Growing up too fast....

Monday, June 9, 2014

Little Princesses, flowergirls.

Jacob and Kathrines Wedding June 7th
 Sadie and Trista were in their first wedding. Of course I am totally biased but they were so beautiful.
You made mommy so proud!! Thank goodness for Pintrest where I got ideas for their hair.
 TRISTA 5.5 years old
 SADIE 5.5 years

 Location: Riverwood Mansion in Inglewood

Cousin Hangouts

Every now and then when Erin and I need a break or have something going on with work we'll kid swap. This particular day we swam next door at our neighbors, played on the slip and slide and rode bikes!!
I was also watching Cade, my client/friends little boy. They had a blast!

Chris' 35th Birthday

 Happy 35th Birthday, hun!! We went with 12 adults, 8 kids and a homemade cake to the Rudder-- The restaurant by the lake.  We love you, hun!! Thanks for loving us so unconditionally, for working so hard and make us your number #1.

Lets back up a bit

So lets go back to May when we had the big Pre-Kindergarten Graduation for the girls.
 Trista on Left   Sadie on Right

 Oni and Jenny came to celebrate your big Pre-K Graduation
 You have learned SOOO much this year and we are so proud of you.
You are registered for Kindergarten at Jack Anderson Elem., You have all your school supplies, You got your shots like a champ and didnt even make a peep! 
August will come fast but you will be ready!!