Growing up too fast....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Sista's Visit New York City

Five days in NY City with Lara while Chris watched the girls was exactly what I needed. Chris did sucha good job with the girls. Thanks hun for letting me go!
Two broadway shows,good eats, tons of window shopping, mini marathon walking everyday, Central Park hot nuts eatin, Nutella/banana filled crepes, fancy french cologne, 86 stories high up the empire state building, cubicle size hotel room, lots of sista laughing, NY Pizza feasting was the perfect way to end my November month.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I heart NEW YORK CITY! THnak you Larce for Atelier Cologne, the broadway shows. Love traveling with you. LOVE YOU,Sister!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bam Bam and Pebbles X 2

Trick or Treat! Although they werent really good about saying those three magic words they did get good practice about saying, "Thank you"
We trick or treated thru Fairview Subdv- just a few miles up the road.
Not bad for homemade costumes if I might say so myself. We went with three other couples.
Erica and Tim...and Savannah the Ballarina
Will as (Dr. Horrible) and Holly....and Isaac the Pirate and Cora as Dorothy
Beth and Eric... .and Race as Bam Bam

Of course they've eaten WAY too much candy in the past 24 hours. Mimi they need a good teeth cleaning!
They slept with their candy buckets last night and when I went to bed I took them and set them inside our door in our bedroom. Sadie (shoulda known) woke up at 3 AM!!!!and noticed her candy bucket gone and started crying out for her "purse" I quickly jumped up and put her Purse(candy bucket) back by her pillow and she went right back to sleep.