Growing up too fast....

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Star Chart

I dont remember a chore chart when I was younger. I think my mom just told me to do it and I did. This start chart was created by, drum roll please.........CHRIS. 
He thought it would be a good idea for them to see their progress. I am proud to say that after just a few weeks of doing this they now make their bed without being told. The chores include: Vacuuming,
Make bed, pick up toys, pick up clothes and bring downstairs(they even know how to color code in the laundry basket), take dirty dishes to sink, feed rocky and get dressed. 
Chris gives them a treat at the end of the weeh and they love it!
So proud!

Kindergarten Shots and Almost Pre K graduation time.

The big day for Kindergarten shots....they barely even flinched!

 Riding bikes on the library trail! We worked up a sweat. They ride and I run behind.

We are all registered for Kindergarten. We met their teachers and walked to all the classrooms they'll be in, saw where they will eat and and all the fun things they will do. We have decided, (teachers advice) to separate the girls. The more we have watched them interact at home we knew that it would be best. Sadie tends to be a little more bossy and I notice Trista doing more of what Sadie says. 
Sadie, Sadie, Sadie....she is going to give us a run for our money! Oh but her facial expressions and too funny.
So, last week was the big day for shots for Kindergarten. They got 1 shot in each leg and they barely even flinched. I had been preparing them for a month. I told them if they were really good we could go to Sweet Cece's afterward for icecream....they were so we did:)
Cant believe they are going to school in 2.5 months. I have to say it......where does time go?
We live only 1.5 miles from school so I will take them every morning. Not ready for them to ride the bus just yet. 
I was hoping to not have to put them in MDO this summer but decided with work it was going to be best. And they'll get to be with their cousins, which they are excited about. 

A bushel and a peck and hug around the neck!! LOVE YOU GIRLS!!