Growing up too fast....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our First Teeth Cleaning

When Mimi( Chris's mom) was up her last week she woke up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to clean our teeth. Although the girls have dental insurance I'm glad that Mimi was the first to clean their teeth. They did a great job, stayed really still and held their mouth up and open when Mimi asked. Thanks Mom!

Sadie says "my teeth are all clean" She loved the Cinnamon flavored polish.

Monday, December 19, 2011

"No mommy, I do it"

It just seems like overnight they are changing. Just in the past few days I've noticed that they are doing a lot of role playing. I am also noticing that there is less fighting and more playing. The role playing keeps them occupied for hours. One plays the "mommy" and the other one plays "baby". One will hold the other one like a baby and feed her a bottle or go get cheerio's out of the pantry and feed it to the other one. But the funniest is one putting the diaper on the other one and one will actually "fake" crying. Everything is "I DO IT" and "no mommy, I a big girl"
They are now officially showering in their own shower and using their own sinks and toilet. After Xmas, Chris is starting to work on their loft beds. Their room is so small and we have utilize their space since I am seeing that they playing in their room a lot more. Chris got pallets from work and will be making the beds about 4.5 to 5 feet off the ground. I have the supplies for a wire to run underneath their bed and plan on getting some fabric to sew that will hang under their bed, kinda like a tent or play house area. I think I can handle sewing a straight line. Still gathering ideas for their bedding but Home Goods and TJMaxx I think has just what I'm looking for. I think it will turn out nice. Looking forward to getting that done.
These are just a few pics we took last week. I know the lighting isnt all that good but it'll do.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Loved and just slightly spoiled;)
The girls turned three and they are already sassy indeed. We had a fun day at Bounce U followed by lunch with 5 of their friends. We did a special dinner on their actual birthday and said Farewell to dear neighbors that are moving. Thank you Aunt Faye for helping me when you got here, you were a lifesaver. Mimi glad you were here on Tuesday to celebrate with mini cupcakes. Thank you everyone for all their gifts and money and birthday wishes. Jonathan the rainbow cake turned out awesome. Thanks for the recipe and idea!! The girls loved it.
Happy Third Bday Girls, Mommy and daddy love you both so much!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Its a Thurmond Thing

Sadie the driver would be proud. I have started to let the girls "drive" from the stop sign to the drive way. Sadie will start asking to "drive, mommy" when we turn down Shute Lane which is 2 miles from the house. Sadie almost always remembers to ask to "drive" They both sit in my lap and will steer the car to the driveway. I actually don't touch the steering wheel when we make the big turn down the driveway....Sadie gets itright almost every time. It makes me chuckle every time how well she can do it.
I know some wouldn't think to fond of it but we(the Thurmond kids) were all driving well before we were legally able why stop a good tradition:)

Mimi and Papa Tom Visit

This was a few weeks back but we dont want to forget the frequent trips that Mimi and Papa Tom make to see the kiddo's. He hasn't been around long but boy do they love their Papa Tom. And of course we never turn down a pancake breakfast at IHOP! Thanks for visiting Mimi and Papa Tom--you are always welcome here.