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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Linda Grace Sibadogil Copley but you will always be Ti-Ti to me

We came to visit you December 12th thru 14th, 2014. I know you did not feel good. You were uncomfortable in the bed and you fought tooth and nail to not be bed bound but your arms and legs could not sustain you any longer. I will never regret being able to be by your bedside. Just 3 short days later you are now unresponsive but with still such a strong will to live. You told me in July that you were afraid to die. You told me this past weekend that you wanted to keep fighting. You are a fighter indeed and so strong! I cant even find the words to tell you how much I love you. My heart is completely broken. I told you then and I'll say it now over and over how special you are to me and  how much I love you. You are 76 years young and cancer got the best of you. Even though you were weak, could barley talk and keep your eyes open, you still answered a few questions I asked you. You still smiled, even chuckled a few times and played balloon toss with the girls while in the bed. You always read this blog and kept up with the girls, me and our lives and I love you for that. You called often, you came to visit at least a couple times a year, you always brought me egg rolls and boiled peanuts and we would stay up and roll 100+ egg rolls at night when you'd come. I could tell you anything. You were non judgemental, you always took my side and you made me feel  as if you were my biggest fan. When I was little you carried me, you played with me and as soon as I could walk you said I would run across the field in Sabah to wait till you got out of teaching class. 
You never missed a birthday-always sent a card. You were at my graduation, my wedding and soon after the girls were born you came to visit. You will never know just how much you impacted my life and I am forever grateful to you. You are my Ti Ti and I'll always like to think I was your favorite!:)

I love you Ti Ti and will miss you so much. 

Ti Ti
Name: Linda Grace Sibadogil Copley
Born: December 24, 1937
Nationality: Indonesian
Born in Sabah Malaysia
Came from a Family of 11
You were #6 of nine siblings Brothers:4 Sisters:5
Favorite Color: RED
Favorite Verse: My grace is sufficient for you
Favorite Food: Noodles
Fav. American Food: KFC ;)
No embarrassing moments, you said. Yeah right;)
Moved to the USA in 1980
Married: William Copley in 1983 at Thatcher Hall at SAU, Collegedale, Tn. I was your flower girl
What did you like about Uncle Bill: "He was Patient. I was always hyper. I liked how laid back he was"
First Kiss at 44 years old was to Uncle Bill in 1982 at  summer camp
Favorite Place to Travel and why: CHINA because of the culture
What you like to do in your spare time: Play the piano which you taught yourself
Taught yourself how to roll egg rolls
You love to flower but do not like gardening
Favorite Vegetable: Eggplant
One thing people might not know about you: "I am not a hopeless romantic. Neither was Uncle Bill and I liked that"
Favorite Dessert: Coconut Ice Cream
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Candy: " I am not much of  a sweet tooth"
Favorite Snack: Boiled Peanuts
Favorite Fruit: Mango...just like me
My Last words to you: "Dont be afraid. I love you"

Written by my brother Stephen Conner Thurmond
"My first memories of life are running around barefoot in Sabah, East Malaysia... climbing star-fruit trees and eating them till they literally removed the enamel from my teeth (leaving me with a mouthful of silver caps). Gorging on the "Stevie" banana stalk hanging under our front porch. Playing in the daily downpour of a tropical climate and bottle feeding a pet black bear named Madu that dad brought home from one of his missionary excursions. Yes, my early life was truly a magical one similar to Disney's Jungle Book...sans the loin cloth.
One of the pillars of this time in my life was a sweet lady named Linda Sibadogil who we called Ti-Ti. She helped my mother, who had been transplanted to the other side of the globe with two toddlers and one on the way, raise LaraAmber and me. My mother is superwoman, as some of you know, but I think she may have left her mind in Sabah had it not been for Ti-Ti's help.
After a painful battle with cancer, Ti-Ti passed away this morning. My sister, Amber (whom Ti-Ti helped raise from birth) was very close to her and has written a heartfelt tribute to her below.
Ti-Ti, you were part of the family and one of the sweetest, most soft-spoken people I've had the pleasure of knowing. You will be missed and thought of often as your gentle laugh still rings in my ears. Thank you for teaching Amber how to make your legendary egg-rolls...she does them proper and pays homage to you with each batch."

Venice Catherine Sweet Thurmon: Grandmother

Its no fun making these posts but going thru all the photos and memories makes me realize just how fortunate we are to be a part of and loved by such wonderful people.
You helped me hide in the blueberry bush so I wouldnt have to ride the horse
You let me watch a baby calf being born
You had soft mints in the freezer at Christmas time
We played Button Button on the steps at the barn house
You taught me how to shell peas
The red coat on the fence told Grandad it was time for dinner
You always got me bubble gum from the bank in Dyersburg
You taught me how to make your AMAZING granola
You showed me a very secret tip when making bread
You would giggle till you had tears in your eyes
You would dance arm and arm, round and round to Davy Crockett with me
You always had pretty, matching spring colors on that always looked good with your white hair
You were an amazing cook
You never spanked me
You were just 56 days shy of being 99 years old
You loved ONE man 78 years-Inspirational
You would let me hide in your closet at the farm house to spy on people in the living room thru the vent
You let me play dress up with your silk night gowns
You gave me $ for clothes when I started to work at the bank. Said, "I needed to dress professional"
You help with my schooling which allowed me to have a 4 year degree and no school loans ( i worked too)
You loved it when I rubbed your feet and put lotion on them
The smell of Oil of Olay reminds me of you
You would always let me pull the lose skin from your tiny hands. You said it was because you were old and I said it was soft.
People use to say I looked like you and I always took it as a compliment
You loved me and I loved you back so much
You were a lady with class
You were the best. 
I love you and will miss you so much!

Monday, October 13, 2014



What a great trip! The girls were just the right age and height to ride the rides. We got into Florida about 1am Sunday morning. We stayed at an RCI....Silver Springs Resort which was very nice. Full kitchen, over 1500 s.q feet with plenty of space. It had its on theater on site, 3 heated pools, cabana bar and grill on the pool deck and lots of family activities. A huge thank you to Flo and Trevor for the week in Florida!!
Sunday: we slept in and then went to Cocoa Beach for the day. Girls loved the beach, sand and building sandcastles.
Monday we did Downtown Disney (bibbidi bobbidi boutique) where the girls had their hair, nails and make-up done....a PRINCESSES dream.(thanks Juju) Poor chris had a 12 hour bug and was under the weather for a bit but didnt stop him from seeing the girls get all pretty.
Tuesday: Sea World....where else can you see killer whales and dolphins up close
Wednesday: Disney World which consisted of Cotton candy, roller coaster rides, funnel cakes and a 125 minute wait in line for a MEET AND GREET with Elsa and Anna....the whole reason why we came:)
Thursday: we just hung out by the pool all day and relaxed. 
Friday: I woke up with the grud and was miserable for our 12 hour ride home. If I was gonna get it this would have been the day though. 
And of course after a trip like that you need 2 days to recoup, clean out and wash clothes!!!
Chris was back to reality, up at 3am for a route to Lexington and Louisville Monday morning. 
Thats 2 theme parks, lodging comped, gas, food and blow money all for a family of 4 for $2000!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

James Earl Thurmond

August 25, 1943 - Sept 1st, 2014

I thought I would be more prepared to sit down and write this but the tears just started to flow. 
I miss you dad!
All the things that make me think of you and things I'm going to miss about you:
Your nut eating
Your love and talk about sailing
Your goofy grin when you know you were being rediculous
Walking around in your white underware all the time
Your daisy duke cut off jean shorts-you did have nice legs
The Doors
Auction cars
Perrier water with lemons
The way you told us to always leave a place better than you find it
Brown breifcase
Coffee mug that never had coffee but water in it at the conference office
You peeing in a bottle in the car
"Turn the lights off when you leave a room"
"Did you drink your water?"
"Did you make your bed?"
Speak Correctly
Dont end a sentence with the word "at"
I've had plenty instead of I'm full
May I instead of can I........
Straighten up....hold your shoulders back
Your encouragement....always encourging to keep going
Explaining to me when I was little how fish breath underwater
That you almost spanked me for singing "Fernando" too much
Giving me my independence
Giving good financial advice even though you were not so good at it yourself
Your fruit trees
The animals and how you would catch the goat droppings in your hand.....bwahahah
"I know. I'm a pilot"
Your love for ethnic food
How you taught us how to work hard,
 Be honest, kind and fair
Your walks
Your lateness
Worship songs in the car
that you threw my cherry chapstick out on the Pennal Farm in Memphis
that you actually got me a horse for my Bday when I asked
that you made me ride that horse and till this day I HATE horses
That we had to work for our money and it wasnt just handed to us
when you usually bought the best!
That you saved $$ out for all us kids to have a car when we turned 16
that you let us and TRUSTED us to drive before we should have been
that you let me get a house cleaning job at 15 and drive there on my own 3 miles away
TIME magazine
National Geographic
Grapefruit with Salt on it
Motorcycle Riding
Honey on our cereal 
Shredded Wheat
Steel Cut Oats
The read that thing A LOT!
That you told us and showed us you loved us!!

You were a good dad!

Dad and Uncle Bill Copley you will be missed.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Kindergarten Phase-In Week
They only went 1 day for 3 hours.....quite a tease for Mama;)
They did great. Hugged us, went right in and never looked back:)
Sadie on Left
Trista on Right
Teacher:  Mrs. Cynthia Sentell
Teacher: Mrs. Kelly Parker

So the first week was interesting to say the least. As kindergarten parents we got to walk them in to class everyday for the first week, which I did. On Monday I waited in line for 30 min in the Pick Up line so on Tuesday they were signed up to ride the bus home. Its  a 10 min bus ride home and I thought, "what the heck, why not?" 
So the first  day the bus driver goes right by the house (I'm standing at the end of the driveway waiting for them) My kids, being so shy didn't say a word to the bus driver, they just looked at me and went right by. Bus driver realized and turned around and came back. 
Day 2 riding the bus they GOT ON THE WRONG BUS!! Teacher said they were put in the correct line but Race, the neighbor boy, got out of line and in a different line and of course our kids followed him so they rode the wrong bus and ended up back at the school where Beth, Races mom, had to pick them up and bring them home since I was at  doc.s appointment with mom and Chris was incapable of driving at that moment. 
Day 3......third time was a charm.....they rode the right bus and got off the bus in
front of our house. :) 
Sooooo bus riding was a success once the kinks were worked out. 
They love far;). Cafeteria line might be our other obstacle. I looked at the menu ahead of time and decided that Tuesday (mac/cheese, fish sticks and green beans)  and Friday (pizza and broccoli) would be safe days to let them experience the hot lunch line and know that they would actually eat the food. It costs $2.55 a lunch and I figured if I cant make them a lunch or am just flat out of food and have not gotten to the grocery it would work out perfect. 
So, Sadie comes home on Tuesday. 
Me: What did you eat for lunch?
Sadie: a roll, mac cheese and chocolate milk
Me: WHAT?! Where were your green beans
Sadie: I did not see any green beans.
Me: of course you didn't!!
Trista did a little better and had fish sticks, mac/cheese, plums and chocolate milk but I have a feeling I'm going to be making a lot of lunches:)
Oh and they are loving the  CHOCOLATE MILK option......since they hardly EVER get it. 
We decided to separate them in different class rooms. Teachers recommended it and we kinda knew the year before that we would just based on their personality. They were completely fine with it. The hard part is going to be on me when i have to keep up with different PE days, Art Days and field trips days and Volunteering.
Tuition for the year was $160 for both plus I bought extra supplies and stuff the teacher had requested. 
Jack Anderson was rated #1 in Sumner County for Public Schools. The staff and Principal have been excellent!! Hoping for a great first year of Kindergarten. Cant believe it!!! 


A couple quick trips to Mimi and Papa Tom and Juju and Papas place before school got underway
Its always a nice little pampering get away for me because I dont have to cook. Now...I am completely happy helping prepare and clean up but to not have to think about what to make and make it IS DEVINE!!
We loved our visits. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Little Princesses, flowergirls.

Jacob and Kathrines Wedding June 7th
 Sadie and Trista were in their first wedding. Of course I am totally biased but they were so beautiful.
You made mommy so proud!! Thank goodness for Pintrest where I got ideas for their hair.
 TRISTA 5.5 years old
 SADIE 5.5 years

 Location: Riverwood Mansion in Inglewood

Cousin Hangouts

Every now and then when Erin and I need a break or have something going on with work we'll kid swap. This particular day we swam next door at our neighbors, played on the slip and slide and rode bikes!!
I was also watching Cade, my client/friends little boy. They had a blast!

Chris' 35th Birthday

 Happy 35th Birthday, hun!! We went with 12 adults, 8 kids and a homemade cake to the Rudder-- The restaurant by the lake.  We love you, hun!! Thanks for loving us so unconditionally, for working so hard and make us your number #1.

Lets back up a bit

So lets go back to May when we had the big Pre-Kindergarten Graduation for the girls.
 Trista on Left   Sadie on Right

 Oni and Jenny came to celebrate your big Pre-K Graduation
 You have learned SOOO much this year and we are so proud of you.
You are registered for Kindergarten at Jack Anderson Elem., You have all your school supplies, You got your shots like a champ and didnt even make a peep! 
August will come fast but you will be ready!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Star Chart

I dont remember a chore chart when I was younger. I think my mom just told me to do it and I did. This start chart was created by, drum roll please.........CHRIS. 
He thought it would be a good idea for them to see their progress. I am proud to say that after just a few weeks of doing this they now make their bed without being told. The chores include: Vacuuming,
Make bed, pick up toys, pick up clothes and bring downstairs(they even know how to color code in the laundry basket), take dirty dishes to sink, feed rocky and get dressed. 
Chris gives them a treat at the end of the weeh and they love it!
So proud!

Kindergarten Shots and Almost Pre K graduation time.

The big day for Kindergarten shots....they barely even flinched!

 Riding bikes on the library trail! We worked up a sweat. They ride and I run behind.

We are all registered for Kindergarten. We met their teachers and walked to all the classrooms they'll be in, saw where they will eat and and all the fun things they will do. We have decided, (teachers advice) to separate the girls. The more we have watched them interact at home we knew that it would be best. Sadie tends to be a little more bossy and I notice Trista doing more of what Sadie says. 
Sadie, Sadie, Sadie....she is going to give us a run for our money! Oh but her facial expressions and too funny.
So, last week was the big day for shots for Kindergarten. They got 1 shot in each leg and they barely even flinched. I had been preparing them for a month. I told them if they were really good we could go to Sweet Cece's afterward for icecream....they were so we did:)
Cant believe they are going to school in 2.5 months. I have to say it......where does time go?
We live only 1.5 miles from school so I will take them every morning. Not ready for them to ride the bus just yet. 
I was hoping to not have to put them in MDO this summer but decided with work it was going to be best. And they'll get to be with their cousins, which they are excited about. 

A bushel and a peck and hug around the neck!! LOVE YOU GIRLS!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sadie(Race-the neighbor boy) Trista
March 2014

When everything and everyone else around us were having blizzards, the snow cloud was completely missing us Nashvillians! But this particular day we got a snow day and I really hoped it was our last.
I love SNOW but not the cold.
Last weekend 70 degrees...two days later 20 degrees and snowing!
The girls just spent a week at JuJu's and Papa.. aka.. The Compound- Thanks Mom!
I was able to get much needed CE classes out of the way before my License expires in June. Yes, I have two years to get 16 hours done and I waited till 4 months before to get it all done:)
The girls are still in MDO 2 days a week but have decided to not put them in the Summer Program just so I have this last summer with them before Kindergarten!!. Ekkk!
Cant really afford to keep them out with my work but I have a few fun things I'm going to sign them up for such as Dance Camp in June and Gymnastic Camp in July. August they start school and in October.....we go to DISNEY!! We have/are saved/Saving for our big trip and cannot wait to see Cinderellas Castle, Ana and Elsa, Repunzel, Belle, Arial......oh and of course...Mickey and Minnie!!
Spring is in the air and I cant wait......... 
Bike rides, Snow Cones, cool tub splashing, picnics and lots of sunshine:)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dothan, Alabama....where a special little lady lives

Dothan Alabama bound......Titi and Uncle Bill it was a quick trip but what a great trip it was to see you both and just relax. We loved stuffing our bellies with boiled peanuts, staying up late looking at all the pictures that you have kept since the day I was born. Hearing all your stories and just spending time with you. You are fighting this aweful thing cancer and you are so strong. Chin up, Stay positive and just take it one day at a time. We love you so much.


Its was a beautiful day, a little chilly but being in the sun was nice and felt good. The girls LOVED the train track... especially the night before we left when it pulled up right behind Titis house to stay for  a few hours. Your first doc. appointment was followed up with a small sweet treat at Sonic where you HAD to try the Coconut Cream Pie shake!!! Then after Chemo we went and got Chilis(at your request cause you had never been there) what a treat to treat you titi. We loved spending time with you and hated to drive away. Wish we could have brought you back to Tennessee with us:) You have sucha special place in my heart. We love you so much!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

ONE YEAR OLD                  5 YEARS OLD