Growing up too fast....

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The girls turn SEVEN!

Happy Birthday Trista and Sadie
We are so proud of you both and what sweet little girls you are. 
You invited a few friends from your neighborhood, school and your cousins. Who also made the list were Oni  and Jenny, Glen and Katherine and Jacob. 
 We made spaghetti, sauce, 5 cheese garlic bread, peas and corn and salad.

For Dessert we had an ICE CREAM SUNDAE BAR with all kinds of toppings....
there were: 
Spinkles, brownie bites, confetti cake, hot fudge, magic shell, strawberries, raspberries, cool whip and of course marchino cherries. 
You friends had fun making their own ice cream sundae!
You got all kinds of gift........
gift cards, rain boots, swim suits, games and SHOPKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The apple doesn't fall far from the little organizers

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

XMas Card 2015

 Trisa Lee & Sadie Glenn 6.5 years old
 I tell you all the time how lucky I am to have you two
OUR HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS PHOTO. TAKEN at the Saundersville Walk way bridge in Hendersonville followed by IHOP breakfast for your good grades.

Roy B. Thurmon

Roy B. Passed away at 100 years old.
Loved by one daughter and one son, one daughter/son-in-law, your last living brother Parks, 8 grand children and 16 great grandchildren. Thanksgiving was not the same without you Grandmom and Granddad. There was no homemade dressing from cornbread or  Waldorf salad but there was Pumpkin pie, boiled peanuts and DINNER ROAST. You took the guess work at times out of Holidays, we just knew we were either coming for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Now its on us to start making our own memories and traditions.  You are on a pretty high pedestal.  You gave strong hugs, the only one that called us "sugar", taught me things that I will never learn from anyone else, gave advice, listened but above all you LOVED unconditionally.  You will be so missed but always remembered.
Remembered for.......
grape soda in the fridge, CHUCK, the Red Barn House, the dinner bell, inflatable snakes in the orchard, gum from the bank, tractors, straw work hats, callus hands, white handkerchief in your church coat pocket, grey crown vic, boiled peanuts, castrating of cows, baby calf being born, full of childhood memories, button/button. Quarters in your jar, buzzing hearing aids, popcorn, little Debbie nutty buttys, peanuts, side smirks, silent toots (because you thought you couldn't hear them no one else could either), a poet, your love for grandmom, your advice about money and finances.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


It only took 9.5 years to sell the ole lake shack.  Although I will say we did not need or  really want a bigger house we just wanted a different layout. The girls are getting older, we want them to be able to have their friends over and still be close to everything.We needed a rec. room.  We knew we wanted to stay in the same school district. Jack Anderson is the #1 public school in Sumner Co and is in the top 5% of best schools around, competing with Davidson and the magnet School Merral Hyde in Hendersonville.
Chris got his detached shop (which by the way is half the size of his other garage but he's going to have to make due with it for a bit)
This house came on the market at 8am. I just happen to be searching because I knew we were getting ready to get a contract on our house. There were no pictures up yet but I knew the area and have always loved this subdivision. It was a whopping 1.5 miles from the lake house so we wouldnt be moving far. I looked at it at 9am. Chris came back and looked at with me at 6pm and we wrote an offer at 7pm.  The second I opended the door I knew, this was the one! I had been looking for months. This market has been crazy busy with buyers but low inventory of homes for sale. Not to mention I had specifics that I wanted. I. Was. My. Worst. Client!  I wanted poss. a pool but not  a must, rec. room. master down, open floor plan, preferably an office, storage, detached workshop for chris, treed lot with fence, in JAE school zone, in our price range and not too many upgrades to do:).The house is about 18 years old and was very well maintained.
Our neighbors are great, its a very quiet neighborhood(mostly retirees) with about 4 families that also have kids that go to JAE so the girls have  kids to play with and ride bikes which is SOOOOO nice!
We didnt get to swim but it will be open and ready to go the first of April.
The girls have their own jack and jill bath and are upstairs all by themselves.
The move took two full days and many trips back and forth to get it all moved over.
We are on a little over half an acre and are 2 miles to Kroger marketplace:)
I still take the girls to school and their bus rise home is only 10 minutes longer than before. We are only 3.8 miles from the school.

We are elbow deep into painting right now. The entire house was browns and gold which are not our colors so we are painting the entire inside of the house. My OCD, gotta-get-things done personality painted 7 rooms in one weekend. Poor chris has lots of cutting in because this mamma only rolls!

I still wake up and think.....are we really here, is this really ours? We are loving it!
So, come visit us, we have plenty room!

Monday, September 14, 2015

It felt like Fall this weekend!

 Who needs sand when you have a yard full of leaves. They did all the racking and the pile was just big enough to cover them up.
 Out in the hammock under the trees. It was actually a little chilly. 

The girls eating breakfast before school. This quarters grades were ALL A's!!!

Its been a rough few weeks. I really dont like to dwell on the negative but thats life sometimes, right!? We were delayed in Hawaii by 4 days costing us an extra $1600 that was not budgeted for, followed by a thumbs up that buyers financing for our place was all good on friday which resulted  in a full weekend of stump removal (that took 2 whole days), repairs,  aggressive packing AND selling the girls playhouse (buyers request) only to find out that 5 days later now the buyers cannot get their down payment money which in turn resulted in us putting the house back on the market, losing the house we were going to buy and a completely disorganized and unstaged house.  On a positive note: we got rid of a TON of stuff while cleaning out the attic, we know exactly what the house is worth from the appraisal and the fact that you truly can exist with only 4 plates and bowls, 4 cups and minimal kitchen utensils and probably 3/4 the stuff in ones house YOU CAN DO WITHOUT!! 
I am emotionally drained and exhausted. 
It did give us time to think and regroup. 

Little Coconuts!

gotta love the conner gene

Claire Bear at 3.5 months comes to visit.

 This little 10 lb bundle of surely goodness was without a doubt lovable and smothered in kisses
 Claire Bear we loved have you and Momma here!
 Chris remembering what it was like not too long ago.
You are the sweetest baby! I hardly knew you were even here sometimes. 
The girls would "milk" you, change you and want to walk you around. We love you so much Claire!


Kauai, Hawaii
15 Year Anniversary 
Aug. 15 thru 21

A long awaited trip was finally here. I had been slammed with work right up until I left and to put it frankly it was a terrible time to be leaving but the trip was planned and paid for. I  think i've decided that as long as I am in real estate a cruise is the only way to go. Its because I HAVE to shut my phone off and there is no doing work while on a trip.
Kauai is the Garden Island. You can drive the entire island in a day, without stops, if you wanted to.
We rented a VRBO in Kapaa (the east side of the island) Our anniversary day consisted of a catamaran trip (5 hours) to the Napali Coast which was amazing. We had a wonderful breakfast and lunch followed by a snorkel. We then went to the rim of a canyon and had a couples massage followed by a wonderful dinner that was right next to our hotel.
Although we did get "stuck" for 4 days, we did have a great time.
Mom, Mimi and Papa T and erin, we cant thank you enough for helping us with the girls. We know mom it was a little longer than you bargained for but the girls loved it, so much that they didnt even want to talk to us the entire time we were gone.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Trista's Teacher: Mrs. Lindsay Moore
Sadies's Teacher: Mrs. Meghan Dukes
We decided to separate them again this year (teachers advice)
They are right across the hall from each other and get to each lunch together and play at recess.
They each have 20 students. The teachers are younger, married with  a newborn.
Jack Anderson is rated the #1 Public School in Sumner Co.  and is in the top 5% of best schools for academic. The principal is Dr. Aldridge, she is excellent!
Your lunch consisted of : Peanut butter and banana sandwhich, strawbeerries, Veggie straws(chips) and an oreo. Water to drink in your Frozen container.
Shoe Size: 1
Size 7 clothes
Long legs and long hair.
Thank you Mimi and Papa T for $ for school to get their outfits, shoes and lunch goodies. I was the only sane person that got up Monday morning at 4:30am and was at WalMart at 5 to get their school goodies. The isles were EMPTY, unlike the day before at 5pm

They were so excited to start school, to meet their teachers and see what friends what were in their class.
You girls were up early, dressed, beds made and ready for school with time to spare.
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you girls! We love you!

WalMart Worthy Feet

 This is what I love about WalMart. I had been working out in the yard the day before I did my early morning run to WalMart. At the end of the day I guess I totally forgot to wash off my feet. I Got up Monday morning, put my shoes on in the dark, got to walmart, looked down and noticed my dirty feet. Oh. My.Word. GROSS! At least at WalMart I fit right in. #exhausted #justdontcare

And yet another Milestone.....Bracing ourselves

As we were shopping for socks, the girls passed the isle with "bras" and of course they wanted them. Not just sport looking bras but ones with little padding in them. WHAT?!?!?!
I sent this picture to Chris and said, "we have hit a new phase."
I did tell them to take the pads out;)
They spend about an hour getting ready, putting deodorant, hair done with accessories, perfume and have lip gloss on. Occasionally we'll see some blue eyeshadow.  And guess who spends the most time primping? Can you guess?????

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer 2015. A fun summer it was! "How many more nights till we.......?

 Sadie on Left Trista on Right

 Kim and Amber In PCB
 sadie making sno cones

At Hoppity Hop with RILEY

We swam, we played, we rode our bikes, we swam, we watched movies, we ate LOTS of sno cones, we went to Panama City Beach and hung out with the Smiths, we went to Mimi and Papa T's , we went to see Grandad, Juju and Aunt Faye and the Krueger Cousins! Oh and did I mention we SWAM!! The girls passed their swim test at the YMCA, which means they can swim in the deep end and go down the slides. AND it also means I dont have to be within an arms length at all times which means lounge time for mamma!

Goodies from Juju
Sadie:R Trista:L
Thank you JuJu for our package full of goodies and our adorable Minnie Mouse Dresses!! We Love you!

They spent all day in the ocean and swimming.
They love the beach.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sadie.....she came in second place. So proud of her!

Jack Anderson Elementary
Track and Field Day
Go figure....beat by a black kid :)

Chris's Birthday Celebration. #36

One of my good friends,  Roxy Smith
 Left to Right:
Jeff Purvis, Chris, Glen, Mac and Brandon

 Cedar Creek Marina
Charles Valdez- Chris's cousin was playing in the band, Bone Dry, that night. 
Great Atmosphere, food and music

B.O.......what is B.O. mommy??

Not babies anymore......

 Me: Shu Wee Trista, you have B.O. 
Trista: Whats B.O.?
Me: BODY ODOR...its where your arm pits are stinky
Trista: (she thought for a sec and then replied, "does Sadie have that?"
Needless to say I went out that day and got her some Deodorant! 

HOWDY!! What would we do without RUBY!? and Fancy Nancy

 Ruby Blackburn (next to me)
 Somebody is ready for Disney Again.....playing dress up at the gym childcare

Mimi got the girls Tickets to the Nashville Children's Theater for Christmas.  The performers are excellent and the girls loved both shows we went to. We saw Cat and the Hat in May and Last week we went to see FANCY NANCY followed by Parfaits, which if fancy for ice cream with sprinkles. We drove down in  a limo, which is fancy for moms car and we dressed in our ball gowns which is fancy for  Sundresses. Ruby Blackburn (my brokers little girl) has literally clothed (and shoes) the girls for the past two years so we thought it would be nice to take her along for the treat to thank her. Ruby is almost 8. We've known the Blackburns for the past 6 years and I have worked with Lee in Real Estate at Omni for the past 2 years.  THANK YOU MIMI and PAPA T. for the Tickets!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Lets give it up for Sadie and Trista.....the SINGIN SISTA'S

The singin Duo.
Was sitting at the computer working the other morning and this is what I hear being belted from the girls bedroom.
They crack me up.....
They are shy enough that I would have never got them to do this if they knew I was recording them.

Sadie and Tristas version of You're gonna "kiss" me when I'm gone.
Might want to sign them up for the next season of Americas Got Talent!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Look whats in their backpacks!

People ask if they are different or alike. Here's the difference! 
Trista- LEFT
Sadie- RIGHT

I'm wondering if we have a future episode of Hoarders of America on our hands. Throughout the year I would empty her backpack and find the funniest/craziest random things in it! Yesterday I emptied her backpack to wash it and this is what I found, all. kinds. of. knick knacks. Sadie will dig random things OUT OF THE TRASH and I will find them in all kinds of drawers, pockets, name it, she keeps it. When I clean out their rooms, 2x a year, I have to wait till she is not around to throw out the trash. I have to put it in a bag and walk it to the big cans outside for her to not find it. Sound familiar, Lara?? :) keep us entertained , amused and on our toes. We Love you.

Trista is much more like her mother....a minimalist, less is more kinda kid. Keepin things Simple.

Speaking of 100 year olds.......a peek into the future!
One of the parents took pics of all the kids and used an APP to transform their face to show them at 100 years old. 
(Yes, there's an app for that:)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Whew.....where does time go!?

Sadie-L Trista-R
6 & Sassy!

You know its been too long when you spend 30 min. trying to figure how to log in to you account because you forgot months ago that you changed your sign in and didnt write it down. Ugh! Seriously?! How many passwords can one person actually remember. I have a running log I keep near my desk. 
Oh my goodness. Where do I begin?? So much as happened....well not really.....I've just been extremely swamped with work. which is always good.  The girls are in their final week of school. Ekkk! They will be first graders next year. They are really loving school.....okay, trista is! Sadie not so much. She goes but I think if I gave her a choice she'd stay home with me all day. They have learned so much and THEY CAN READ LIKE NO ONE ELSE. I say that strongly but thats the truth. Out of 20 kids in each of their classes they are in the top 4 of the best readers. We are so proud. 

Trista likes to read a little more than sadie but they both do so well.  They still love riding the bus home afters school. They still dont like certain foods but we have seen much improvement. Actually I should say one has gotten better about trying anything at least once before she says,"I dont like that."

Yesterday was Track and Feild Day and Trista brought home 5 ribbons and Sadie 6. Sadie won second place in the relay....was beat by a little black girl. Reminds we when I was little. I was fast but the black kids can always out run ya:) Lol. 

They each had the stomach bug this year. Sadie had strep and an ear infection but other than that we have made it thru another winter. Spring is here and summer seems to be fast approaching.
It has been 2 years since we did the renovations and we are trying to sell the house again. We'll see how it goes. Been on them market 2 months with averaging 1 showing a week. The market is crazy hot right now, with low inventory and we just need one buyer to love it as much as we have. 

With my Love.....annual bike ride in the Carolinas

Chris and I took the girls out of school early, headed to Mimi's and Papa T's in Chatty for our annual bike trip May 1st, 2015. Thank you Mimi and Papa T for keeping the girls while we had a little get-away. We traveled over 800 miles in two days and stayed the nite in Chimney Rock, NC about 30 min. north of Hendersonville, NC near Biltmore.  So beautiful. Great ride with great friends and our fearless leader Billy Marshall aka Billy the Bike trip Nazi.  About 9 of us all together. 
Bike trips are a little tough to be on your phone for work but I still manage.....even at 60 MPH.:)

Granddad: ROY B. THURMON at 100  1/2 years old!!! The girls love telling their friends and teachers at school they their great granddad is 100 years old.
I had the privaledge and honor of taking care of granddad for 2 weekends while Aunt Faye had a break. The sweetest man ever. He still brushes and has his own teeth and he can spit like no on else. He has a big appetite and misses grandmom SOOOOO much. 

Too funny....gotta watch

We love you granddad!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas Fun with Mimi and Papa T

I did not take one photo while at Moms (juju). We were having a puppy crisis and was pre occupied.
Chris decided to surprise the girls and  ME with a puppy and lets just say it did not go over well. 
December is ALWAYS crazy. Xmas cards which lacked big time this year, clients gifts, family gifts, birthday and year end parties and appointments have changed my opinion of Xmas to one word....... Bahumbug!!
Our Big 6 year olds!! Thank you Aunti Jenny and Uncle Steve(oni) for our outfits and footed owl PJ's
 Mimi helping me hem by pants! Thank you. She is an excellent seamstress! She handmade a silk shower robe that is so cute.

 relaxing on a cold winters day
 A little spa time
Mimi helping the girls make Xmas Cookies.....for the 2nd time
We got all kinds of goodies for Xmas.
Papa Tom made them homemade bunkbeds for their American Girl adorablel. They love it and play with it all the time and they got tickets to Childrens Theater downtown and we got american girl doll outfits and clothes and DOODLE paper.......kuddos to the DOODLE paper, best gift ever....seriously!
Juju got us: our first AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS with Accessories!!
We love all our gifts. 

Playing Catch up! Girls 6th Birthday Party

It was simple. It was small, but turning SIX is still a big deal. 

 Trista on Left
Sadie on Right

 Cousins and Riley joined us for a frozen dinner.

Birthday Outfits.....compliments of JuJu