Growing up too fast....

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Kindergarten Phase-In Week
They only went 1 day for 3 hours.....quite a tease for Mama;)
They did great. Hugged us, went right in and never looked back:)
Sadie on Left
Trista on Right
Teacher:  Mrs. Cynthia Sentell
Teacher: Mrs. Kelly Parker

So the first week was interesting to say the least. As kindergarten parents we got to walk them in to class everyday for the first week, which I did. On Monday I waited in line for 30 min in the Pick Up line so on Tuesday they were signed up to ride the bus home. Its  a 10 min bus ride home and I thought, "what the heck, why not?" 
So the first  day the bus driver goes right by the house (I'm standing at the end of the driveway waiting for them) My kids, being so shy didn't say a word to the bus driver, they just looked at me and went right by. Bus driver realized and turned around and came back. 
Day 2 riding the bus they GOT ON THE WRONG BUS!! Teacher said they were put in the correct line but Race, the neighbor boy, got out of line and in a different line and of course our kids followed him so they rode the wrong bus and ended up back at the school where Beth, Races mom, had to pick them up and bring them home since I was at  doc.s appointment with mom and Chris was incapable of driving at that moment. 
Day 3......third time was a charm.....they rode the right bus and got off the bus in
front of our house. :) 
Sooooo bus riding was a success once the kinks were worked out. 
They love far;). Cafeteria line might be our other obstacle. I looked at the menu ahead of time and decided that Tuesday (mac/cheese, fish sticks and green beans)  and Friday (pizza and broccoli) would be safe days to let them experience the hot lunch line and know that they would actually eat the food. It costs $2.55 a lunch and I figured if I cant make them a lunch or am just flat out of food and have not gotten to the grocery it would work out perfect. 
So, Sadie comes home on Tuesday. 
Me: What did you eat for lunch?
Sadie: a roll, mac cheese and chocolate milk
Me: WHAT?! Where were your green beans
Sadie: I did not see any green beans.
Me: of course you didn't!!
Trista did a little better and had fish sticks, mac/cheese, plums and chocolate milk but I have a feeling I'm going to be making a lot of lunches:)
Oh and they are loving the  CHOCOLATE MILK option......since they hardly EVER get it. 
We decided to separate them in different class rooms. Teachers recommended it and we kinda knew the year before that we would just based on their personality. They were completely fine with it. The hard part is going to be on me when i have to keep up with different PE days, Art Days and field trips days and Volunteering.
Tuition for the year was $160 for both plus I bought extra supplies and stuff the teacher had requested. 
Jack Anderson was rated #1 in Sumner County for Public Schools. The staff and Principal have been excellent!! Hoping for a great first year of Kindergarten. Cant believe it!!! 


A couple quick trips to Mimi and Papa Tom and Juju and Papas place before school got underway
Its always a nice little pampering get away for me because I dont have to cook. Now...I am completely happy helping prepare and clean up but to not have to think about what to make and make it IS DEVINE!!
We loved our visits.