Growing up too fast....

Friday, May 29, 2015

Lets give it up for Sadie and Trista.....the SINGIN SISTA'S

The singin Duo.
Was sitting at the computer working the other morning and this is what I hear being belted from the girls bedroom.
They crack me up.....
They are shy enough that I would have never got them to do this if they knew I was recording them.

Sadie and Tristas version of You're gonna "kiss" me when I'm gone.
Might want to sign them up for the next season of Americas Got Talent!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Look whats in their backpacks!

People ask if they are different or alike. Here's the difference! 
Trista- LEFT
Sadie- RIGHT

I'm wondering if we have a future episode of Hoarders of America on our hands. Throughout the year I would empty her backpack and find the funniest/craziest random things in it! Yesterday I emptied her backpack to wash it and this is what I found, all. kinds. of. knick knacks. Sadie will dig random things OUT OF THE TRASH and I will find them in all kinds of drawers, pockets, name it, she keeps it. When I clean out their rooms, 2x a year, I have to wait till she is not around to throw out the trash. I have to put it in a bag and walk it to the big cans outside for her to not find it. Sound familiar, Lara?? :) keep us entertained , amused and on our toes. We Love you.

Trista is much more like her mother....a minimalist, less is more kinda kid. Keepin things Simple.

Speaking of 100 year olds.......a peek into the future!
One of the parents took pics of all the kids and used an APP to transform their face to show them at 100 years old. 
(Yes, there's an app for that:)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Whew.....where does time go!?

Sadie-L Trista-R
6 & Sassy!

You know its been too long when you spend 30 min. trying to figure how to log in to you account because you forgot months ago that you changed your sign in and didnt write it down. Ugh! Seriously?! How many passwords can one person actually remember. I have a running log I keep near my desk. 
Oh my goodness. Where do I begin?? So much as happened....well not really.....I've just been extremely swamped with work. which is always good.  The girls are in their final week of school. Ekkk! They will be first graders next year. They are really loving school.....okay, trista is! Sadie not so much. She goes but I think if I gave her a choice she'd stay home with me all day. They have learned so much and THEY CAN READ LIKE NO ONE ELSE. I say that strongly but thats the truth. Out of 20 kids in each of their classes they are in the top 4 of the best readers. We are so proud. 

Trista likes to read a little more than sadie but they both do so well.  They still love riding the bus home afters school. They still dont like certain foods but we have seen much improvement. Actually I should say one has gotten better about trying anything at least once before she says,"I dont like that."

Yesterday was Track and Feild Day and Trista brought home 5 ribbons and Sadie 6. Sadie won second place in the relay....was beat by a little black girl. Reminds we when I was little. I was fast but the black kids can always out run ya:) Lol. 

They each had the stomach bug this year. Sadie had strep and an ear infection but other than that we have made it thru another winter. Spring is here and summer seems to be fast approaching.
It has been 2 years since we did the renovations and we are trying to sell the house again. We'll see how it goes. Been on them market 2 months with averaging 1 showing a week. The market is crazy hot right now, with low inventory and we just need one buyer to love it as much as we have. 

With my Love.....annual bike ride in the Carolinas

Chris and I took the girls out of school early, headed to Mimi's and Papa T's in Chatty for our annual bike trip May 1st, 2015. Thank you Mimi and Papa T for keeping the girls while we had a little get-away. We traveled over 800 miles in two days and stayed the nite in Chimney Rock, NC about 30 min. north of Hendersonville, NC near Biltmore.  So beautiful. Great ride with great friends and our fearless leader Billy Marshall aka Billy the Bike trip Nazi.  About 9 of us all together. 
Bike trips are a little tough to be on your phone for work but I still manage.....even at 60 MPH.:)

Granddad: ROY B. THURMON at 100  1/2 years old!!! The girls love telling their friends and teachers at school they their great granddad is 100 years old.
I had the privaledge and honor of taking care of granddad for 2 weekends while Aunt Faye had a break. The sweetest man ever. He still brushes and has his own teeth and he can spit like no on else. He has a big appetite and misses grandmom SOOOOO much. 

Too funny....gotta watch

We love you granddad!