Growing up too fast....

Monday, April 30, 2012

Sailing with Papa Tom and Mimi

This past weekend we made a fun, quick trip to Chattanooga. I had originally had a Lacrosse game scheduled but it got canceled. How do you tell two little girls that are obsessed with their MIMI and PAPA TOM that we are not going. Well, I didnt and we went anyway! Chris was left behind tackling a HUGE project cutting down 6 massive pine trees that lined our driveway. Although they were beautiful, big and created a nice barrier to the neighbor they were a pain. The needles and the sap all over our cars they had to go. We plan to plant something else soon. Chris sure did miss out cause Papa Tom dusted off the sail on his 26 foot sailboat and off we sailed! Mom, be sure to show dad. We were kealed over pretty good. It was a great breeze that day. Papa Tom thought we got up to about 5 or 6 knots. SO FUN!! It was so relaxing, for me anyway as I sat at the helm smellin the Chicamauga dam air:) What better way to start a sailboat adventure than with a FISHY lunch. After church we headed out for a picnic. Mimi thinks of it bread, shark crackers and jello jigglers. The girls loved it all. We love you guys!!Thanks for a GREAT weekend!

Grease Monkeys

Just caught the girls at a silly time. Cant seem to decide whether to pack up the winter clothes or not...good thing I didnt this day cause it was chilly.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My summer sunflowers

Before I forget, an update on our Garden!! It is doing fabulous! I have managed to keep everything a live. We had a perfect little strawberry go from green to red.....that a squirrel must have enjoyed:) but other than that it looks great! I am always so fascinated how it seems like it changes overnight. I cant wait. Pictures to come soon but we have done a whole revamp of our landscape. Thanks to Teton, a friend that owns a nursery helped us out. He did about $2000 worth of work for $500(thank you Lacrosse) We moved everything from the front to the back practically. We planted two dogwood trees up front, a crape myrtle and box bushes in front. I (yes, I) moved 22 plants to different locations. Landscape work is a workout!! I would work in the yard 4-5 hours and then go to Lacrosse and I was beat. We painted the stone grill and put landscape all around. We are putting a small deck around the hot tub in two weeks, we stained our master deck and put new posts. It is slowly coming together. Wont be putting it on the market this year but I think it will be ready to go next summer. I am tackling the project of getting a community boat dock(since that seems to be our biggest hangup why it wont sell) with our neighbor. Hopefully that will work out. Anyway, now back to fun information. I decided to fix the girls hair or i should say they agreed to let me fix their hair so I got them all fixed up. It was a beautiful day. They picked out their boots. I wish I could say we were going to a friends house to play or a tea party with lady friends but really they were all fixed up only to go get MULCH from Youngs Nursery down the road. They were the cutest mulch getters.

Crazy, red haired, hello kitty lovin girls

They kinda have crazy hair every morning, unless Chris baths them the night before which they'll wake up with it all nice an neat. He takes the time to comb their hair. This particular morning though they wanted to show me what "big girls" they are and undress. They know how to get each button undone. Trista last week took her entire outfit, went up stairs and put everything on herself. I was so surprised and proud of her. They are both sleeping thru the night without diapers!!! We have our accidents but hey DONT WE ALL!;) Trista has been without a night time diaper for a long time, over a year but Sadie was just being a little lazy and took her longer. They also, as you will see in the picture, they love taking pictures. Trista took the one of Sadie and I together. Not bad. I told her to make sure she could see our faces in the square. They are so fun to watch grow, change, discover new things, say new things, REMEMBER new things. At this age you literally have to tell them one time and they will remember it. Bahahahah! I just laughed reading that last sentence. Unless of course you are asking them to finishing eating, pick up their toys, get in the car, put your shoes on and so on and so on!!:) We sure do love our crazy haired little monkeys.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We are big, we're bold & we're bossy. We are 3yrs and 4 months


I was showing a house to a friend the other day in the pouring rain. After getting back in the car i said this to the girls.
ME: "Girls, its raining cats and dogs"
Trista:after thinking for a few seconds looks out the window and says "I dont see any cats and dogs
oh and we are officially DONE WITH DIAPERS!!!!!!YAY!!

Silly Rabbit

I'm sucha bad mom. I didn't get a Easter basket for the girls. I had good intentions of doing it and then thought....if I wait till Sunday night then they'll be half price....or by waiting till half price there wont be any kinds of baskets. I did get them a few little goodies. I know I cant get away with it next year.
Thanks Mimi and papa Tom for their little Easter goodie packages. YOU SAVED THE DAY!!!
They loved all it.
The Easter egg hunt was quite a disappointment. Not for them but for me. Note to self...don't egg hunt with 6 and 7 year old. THEY TOOK ALL THE EGGS. Poor Sadie and Trista only got 5 eggs each while the other kids got 20. I guess part of it was their fault too. They just stood there watching all the kids while they ran like crazy. That's what the girls were fascinated with.
It was nice. Our friend/client of mine hosted it and it was nice to meet new faces.

Here are a few photos' Chris captured while at the egg hunt.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fall....Winter....SUMMER! Its small but I aint no green thumb either

I think we completely skipped spring. Its blazin hot outside already. This past weekend was a labor of love. The girls took several trips with me, three to be exact, to the nursery to get top soil and some stuff called HOLY COW...its full of castings and rich fertilizer- for our first, on my own, garden. I am so proud of my back breaking, 2 days of shoveling dirt garden! Chris and Glen built the above ground part out of landscape logs (i call em Lincoln logs:) Thank you, hun!
I planted squash,zucchini,onions, peppers, cucumbers, red leaf lettuce, tomatoes(2 kinds), strawberries, basil and cilantro. And I bought broccoli but the instructions say to keep in 50- 70' temp...SERIOUSLY?! So, not sure what I'm gonna do about about that other than set it over my AC vent....IN THE HOUSE! So I got a little carried away and didn't read the label on that one.
I'm excited though. I did cheat! I just bought them already started. The lady at the nursery said I missed the month to grow them from seeds (January evidently)

It may be a small garden but then again I am no green thumb so I am starting out small.
The girls are loving being outside although I am not too thrilled cause I'm pouring sweat by 10am. They were covered from head to toe the other day with dirt and right before I left for Lacrosse they were playing in the bomb fire ash...Chris was thrilled about that when he came home:)
They have bruises, cuts and scrapes, black feet and dirt from behind their ears to under their nails. I love how they love to get dirty. They are really enjoying their play house (thanks Juju) and picnic table--we eat lunch out there almost everyday...they remind me. And in June we head to the water park in Indiana..we are excited!
I'll let you know how the garden goes, three days in and I've managed to kill the lettuce. We might just starve this summer!