Growing up too fast....

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This one is for you, Aunt Faye!

WE are Fun. We are FOUR. We are Fabulous!!
                                                     LADY BUG OUTFITS from 4.5 years ago.
Aunt Faye, remember these????? You got these outfits for the girls and gave them to me at my first baby shower four and half years ago.  I cannot believe how fast time has gone. These little outfits have hung in their closet since then. I remember thinking how long I would have to wait for them to wear them. This was their  back to " Summer Camp" aka MDO outfit. They love em especially how the little lady bugs dangle from the bloomer bottoms. We love you Aunt Faye!!

Its been a busy couple of months but finally an update!

Introducing "Sweet Dreams Bella and "Rock a bye Avery"
smells like(sweet smell) looks like, feels like, weighs like a real newborn....glad they're not real.
These are played with only on special occasions. The label even says "not a toy or to played with by children" WHAT?!?!

 At the park with Eli and Everett (3.5 twin boys and RUBY-6
 Trista helping daddy dig up the driveway! FInally a driveway so our kids will stay on our driveway and not the neighbors.
 Out to lunch at their absolute favorite place....Rainforest Cafe or aka...the Jungle Restaurant, followed by frozen yogurt and a Carousel Ride!
 Bike riding on the trail. They picked their own  biker outfits and all.
 At the wave pool with Jenny- their other fav. place that we finally just got an annual membership because we go so much.

What a crazy couple months this has been. I've had a  very time consuming client, a couple closings and changed real estate company's!!(which I realize doesn't sound like much but it is when you are a full time mom and wife too:) This is a recap of just a few things that we've been up to.
New roof last week(insurance claim), Chris started to dig up the driveway and realized it was going to be a bigger task that he didn't want to tackle so contractors are finishing it up once the rain stops. Chris put in a new bathtub upstairs-- BYE BYE "harvest gold" as they call it from the 70's! Yuck! The girls heard me say how much i did not like that tub that they started to say, "this is disgusting" when they'd get in to take a bath.
They LOVE to ride their bikes, swim, chew GUM, go to school (MDO), make sno-cones, swing and play with their neighbor friends- Race, Abby and Madison. Have I mentioned how GREAT FOUR has been?! I love this age.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Been a hard days night and I've been working like a dog!

So this is what happens when I work FULL TIME. Lets just say I've had a very time consuming buyer. 42 homes, 3 contracts and I wish I could say we have a done deal but not yet!
So...I was trying to pull some pics from my phone but I cant figure why they wont upload. Its 1:21am and I am too tired to figure it out. Will have some pics up soon. To Be Continued......