Growing up too fast....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

$1.00 Therapy Session

Sadie on the Left Trista on Right

Trista gnawing on her carrot

Now that its only taken me a week to come back to what I was trying to start and finish I have some uninterupted time to do so.
My $1.00 therapy lasts from 2-4 daily, Sonic Therapy that is. Now that I have tried to simplify many things in in my life I love that fact that I have 186,000 different beverage combinations at Sonic:) Thank you MiMi and Stephen for watching the girls so we can get out on our traditional Thursday night datenite and Saturday nights!Love you all!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Snack Time, Sippy Cups and one happy DOG!!

So far they only eat solids 2X a day, morning and late afternoon. For some reason today they got fussy before going down for their 2 o'clock nap so I decided to add a little snack time to calm my nerves. I've been working for several weeks to get them on a 10 and 2 o'clock schedule and we are finally there. Why 10 and 2? I don't know- it just helps me plan my day better and if I am showing houses in the evening Chris can feed them solids till I get home to do bath and bottle. Okay- back to snack time. They are so good at their sippy cups. They really chug it down, however Sadie doesn't want to lift a finger to hold it but she's getting there. What could be better than watered down apple/prune juice, soft tofu cubes and sesame seed crackers. The face they made with the raw or should I say unseasoned tofu was hilarious but they did in fact eat it and didn't complain!;) This was the first time I put them in their booster chairs to eat their crackers and can I say that ROCKY loved it. He ate whatever dropped and I loved it cause I didn't have to swiffer up much at all. He did leave the tofu that fell overboard for the dust buster though! Some would say,"cant blame him" but I am a strange duck and I happen to love tofu raw or cooked.
So my friend gives me this Super Baby Foods book cause I want to start making my own food for them. I cooked several sweet potato's scooped out the "goods" and mixed it with some "milk" I wasn't here when Chris fed it to them but he said he was dying laughing cause poor Trista's gag reflex was kickin in every other bite. Guess I better work on getting the texture right. Cant' be that hard, just puree what you want to feed them. Going to do some experimenting with Chic peas to make hummus and lentils for protein. I'm exhausted just thinking about it....Till next time. Peace Out!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just the Girlz

Sadie's on the right and Trista on the left.
7 months today and I have no idea where time is going. Time ticks away when your day is split into three hour increments. The girls are changing so much. They definitely know when "mommy has left the building" and are getting clingy. I can be gone for a few hours while Chris is taking care of them and if they see me they have a mini meltdown. Okay- so I love being loved or is it missed or is it "thats the lady that gives us warm milk" regardless they are so lovable.
They are noticing each other a lot more. They had a stare down contest the other day. Neither was giving in till I had a spoon full of Banana Plum Berry ready for the next mouth.
Today- we are making their first trip to the bank. I am opening up a Savings account with the money that they got from baby showers and family and friends. Altogether a whopping $800!Yes- these girls will know all about Dave Ramsey. 1.) Their first car will be from the AUCTION(no new cars off the lot girls) 2.)They will have to "work" for their allowance-we both did! Mom and dad thank you for allowing me to be so independent and for trusting me at a young age to handle my money, to make my own mistakes and for allowing me to make my own decisions. I LOVE YOU BOTH!
Growing up we all had checking accounts at a young age and were taught to handle it wisely. We had good work ethics instilled in us- heck I was cleaning houses around my neighborhood and driving to their house before I could legally drive or the time I sold gumballs in a baggie for 25 cents at the end of my MYSELF. (mom I cant believe you let me do that) I'll never forget the day my brother(Jonathan) got a strange look when he handed the cashier a check.....he was 10 years old(Chris even remembers that)! When she didn't believe him he went to the bank the very next day and got a visa debit card and a identification card. Okay so a little bit down memory lane. Girls we know you will be such smart girls, we hope to allow you to make your own decisions, make your own mistakes, TRUST you but more importantly we want you think for yourselves rather than be told what to think!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Visitors.. Uncle Jim and Aunt Ellen Herman and Titi and Uncle Bill

Good to see you Uncle Jim and Aunt Ellen.
Thank you for all your help Titi and your yummy Eggroles.
Love you all.

Fourth of July... Good Food and Good Family

I drove down with the girls for the day to Ardmore Alabama(mom's hometown)where we spent our annual Fourth of July eating good food and swingin' on the wood swing. Chris and Stephen made their way the long route on motorcycles and arrived just in time for convenient!
Thank you Missy, Ann and Billy Ray for all you did to make it a great July 4th. Billy Ray the girls just loved you- thanks for helping me keep them entertained on on the swing.
I left shortly after we ate with a plate of dessert in my passenger seat to keep me drulling(MmmmGood). I was entertained all the way by Trista screaming and oddly enough Sadie did not make a peep. With my knees doing the driving and my fingers plugging my ears it actually was bearable.The guys left on their bikes shortly after hoping to miss the rain.
It was so nice to see everyone and we enjoyed everything.
Although the girls did not experience their first fourth of July fireworks there will be many more in the years to come. They were fast asleep when all the booms started to go off.

New Experiences......graham crackers and lemons!


What a mess. They love Graham crackers. Sadie fussed when hers was all gone. They ate the whole square except for all the crumbs you see on their face and all over the blanket.
Trista woke up from her nap while we were all eating lunch so we thought it would be funny to give her a try at a lemon. She actually gnawed on it for a bit. Grandad Thurmond got a tickle out of the funny faces she made.