Growing up too fast....

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Trista's Teacher: Mrs. Lindsay Moore
Sadies's Teacher: Mrs. Meghan Dukes
We decided to separate them again this year (teachers advice)
They are right across the hall from each other and get to each lunch together and play at recess.
They each have 20 students. The teachers are younger, married with  a newborn.
Jack Anderson is rated the #1 Public School in Sumner Co.  and is in the top 5% of best schools for academic. The principal is Dr. Aldridge, she is excellent!
Your lunch consisted of : Peanut butter and banana sandwhich, strawbeerries, Veggie straws(chips) and an oreo. Water to drink in your Frozen container.
Shoe Size: 1
Size 7 clothes
Long legs and long hair.
Thank you Mimi and Papa T for $ for school to get their outfits, shoes and lunch goodies. I was the only sane person that got up Monday morning at 4:30am and was at WalMart at 5 to get their school goodies. The isles were EMPTY, unlike the day before at 5pm

They were so excited to start school, to meet their teachers and see what friends what were in their class.
You girls were up early, dressed, beds made and ready for school with time to spare.
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you girls! We love you!

WalMart Worthy Feet

 This is what I love about WalMart. I had been working out in the yard the day before I did my early morning run to WalMart. At the end of the day I guess I totally forgot to wash off my feet. I Got up Monday morning, put my shoes on in the dark, got to walmart, looked down and noticed my dirty feet. Oh. My.Word. GROSS! At least at WalMart I fit right in. #exhausted #justdontcare

And yet another Milestone.....Bracing ourselves

As we were shopping for socks, the girls passed the isle with "bras" and of course they wanted them. Not just sport looking bras but ones with little padding in them. WHAT?!?!?!
I sent this picture to Chris and said, "we have hit a new phase."
I did tell them to take the pads out;)
They spend about an hour getting ready, putting deodorant, hair done with accessories, perfume and have lip gloss on. Occasionally we'll see some blue eyeshadow.  And guess who spends the most time primping? Can you guess?????

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer 2015. A fun summer it was! "How many more nights till we.......?

 Sadie on Left Trista on Right

 Kim and Amber In PCB
 sadie making sno cones

At Hoppity Hop with RILEY

We swam, we played, we rode our bikes, we swam, we watched movies, we ate LOTS of sno cones, we went to Panama City Beach and hung out with the Smiths, we went to Mimi and Papa T's , we went to see Grandad, Juju and Aunt Faye and the Krueger Cousins! Oh and did I mention we SWAM!! The girls passed their swim test at the YMCA, which means they can swim in the deep end and go down the slides. AND it also means I dont have to be within an arms length at all times which means lounge time for mamma!

Goodies from Juju
Sadie:R Trista:L
Thank you JuJu for our package full of goodies and our adorable Minnie Mouse Dresses!! We Love you!

They spent all day in the ocean and swimming.
They love the beach.