Growing up too fast....

Sunday, February 28, 2010

As much as I'd like to kick Rocky out to the doghouse he is a good second to the jungle gym at the park. The girls climb all over him and he just sits there. They pull his chops, his tale and Trista's even grabbed his.....:)
The strings have been cut loose. Kind of a sad week but I tried to not think about it too much. Wednesday was my last day to nurse. It's kinda like the first stage of letting them go-their growing up and so fast. I still think back and remember the many tears I shed from nursing in those first 6 weeks. Wow- what a sacrifice, what a commitment it is but I was determined not to give up!!! I am so glad I gave the best to our little cherubs for 14 months.
Lately I've been busy with real estate and I'm so thankful for my supportive hubby. He does such a good job with the girls. Taking care of multiples is such team work and I think we've mastered it! I love you hun!

Sweata Weatha

Of course I'm obsessed with hats/caps for them and mom these outfits were so cute on them.

It's almost that time again. He's almost 104!!!

I take over bread and health food to Granddad every couple weeks and let the girls explore his apartment and he loves it."Wish you didn't have to go already," he says. Its that time of year again. In just a few weeks Granddad Carlson will be 104. My Aunt and Uncle were in town and I thought it would be a treat for Granddad to meet Jim Gilley,the president of 3ABN. Granddad is an avid supporter of the 3ABN and several other networks. He faithfully gives every month out of his budget.He got a chance to share a little about his years in Daluth and working on the dredge. Granddad mentioned his favorite speakers but followed with "I can only watch about 3 hours a day and that's it"(not sure if that's bc of the antenna or the speakers:)) which my Uncle replied "that's about all I can take too" and laughed.
Now the girls are older I'm so glad they have gotten to spend more time with Granddad.

Melmo buddies

Aubrey and Allie are Sadie & Trista's buddies. I met Erin Birch, their mom, thru my POTATO group. They are 8 months older than Sadie and Trista and are full of energy. I love seeing all the things our girls will be into soon. They are die hard Elmo(melmo) watchers. We cant wait to celebrate their second birthday with them.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I"m a little embarrassed...

Yes we have utencils and yes the floor was clean that day!They thought it would be fun that day to eat their cheerios off the floor.

See mom here's the PROOF I got em!

I hesitated to take these photos and post them but isnt this what having kids are all about- embarrass THEM now so they can embarrass US later.
I had to chuckle with this cause when I was little(not sure if you remember mom) I use to pretend I was a cat/dog and I actually had two tupperware bowls under the kitchen desk, one was full of water and the other cherrios. Oh the things and places our imagination takes us. I had a big imagination when I was little so I'm curious to see who will get that...maybe they both will:)
And just to keep it fair Sadie was doing it too!

14 months and crawlking

They love feeding each other. They think it is so funny. And they love feeding me their unwanted food. Only a mothers love will eat cold,smashed,half eaten peas!

Their WALKING......when they want to. They have mastered the art of going up AND down the stairs all by themselves each doing it in their own way and on their own time.
Mimi (Meme) came over Valentines Day while Chris and I went to see a movie- thanks Momma C.
Can hardly believe its been 14 months. I'm down to one nursing a day and for some reason I am having a hard time letting it go. Every morning I say "this is it" but then I just keep doing it. My friend said it would be harder for me to quit then for them to give it up and she's right. I promise though I will quit before they can say you know what. They no longer get the bottle and its hard to believe that they are transitioning from babies to little girls.