Growing up too fast....

Monday, September 14, 2015

It felt like Fall this weekend!

 Who needs sand when you have a yard full of leaves. They did all the racking and the pile was just big enough to cover them up.
 Out in the hammock under the trees. It was actually a little chilly. 

The girls eating breakfast before school. This quarters grades were ALL A's!!!

Its been a rough few weeks. I really dont like to dwell on the negative but thats life sometimes, right!? We were delayed in Hawaii by 4 days costing us an extra $1600 that was not budgeted for, followed by a thumbs up that buyers financing for our place was all good on friday which resulted  in a full weekend of stump removal (that took 2 whole days), repairs,  aggressive packing AND selling the girls playhouse (buyers request) only to find out that 5 days later now the buyers cannot get their down payment money which in turn resulted in us putting the house back on the market, losing the house we were going to buy and a completely disorganized and unstaged house.  On a positive note: we got rid of a TON of stuff while cleaning out the attic, we know exactly what the house is worth from the appraisal and the fact that you truly can exist with only 4 plates and bowls, 4 cups and minimal kitchen utensils and probably 3/4 the stuff in ones house YOU CAN DO WITHOUT!! 
I am emotionally drained and exhausted. 
It did give us time to think and regroup. 

Little Coconuts!

gotta love the conner gene

Claire Bear at 3.5 months comes to visit.

 This little 10 lb bundle of surely goodness was without a doubt lovable and smothered in kisses
 Claire Bear we loved have you and Momma here!
 Chris remembering what it was like not too long ago.
You are the sweetest baby! I hardly knew you were even here sometimes. 
The girls would "milk" you, change you and want to walk you around. We love you so much Claire!


Kauai, Hawaii
15 Year Anniversary 
Aug. 15 thru 21

A long awaited trip was finally here. I had been slammed with work right up until I left and to put it frankly it was a terrible time to be leaving but the trip was planned and paid for. I  think i've decided that as long as I am in real estate a cruise is the only way to go. Its because I HAVE to shut my phone off and there is no doing work while on a trip.
Kauai is the Garden Island. You can drive the entire island in a day, without stops, if you wanted to.
We rented a VRBO in Kapaa (the east side of the island) Our anniversary day consisted of a catamaran trip (5 hours) to the Napali Coast which was amazing. We had a wonderful breakfast and lunch followed by a snorkel. We then went to the rim of a canyon and had a couples massage followed by a wonderful dinner that was right next to our hotel.
Although we did get "stuck" for 4 days, we did have a great time.
Mom, Mimi and Papa T and erin, we cant thank you enough for helping us with the girls. We know mom it was a little longer than you bargained for but the girls loved it, so much that they didnt even want to talk to us the entire time we were gone.