Growing up too fast....

Sunday, April 7, 2013


This year I made Jonathan a personalized photo collage Granola Container and put RETRO GRANOLA in it for his Birthday which is (APRIL 10). Hope he doesnt check the blog cause I havent mailed yet:)
I dyed the COCONUT and then baked it. Got the idea this year when I was up at 4am dying coconut green for the "grass" to go in the girls rice Krispie treat "nest"
This was so fun to make. Next time may put a little more coconut! Obviously I'm using GRANDmoms recipe and it is hands down the best granola ever!! Hope you like your birthday gift, Jonathan. LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this age!! 4 is fabulous!!
 trista and mommy
 serious sadie and mommy

Picasa has some new features I was playing around with. This was a rainy day. We had spent all day inside, 1 hour splasing in the hottub followed by a warm shower.