Growing up too fast....

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Silly Monkey's

Sadie on Left Trista on Right in dress

Trista's fish kisses are too sweet.

Where's your hair?

Where's your nose?

Where's your tongue?
Sadie airing out and running outside with the big dogs.
Trista and her love for Rocky

Friday, May 28, 2010

A year and a half old

They love walking around in the back of the "truck" There are little benches on each side and they love sitting on them.

She just discovered walking in mommy's shoes

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's been a while

Life sometimes knocks you upside the head but you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on. Long story short as to why I have been such a slacker on posting pictures. Mom, I know its been killing you to log on and not see any updated photos. My overly eager photographic husband likes to sweep the pictures off and put them on the hard drive as soon as I take them or so it seems like. So I checked my memory card and there is only one photo of the girls on there. Maybe its that I really haven't taken many pictures lately. I am realizing that the older they get the crazier our lives get. The past month has been interesting/crazy and I will try to keep the saga short. We sold our dinning room suite and a few days later received a contract on our house, YAY. Three weeks later the buyers backed out(boooo) cause they couldn't have a bigger dock for their TWENTY-NINE foot boat. You would think that would have crossed their mind before they signed a contract and I wish it had crossed my mind not to pack up 16 Rubbermaid's of "STUFF" in my house till I knew it was a done deal but we live and learn. Now that that is behind us we are moving on to new adventures. Chris and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary in August. We booked a five night stay in the #2 rated hotel in Playa del Carmen. Its a 4 star, adult only and all inclusive resort/spa and the best part is we paid CASH for it! Oh we now have a normal table to eat on besides a card table.
Now to the important part of our lives....our sweet girls. These past two weeks have been a little rough with Trista cutting her back teeth. We've had lots of whining and pulling on my pant leg episodes. I literally have to stop everything what I'm doing and just go sit in the living room for them to feel content that I'm nearby. I love those moments and I know they will end all to fast but being the semi OCD, needing to be in motion type person its hard for me to sit in the living room and see food trays everywhere with peanut butter and applesauce smeared from one end to the other of the table and dishes in the sink! Their personalities are showing a lot more these days too. Trista is much more adventuresome and does not like to hold mommy's hand when asked. Sadie is a little more reserved and LOVES to hold mommy's hand withOUT being asked:). Trista is our animal lover. Sadie loves loud noises such as the vacuum, blender and lawn mower-I think she and Chris will get a long just fine:)
I'll admit some days are harder than others. Having two at the same time is not anything anyone can prepare you for. It has its challenges and many rewards. This weekend Chris and I are off to a short get away to Atlanta for much needed one on one time. Uncle Steve will be watching the girls- should be interesting!
In closing I just want to say that I will be better about posting pictures and some will be posted TODAY before the day ends.Much love to our family and friends.We sincerely thank you for all the support and love you all give back.