Growing up too fast....

Monday, November 24, 2008

We made it! 35 Weeks!

I needed to get thru 35 weeks to try and avoid the NICU at Centennial and to be able to deliver at our local hospital. Now I just really hope to make it to Wednesday(the 26th) so I can get my 1 hour reflexology massage:) Babies are over 5 lbs each and still moving quite a bit. Ankles and hands are swelling a bit but I am trying to really watch my sodium intake and drink water- its not really working. I am ready but I know the longer they stay in the better so lets get thru this week.
Dont be confused by the Christmas tree- we know its not even THANKSGIVING yet but we are trying to be ahead of the game.
A few things I will miss about being pregnant:
1.My nightly foot rubs from Chris
2.My "honey do" list got done LOTS faster:)
3.Getting to watch every episode of Take Home Chef and Oprah
4. Feeling the babies move!

Amazing Grace.....

Last Thursday while Jonathan and Angela were visiting dad.....he hummed the song of Amazing Grace. I've read that many stroke patients will actually sing before they talk. It was really neat. Wanting to wish each and everyone of you safe travels for the Holiday and Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dad's Update

Dad's progress has been slow and steady and our family is so THANKFUL for that. This holiday season is a little bitter sweet. Its been tough to get into the spirit and yet I know I have so much to be thankful for for the two miracles coming our way.

Dad has been at a rehab Facility in Union City for the past 10 days and just found out last night that he's been approved for another 26 days because he's doing so well. He is in much better spirits and mom can tell. Although he does have bouts of frustration. He's talking a lot clearer but still says a whole lot of sweet nothings! When I spoke with him the other night I told him Chris put our Christmas tree up early and he laughed! Also sent him a collage' of family/friends photos on a ring that he can flip thru and he loved them. Mom said he looked at them a dozen times that day. Mom says he's moving all over the place. He moves himself with his feet(both right and left) to get around in his wheelchair. He's moving his Right arm too but not much from his right hand- we hope that will come with time. Mom is doing well. Mom is such my HERO! She says she has her moments of crying, laughing and feeling lonely but we have told her to take one day at a time. She is so appreciative of all the cards, calls and thoughtful donations that have helped in more ways than one! We thank you all for keeping up with the blog and dads progress- we tell him every time who asks about him and he always responds with a big smile. He definitely is aware to what is going on. Its been 5 weeks since I've actually "talked" to dad and although we get busy sometimes with our lives take this time now to call your parents tell them that you love them or just to say HI and that you were thinking of them cause you never know if that may be your last time.
Thank you all- Much Love.

35 Weeks and feelin it!

This is the first week that I am going to admit to feeling a bit more miserable.
Almost 11 lbs of baby and indigestion that feels like its strangling me....I refuse to take medicine though. Doctor says babies are both head down and SUNDAY is the big day to get to so I can deliver at our local hospital and not downtown. Chris has been so sweet about telling me to take it easy....until I learned that him and five other guys at work have a BET as to when I'll go into Labor and I think he's afraid he's going to loose! Yesterday I was so tempted to use the Motorized cart at Wal-Mart. I refrained and instead had to stop three times to sit on the bench from the Veggie Isle to the Dairy Isle! Actually felt enough energy when I got home to vacuum and detail the car inside. Needless to say I did not get a good look when Chris pulled in the driveway to see me doing that! I just cant help myself.
Picture is with my Aunti from Sabah Malaysia. She took care of me when I was little when my parents were overseas and is Family to me! Love you Titi!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

You do the math....

Ultrasound was Tuesday.Everything looks good. Sadie is 4lbs 14oz and Trista is 4lb 15 oz. Almost the 5 pound mark! I warned most of you that the last month you wouldnt see me. I have already missed my first sabbath last week cause I do not have church worthy clothing. Although I would love to show up in my pink valour pants and see what those "convervatives" had to say about it! Its' either that or jeans cause I am NOT buying any clothes! Sorry- cant attach pictures cause there were no good shots. THe lady said they are too big and there is too much going on it there to get a good profile shot-I'm gonna take that as a good thing.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dad Finally At Rehab

Well, I guess it took him taking a hard to fall to get him into Rehab.
After going to the ER they decided to send him to Jackson since that's where he was seen last. They did an MRI and thank goodness he had no broken bones and was acting his usual self. They were going to send him back to the nursing home facility until my mom said she did not want him to go back there. The case manager actually suggested a Rehab facility in UNION CITY, TN about 50 minutes from Mom- which is not much help to her BUT they are very aggressive with their therapy. In the beginning we didn't entertain that as an option since we were told it was a Knee/Hip replacements rehab facility but the case manager said they specialize in stroke and are under the "umbrella" of Stallworth Vanderbilt. So, that's where dad went last night and will start a full screen of evaluations on him with emphasises on Speech this morning. We are so glad- I know its not here but at least he's getting more aggressive therapy and they told mom not to come until after 3:30 so she will not feel like she has to go every meal. When mom told dad where he was going he smiled with relief! Thank you all for continued prayers- we are just taking this one day at a time.
Much appreciation,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dad took a bad fall...

Dear Family and Friends:

I am feeling guilty that I have not written or returned your phone calls, but Amber and Stephen have saved the day by keeping you updated on Jim's condition. Please be assured that I think of all of you so often and wish I could talk to each one personally. This past month has been a living nightmare and I keep feeling that I will awaken and it was just a bad dream.
It was only a month ago this past Friday that Jim had the stroke. He is still unable to speak or walk, but has made significant improvements each day, for which we are thankful.
He was transferred from Jackson Hospital on October 21 to the Dyersburg Rehab Center and has done considerably well, we thought. He has taken two bad falls from his wheel chair, but no damage done. He keeps writing on the board to the nurses "JET". They called me to ask if he was "wanting to JET out of the rehab center"? I laughed and told them that was his initals for James Earl Thurmond. I have felt so good about his progress and see him everyday making strides towards improvements. Today I got a call from the Center telling me that Jim taken another fall and they were sending him to the ER. When I arrived he was on a stretcher, with neck brace and head wrapped in a non moveable band. They were afraid his neck was broken. X-rays and catscan showed no brokern bones, for which we are grateful, but the Docotor came back and said they wanted him to go back to Jackson, where he was in critical care for 10 days. This is where they had done the first catscan and the Dyersburg Docotr's felt the doctor's in Jackson, who waited on his before, would know more about his condition. He was taken by ambulance tonight around 8:30 p.m. I will be there in the moring at 7 to talk with the neurosurgeon to see if there was a new bleed from this most recent fall. I truly believe God isn't through with Jim yet and solicite your continued prayers on his behalf. He was to go to Vanderbilt this coming Monday for extensive rehab on speech and his right leg and arm. We are hoping he will still be able to do this. I feel this isn't a new bleed, because I believe he would have not been coherent as he was when he left the hospital tonight. He will most likely be very sore in the morning.
Thank you for your support and continued prayers on his behalf.

With love to all of you,

Judy and Children

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We are a proud Auntie Am and Uncle Chris

Preston Anders Carter was born at 6:08am today November 4th via C-Section. He weighed 8lbs 3oz and 20 inches long.
Pictures to follow soon.

Dad's Delay to move to Rehab in Nashville

We started the paperwork process last Thursday and as you know waiting on Doctors and all the right paperwork to get done was a drawn out process. After many persistent calls to the Case Manager at the Rehab Facility at Vanderbilt they will be reassessing dad in 2 weeks to see if more progress has taken place. The nurse practitioner said he was functioning at too low a level to be able to participate and get full benefit with inpatient acute rehab. We were all every disappointed but my friend did make a good point that he needs to be at a high enough level in order to take full advantage of the therapy since its so intense and only lasting 4 weeks.
Mom said dad gets very agitated with mom when she leaves at night. Mom said it is so hard to leave especially not knowing what exactly he's trying to tell her. We are trying to reiterate to him that he is not staying there but that he has to be more independent in certain areas in order for him to progress on his own at home.
I so wish I could be more of help and am still holding out that he is able to come in two weeks but I know my time is running out also. Dad is able to follow more commands and knows what is going on but certain things don't come together. If you hand him something he knows right what to do with it but if you tell him to wave or touch his nose he looks at you with a blank stare. However he was able to answer the other day with blinking his eyes 1X for yes and 2x for no which has not been able to do in the past. Also he actually lifted his right leg and crossed it over his left. Boy, the things we take for granted!
Thank you all for your prayers and continued support- mom needs it more than ever! Mom has read all the cards to dad each night. Because some of you have asked for mom and dad's address here it is: 1692 VIAR RD. DYERSBURG, TN 38204
Also, ironically my granddad(dad's dad- Roy Thurmon) turns 94 today!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nursery for the Girls

Refrained from doing everything pink....the clothes from my shower made up for that. They are not lacking anything. They will sleep in the same crib for a few months till I have to seperate them.

Starting 33 weeks! Praise God.

Everyday they are in that is one day less in the hospital. Chris finally said it...."
I didnt think your stomach could get so big" my reply.."thanks dear-just you wait- I could go another 6 weeks" Nights are unforgiving. Chris has decided to sleep in the guest room a bit because my obsessive tossing and turning and getting up has left us both sleep deprived. At least we're getting ready for the real thing!