Growing up too fast....

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Never before seen footage. Happy Birthday Sadie and Trista. Remember to dance your heart out.


Maybe this is where Sadie and Trista get their love for dancing from.
In Celebration of Dec. 15, Sadie and Tristas 8th Birthday, mamma wanted to show you where you get your moves from.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Something needed to change

Always looking for the next best thing.


                            In 6 months I am down 16 lbs., 6%body fat and 2 dress sizes.
                                                                              AFTER- lots of hard work and eating better

Monday, September 12, 2016

Goodbye Summer 2016

We sure had fun this summer! 
Juju stayed with us for 2 months and helped out while I worked. The girls loved the weekly walmart/Target trips to pick up goodies. They became official MERMAIDS with tail, scales and all. 

Carlson Family Photos Summer 2016

Family Photos 2016

SADIE- Right
 TRISTA 7.5 years old
 SADIE 7.5 years old
 Where did the summer go? Oh wait, it was filled with Swimming, Juju, new puppy and Summer fun.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Axle Rod Carlson- 9 week old German Boxer Puppy

I knew how much work they are but had quickly forgotten. Still easier than a newborn baby;)
 The girls have been big helpers with feeding, letting out to potty and bathing.

 He loves getting under the rocks and bushes where its cool. Like puppys do, he naps a lot!

With First grade behind us what better way to celebrate than with a POOL PARTY.

The start of what we didnt realize would be a 2 week process to get clean....
 Uncovered, green and full of algea and leaves
 We swept, backwashed, chlorinated, salted, repeat, repeat, repeat for TWO WEEKS
(can you tell we are new pool owners?!)

BUT boy was it worth it. Pool was sparkling. Girls had a year end swim party. We had about 13 kids and 6 adults  They invited all the girls in their class, with the exception of one boy(Sadie insisted on Sammy) Cousins (who didnt make it) but had a good turn out otherwise. There were storms all around us but that didnt stop these kids. We swam and had snacks and drinks for all. They got to swim for about 2 hours before the rain came.

This is what being a kid is all about. They have swam everyday since they got out of school! Hours of entertainment.

Awards Day

 Mimi just happen to be visiting on Tristas award ceremony day. MOUSE AWARD and STEM AWARD
 AND Juju happen to be visiting on Sadies award ceremony day.
Worked out perfect. Galaileo Award- always doing her best and STEM Award
We are so proud of these two girls. 
All year they "clipped up" 
Both girls final report card were ALL A's. We are so proud!!
Their teacher would always say how helpful they were and what respectful girls they were. 

TRISTA LEE got the MOUSE (always doing her homework quietly) award  and Stem Award
SADIE got the Galileo Award- always doing her best job and the Artistic Award.
Both girls have lots of Carlson genes. Dad was so proud. 

Field Day at Jack Anderson 1st Grade

 Trista, Lily Taylor, Sadie 

Both girls brought home Blue, White and Red Ribbons. 
They did sucha good job. Sadie won the egg walk, Trista won the Spear throw, and both girls did great in the potato sack race. 
Lunch followed by Maggie Moos ice cream at the school made for a successful day. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

CINCO DE MAYO......nuff said!

Just a little Cinco De Mayo celebrating after the girls singing program, "A Little Bite of Moon"
They did an outstanding Job.
I was given my mothers day gift early which was a hand painted flower pot, a sweet love note from each of the girls.
Trista described me as 65 years old, 12 feet tall and only weighing 45lbs
Sadie graciously said I was 45 years old, 6 feet all and weighted only 28lbs.
Best mothers day gift ever.

Random Posts....and a big RECOGNITION to Miss TRISTA LEE for her art award


Out of 13 Sumner Co schools and 120 1st graders at Jack Anderson....Trista was chosen for the outstanding art award for her creativity and abstract RAIN CHIME. It was displayed at the Vol State art gallery for a week for any and all to see. We are so proud of her.


 Just saying the words Juju or Mimi or Papa T they squeal  and go up 
about 3 octaves in their voice. 

 You all bring so much joy, laughter, smile to these two little girls faces.
We love it when you come any time.

April Showers brought May flowers......and life just got busy

Probably one of the most relaxing vacations I've had in awhile. It was just our family, very last minute but so worth the drive.
 Sadie and Daddy (pre beard shave;)

Thanks to "Uncle" Rod Sweet who is generous enough to let us stay in his beach condo (top floor, PLENTY room, with all the beach amenities) Heated pool on the weekends, full kitchen that has everything you could ever need or want.
Rod Sweet is the nephew of grandmother Venice Sweet  Thurmon. Its her brothers (Jim Sweet) son. Never married. Never had kids just invested a lot of his money in commercial real estate and export goods and lives very humble but I would guess to be very wealthy!  Rod is a man of very few words. I clean his condo (spotless) and he lets us stay for a week. Its a nice trade and I am happy to do it. I always make him a big batch of Granola and bread leave it in the fridge when we leave.
We had a blast!! The girls swam in the beach and the pool from sun up to sun down. They love the beach!
POST that's more like it. That's what I like.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Claire Sue Cahill/Thurmond
March 4-7, 2016

You were "milked", bathed, fed, snuggled, held, rocked, strollered, let go- hitting your head on the carpet multiple times, diaper changed, dressed up, drug around but mostly smothered in hugs and kisses for 4 days straight. Oh how we miss you!
We love you Claire Bear

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Olaf, Sweet Rolls, and Face painting during our Snow Storm 2016

 Homemade Sweet Rolls: New Recipe and they were FABULOUS!



We built an Olaf, we sledded (kinda), we threw snowballs, we face painted, we played a lot of UNO, Mommy got to make homemade Cinnamon rolls, laminate all her recipes and label and organize the upstairs closet. I was only sad that I could not purchase things on Amazon. Even with my "prime" status it wouldnt have gotten here. Daddy played in the snow with us and got to work on his car a bit. We lounged in our PJ's for days, didnt shower if we didnt wan to, watched tons of movies, watched hours of video when the girls were babies and didnt leave the house. IT WAS GREAT!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Only 102 more days of School


You got all straight A's this quarter......... again.
We are so proud of you. You have gotten 102% on your spelling test since school started and we have rewarded you for that!
The teacher said you both are such sweet and helpful girls at school. You have never clipped down and get along well with others. You best class is Math and Art. Trista, you are an exceptional  reader, saying big words and sounding them out. Sadie, you are good in Math and Science.

Santa Visits 2015

Pretty sure its our last year to get away with "Santa" being real. Boy, did Papa T ever play a great Santa?! YES. HE. DID.