Growing up too fast....

Friday, October 5, 2012

Disney On Ice

A huge THANK YOU to Uncle Phil for the girls early Birthday gift and our Christmas gift. Thank you Uncle Phil. The girls LOVED it. We talked about it all week telling them that we were going and to see the expression on their face when Mater(from CARS) and Buz Lightyear(from Toy Story) came out on the ice was worth all the crazy $$ spent on concession stand goodies. Of course we couldn't leave without getting a Tinkerbell Snowcone Cup!! We were 10 feet from the Ice which made it even more spectacular! Did I already say that the girls LOVED IT!! Chris and I enjoyed it too. I love stuff like that! It was a fun family/date night for all of us. The last time we went to Disney on Ice was with our friends(Jonathan and heather Landers....pre kids:)8 years ago.

Papa (Art) Carlson pays a visit

Papa, We loved having you visit. You made that trip from Chattanooga in that sleek, red, Cadillac of yours and we are so glad you did. The girls loved having you read them their bedtime story and the delicious bread you made for us is requested daily. We put just a little butter, cinnamon and sugar and top it with just a dab of peanut butter. If I must admit I had a bite of Tristas and I decided to slice myself a piece with that same goody goodness on it. While we were eating it Sadie said,"I love Papa." to which Trista said in between bites, " I love Papa's bread." Me too, girls!! Thank you for visiting Papa. Know that you are welcome and have a place to stay anytime!