SAHM have tons of other things to do to entertain their three and half ALMOST Four year olds. They did have two days of Gymnastics camp this summer which they loved. I scan the local Groupon and Living social deals to get discounts on family fun and I've found quite a few. They even had one for Cheese making in Gallatin. Who'da ever thought? We passed on that since they had to be 7 but next time I'd totally do that:) I have since remebered STARFALL. They know how to navigate the mouse for the computer really well and can go thru all the ABC's. They has been hours of entertainment and learning;) while I scrubbed the kitchen floor today!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oni Johnny comes to visit.

What a treat! Uncle(oni') Johnny came to visit. He's actually working in Crossville but he stayed her 2 nights. Only people we were missing were Parks Tucker and Aunti Ang. So glad to have you here Jonathan. We love you! Lots of visitors this week. Tonight we'll see John Gilley, Jerica and baby John Wesley. They are visiting from California for the Teachers convention at Opryland hotel. Pics to follow. And Saturday is Englands 2nd Birthday. She is sucha cutie pie. Pictures to come.

Big girls....yes indeed! New BathroomD

We are trying to encourage them to use their bathroom so we can have ours back. So....I decided to make it more inticing. Probably a good idea I didnt give them the choice (we have years of that to come;) I think we would have ended up with 2 shower curtains....probably Cars and Hello Kitty. I wanted to change it but not have to paint the walls even though I'm considering that too. I already had the chocolate towels. They needed new stools so they can brush their teeth and reach the sink. So far this week they've been showering all by themselves. (I can see a high water bill in the near future) This really does show just how big they are getting!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

July Happenings

Some mornings I feel like the Waffle House waitress around here. Sadie wanted Oatmeal and Trista wanted Waffles. Comin right up! Homemade waffles of course cause that is the only way I make them. Although my life would be much easier, I've never bought bisquick. Dont get me wrong...there's a box of Mac N Cheese in the pantry as I type!!
Am I a Short Order Cook or what?!
Where did July go? I am looking ahead at the calendar and every weekend in August is comletely booked with plans or work closings and inspection follow ups. I'm not complaining but might as well save myself some time and just skip to September. I cant do that though, so much is happening in August. Chris and I will be celebrating our 12 year anniversary, the fair...I LOVE the fair, dads Bday and other happenings. This last weekend was a quick trip and last minute trip to Atlanta to see Brandi Carlile in concert at Chastain Park. What a neat place. Papa Tom hooked us up with picnic table, basket,candle and table cloth. We munched on hummus, susi and milano cookies(my favorite) while we wached Brandi Carlil jam it out. Love her voice. She's folky, raspy and has a passion for music. Only 30 years old and been singing since she was 20. She was amazing! Thanks Mimi and Papa Tom for watching the girls such late notice.
The toilet lid layering is compliments of us visiting our first Port O Jon. Chris must have done this to the toilet when he took the girls to the "potty" when we were at the car show two weekends ago. This is what I found the Monday after the weekend. Unfortunately those are not tiolet paper pieces. They are the moist wipes that are more expensive....needless to say, the chince that I am, they went back in the box.
Well there is one thing for sure. Our girls may not know how to work an IPAD completely but they'll know how to
sweat like a man, spit like a man
and change a tire by the time they are 8! They are outside all the time. And the heat doesnt bother them. Sometimes while I'm out there with them I'm begging after 20 minutes to go inside. I bribe them with popsicles, cookies... you name it. Chris got the girls up early this morning, 5:30am to be exact, to go on yet another road trip, to Jackson to see yet another man about yet another truck! Although I was not too crazy about them being stuck in the car most of the day I am not complaining as I sit here with my luke warm creamered(is that a word?) down coffee, Brandi Carlile blaring on Pandora, laundry done, house clean and a wonderful kids fighting over a toy they just cant seem to share.:) Some mornings I want to pull my hair out when they are here and yet I MISS them when they are gone.
Didnt get a picture while we were there but did get over to Jackson on Wednesday to see mom and dad. Thanks mom for lunch, loot,load of figs..Mmm and all the goodies. The girls love their Juju and Papa. And thanks Stephen for driving while I was non stop on the phone for two hours with Real Estate stuff. Muah!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Its hard to believe that school starts for everyone in almost 2 weeks. Thankfully we are not there yet although some days I wish we were. School is EXPENSIVE!!! Just to give you an idea. Sumner Academy is $7800 for Kindergarten, ONE CHILD, for one year! Although I love their curriculum(15 students to one teacher) with emphases on Science, math, technology and Agriculture. Kids have to grow and take care of their own vegetables for a semester. Not to mention they encourage critical thinking. We are a couple years away but public school looks a lot more appealing on the check book! It's interesting how I just got off the phone with a good freind who is actually moving to the Brentwood area just to put their kids in Public school there because their academic score are exceptionally high (Hendersonville ranks 2nd for Top A+ rated Schools in Mid. Tn) I know I was give the opportunity for a private school education and am VERY thankful for that but my friend stated that he just didnt see the academics scoring to justify the price tag to send his kids to Madison Campus elementary. Interesting. Here are a few pics the girls took while goofing around. They did pretty good handling the camera. And as Sadie would say, "look at my crazy hair"

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth!

I thought it would be a great idea to take the girls to pick out their own fireworks and set them off this year. Chris took the day off cause I had to actually work this morning so we just stayed at home rather than fight traffic in Hendersonville. We got to the fireworks stand. Sadie picked out a flying lady bug and Trista a car that spins. We went to Sweet Cici's after eating dinner and them home to light the fireworks and sparklers. We did the sparklers first and they loved those. Then they were ready to do the ladybug. Chris lit the top fuse. I had warned Trista to step back but she didnt listen. When it went off with loud pops and went flying 40 feet in the air we looked around and they had both gone SCREAMING behind the car. Short story...that was all the fireworks we did that night. They did not like fireworks. I know they like them but the loud noises that close were too much for their liking. Just a few shots of them them bein silly at dinner.

They are smarter than you think

I bet you cant guess who folded their clothes nice and neat. If you guessed Sadie, you are wrong. Its was Trista. She loves to fold her clothes and pajamas. Sometimes they are taken off and flung whereever to land but this morning she wanted to fold them herself. As for the stools, thats pretty self explanitory. They figured out how to double stack them to get what snacks they want in the pantry. Sadie is my sneaky snake. She's in a bad habit of saying that the other parent said she could something depending on who she's trying to manipulate. Trista on the other hand is my tattle teller. She tells on Sadie all the time because Sadie is usually the one that just hit or punched her. Yup--that one little tid bit of advice that all the moms of multiples DID NOT warm me about. "Oh, they'll play so good together" Could you have at least warned me that they'll want to KILL EACH OTHER too! Its hard to believe they will start Kindergarden next yea. Trying to juggle work and be a mom is something I really had not idea was going to be so hard at times. Its just challenging sometimes and still I seem to do it and make it look like a piece of cake. ITS NOT!