Growing up too fast....

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Olaf, Sweet Rolls, and Face painting during our Snow Storm 2016

 Homemade Sweet Rolls: New Recipe and they were FABULOUS!



We built an Olaf, we sledded (kinda), we threw snowballs, we face painted, we played a lot of UNO, Mommy got to make homemade Cinnamon rolls, laminate all her recipes and label and organize the upstairs closet. I was only sad that I could not purchase things on Amazon. Even with my "prime" status it wouldnt have gotten here. Daddy played in the snow with us and got to work on his car a bit. We lounged in our PJ's for days, didnt shower if we didnt wan to, watched tons of movies, watched hours of video when the girls were babies and didnt leave the house. IT WAS GREAT!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Only 102 more days of School


You got all straight A's this quarter......... again.
We are so proud of you. You have gotten 102% on your spelling test since school started and we have rewarded you for that!
The teacher said you both are such sweet and helpful girls at school. You have never clipped down and get along well with others. You best class is Math and Art. Trista, you are an exceptional  reader, saying big words and sounding them out. Sadie, you are good in Math and Science.

Santa Visits 2015

Pretty sure its our last year to get away with "Santa" being real. Boy, did Papa T ever play a great Santa?! YES. HE. DID.