Growing up too fast....

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yup...we've been defeated

Should have known they were smarter than that. It worked well for a couple months. I think it was Sadie that figured it out. We've all been fighting this nasty cough. They had done so good all winter and then I got the flu and then the girls got it. Luckily they didnt get the flu but they did get my nasty cough. Funny how we do things are parents did. I found myself with a glob of Mentholatum on my finger that went up their nose. I'm 34 and I still do that!:) Ahhhh-- It always feels so good.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

She sleeps...

Chris caught this rare moment of our little Sadie bug the other morning. Last week I was fighting the flu (NOT FUN with two active three year olds) but I must say they were so good. We just laid around on the couch and watched Disney movies all day. I took a long needed break from the gym and just vegged out with the girls. I must say I really enjoyed it. Luckily I had what is called the mommy flu. Its the kind of flu that really means mom feels awful but life MUST carry on. The laundry still needs folding, the monkey butt powder all over the floor in the bathroom still needs cleaning up, the tortilla chips broken in a zillion pieces in the carpet still need vacuuming, the lunches/snacks and dinner still need to be made, kinda flu! I am so thankful they have not gotten it....yet. I started pumping them with Vitamin C and multivitamins the day after I got it, which I think is usually too late. This particular morning Chris got up with the girls(this flu did give me a three day sleep in ticket)and Sadie seemed not quite herself. Maybe, just maybe it was a little CATNAP was all she needed. When Sadie was little Lara and I use to joke that she literally could probably exist on little catnaps during a 24 hr day cycle. She's usually the first one up in the morning, the last to bed and naps are almost impossible. But sometimes she caves, sometimes she gives in and sometimes she just needs that little extra catnap....and so....this was what we found. Love you Sadie bug!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Loft Beds-- Updated

Mom- here is the girls room finished. The trim wasnt done last time. Holding off a bit on the chalk board wall...making sure they can make a wise decision to keep the chalk where it needs to be:)

I figured it was time to get the girls room looking more like a big girl room. I must say for buying the sheets, pillow and paint at three different stores they matched pretty well. Chris was leery about the light blue. He said it was "bright" I said, "wait till you see the other color" He and Glen spent ALL day Friday making the girls lofts. We were going to do full twin size beds but realized we were being over optimistic seeing how the room is not that big. So..we decided on toddler loft beds. In college my roommate, Simone and I, had loft beds. Of course they were about twice the height but it was so space saving that I figured it would be great in this small of a room.
We built the height based on the storage drawer steps. Worked out pretty good, huh?
My OCD kicked in about 9pm Friday night. I painted till 2am(bed frames had to be painted white. I started stirring about 4am and decided to finish since I had promised the girls that they'd get to sleep their first night in them Saturday night!
Okay, so I have to share my super, duper deal on the bedding. No one makes toddler duvet covers so I figured I'd make them myself. I really don't like to sew. I don't have patience for it but I knew this was going to be the cheaper route.
I bought a flat sheet on clearance at Target for $7.79. I cut it half. It was the PERFECT measurements for the duvet covers. I had an old comforter I was getting ready to toss or give to the Good Will, so I cut that up as well. I sewed the duvet covers, sewed up the comforter and TA-DA! I sewed on the buttons that I had gotten at WalMart. Those little duvet covers cost me a little over $3 bucks. I LOVE A DEAL!!
The reading area/fort underneath the loft has already been put to good use. I'm painting a small chalkboard square on the far right wall and they already have a magnetic board-- should be hours of fun for them!!:) Chris finished the wood boarder around the top tonight, even after a hard days work. They are daddy's girls.
The girls LOVE IT!!! We love seeing them happy.
I told myself if I'd seen this room on Pinterest....I WOULD HAVE PINNED IT!:)
Thanks Hun, for all your hard work and your awesome talent!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in Chatty

Thank you Mom and Tom for a great Christmas. We love your new place, we loved the home cooked food and the fun stockings, singing up front of a huge church audience;), hangin out with two of the coolest love birds in Chatty, the CHICAGO Xmas Music blaring(carlson's love it loud too) and taking home the hot tub! The girls got embroidered towels with their names on them that Erin made( so cute), kitchen utensils for their play house, dolls and Disney pillows from the grandparents and $$$$ that will be used for our trip to Indiana this summer to take the girls to the water park! Thank you Mimi and Papa Tom.

The second half of our Christmas break was spent in Dyersburg with Mom, dad, Aunt Faye and Grandmom and Granddad. Thanks for all the stocking goodies(we love those stockings), all the goodies for the girls--we made the mickey mouse cupcakes today and they loved it. Chris and I also enjoyed cleaning out the storage room on the side of the Grandparents house in trade for my Granddads 1991 Ford Truck. We are proud to keep it in the family and if anyone is to have a vehicle and take care of it like it should be, its Chris. We've already used it a couple times to make trips to Lowe's. Thanks Aunt Camille!