Growing up too fast....

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pizza! Pizza! And its not Little Ceasars

Better get this out of the way first. No I did not just by pass Christmas pictures and go straight to 2013 happenings. I completely forgot to take the camera to Dyersburg AND SO.....I have no pictures to share from our 2012 Christmas Festivities. I am glad I did take the ones in TX so that will have to do.

Mom, Aunt Faye and Aunt Camille slaved in the kitchen, serving gourmet meals...truly gourmet cause you'd pay a fortune to eat like we do in Dyer Co.... which is home of the Jimmy Dean Sausage plant if I might add:)  What better way to socialize and celebrate than with FOOD! We do eat good when we visit the Dyersburg compound.
Endless fruit salad, biscuits, cashew gravy, - which is SO delicious, striples(striplettes as gdad carlson would call them), gluten free and reg. homemade pancakes made from scratch and SO healthy- that were delicious. Waldorf salad (my favorite--only eat it 2X a year if that), oh and did I mention Tom Kai Soup and stir fry Asian pancit noodles--mom you make the best!!! Thank you for all your hard work, for all the wonderful Christmas gifts- the girls have all 100 pieces spread thru-out the house;) and for our loot and GC for date night which WE LOVE to get.
So, now on to 2013 happenings!
Looking back not that much as changed in the way of how many meals I cook/prepare and clean up in a day- usually about 3 meals and 3 snacks a day.I am trying to eliminate so much snacking. 1. Its expensive to buy all those little snackies and 2. its more work for me. So far I've managed to cut out the morning snack because usually I am at the gym from about 9-10:30 or 11 and by the time I run errands and get home they are STARVING and they eat a good lunch. If I have to run errands there is the constant begging for Taco Bell or Sonic while we are out. Yes...I'll confess Wacky Pack Wednesday at Sonic does make eating on the go nice but I do consider it a treat because I only do it when I'm desperate-- Like the other day when I had to show houses. Whats does a working mom of 2 do that does not have my kids in MDO? I buy a Wacky Pack meal at Sonic, put on a movie and let them stay in the car while I showed 3 houses last week:) That is getting much better btw, the older they get. I know I am rambling but this is the point I was trying to make. 

Last night Chris had to go across town to help a friend so it was going to be just me and the girls for dinner. I wasn't all that hungry AND the thought of my bazillion calories consumed over the weekend was looming over me I decided I'd eat popcorn later and just do dinner for the girls. I thought it would be fun to have them make their own personalized pizza. They both cut up the olives, ( I told them they had to pick one veggie they wanted on their pizza; so they picked olives. Does that count?) with a knife all by themselves. i thought we were going to be here all night because they took such careful measures making sure each olive was put on one by one its own little individual space and the sauce had to be smeared just right. Finally they were done (with a little help from me getting them in a nice circular shape;) and we baked them. Of course I got to try it! What else does a mother do? We eat the leftovers and scraps.....least I do!!