Growing up too fast....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Hummus Picnic

No bibs, no boosters just a blanket and "dig in" frenzy. One hummus is a roasted red pepper and the other one is a green chili sauce. The girls love it. They decided that digging their little fingers into was way more fun than waiting for me to put a little on a piece of tortilla and feed it to them.
They've taken a few steps but crawling gets them where they need to go they think. I'm not complaining:) Chris is thrilled that his expensive studio lights case are a perfect fit on the entryway steps that keep them from reaching the flight of stairs.
This past Tuesday I hosted a play date with some moms from a Meet Up group I joined here in Hendersonville. The two moms brought their two and three year old BOYS. Sadie and Trista spent most of the time watching them catapult from couch to couch and climb over chairs and tables. that a boy thing?:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Deceitfully Delicious

With Uncle Steve on his birthday at Gigi's Cupcakes and a few days after their first haircut.....the mullet had to go:(
Sadie is on the left and Trista on the right.
As I sit here and type I occasionally look over at the girls in their booster seats only to find myself telling Trista to keep her paws on her own tray. She loves stealing Sadie's' food and if I'm not looking Sadie loves to "share" her unwanted veggies. Which brings me to a recent dilemma. Somehow I delivered to munchkins that don't like their veggies. They wont eat them. Lara mentioned a book by Jerry Seinfeld's wife called Deceitfully Delicious so as I wait for it to come in the mail(thanks Larce) I decided to whip up my own concoction. In the blender went sauteed carrots,broccoli,zucchini,squash,tofu,corn,peas and ONIONS -added it to one cup of whole milk and dumped it in my pancake batter recipe(omitting the sugar) and TA DA. If I had to admit it myself I would slather them with butter, grab a fork and eat them myself. So good and best of all they DEVOUR them.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

TN's Sledding Snowy Blizzard:)

For their birthday JuJu Thurmond got the girls snow outfits. These are a little more luxurious snow outfits than your typical slick pants suit. These suckers are wool lined from head to toe and I only wish they made them in my size- I was freezin out there.
Our neighbor, Erica loaned us her hot pink sled and even pulled us around a couple times. What fun.
The girls were so excited.....cant you tell. We could not get one expression out of them!