Growing up too fast....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

They are changing so much

Just a few pictures to share. They have on thier tomato outfits from Gymboree.
They are sleeping now so I am doing to try to catch some myself. The Schedule we have them on is working out pretty good. I am actually getting about 5 hours of sleep the past week so.

The two of them in the chair: Sadie is on the LEFT Trista on the RIGHT

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'M alive....this note will be short and sweet

They girls had their first check up Yesterday thanks to the help of UNCLE Steve getting us there(Chris had to work) They are doing great. Trista is cleared up of Jaundice but has passed it on to Sadie. Count came back low and doctor is not concerned- evidently very common to pass this off when its twins.
I am recovering slowly. Actually my babies were healthier than i was after birth. I am slowing feeling better. I spiked a temp after surgery, then my blood count was really low and they thought I might have a bladder infection which could go to my kidneys so that was closely watched. I am feeling much better and feedings are going well(breast pumping and feeding) but that is worth another blog. I am looking over at them and just counting the minutes I have till they are ready to eat again. Today is the first day that I am juggling them by myself till help comes a noon. I must say I am doing okay.
Thank you all for your support and love, food, calls and emails. Chris has been keeping me updated and keeping the blog updated.
I am just so in love with them and never thought I could feel so much joy. Although my hormones are ragging (cried lots the first 24 hours-poor Chris) but now I cry just looking at them and cannot believe that their ours and we made them.
I also love watching Chris be a dad,- that makes me cry to.:)
What an awesome gift that GOD has given us!
Much love to all.
Amber Carlson- mother of twin girls Sadie and Trista

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home Bodies

FINALLY!! It seemed like the hospital was becoming our home. Amber had to get her blood count up a bit more before we could leave. And Trista has a little bit of jaundice, which she will go back Monday for a re-check. It is fairly common for newborns to have this, but we are taking precaution and asking to give them a bit more time before meeting them. They cant wait to meet everyone, but we just want to make sure they are in tip top shape first. The nurses treated us royally and we got VIP treatment and never had to leave our huge deluxe room since we are related to the infamus Gavin Carter who all of our nurses work with. We really lucked out not having to moove to one of the smaller rooms after the first night. Dr. Branson did a great job with Amber during the whole birthing process. We really had a great experience while we were there. We packed up house and headed for home. The girls did great with their fist car ride. We found that this will be a good way to get them to sleep. They did fairly good their first night home. We had some really good friends visiting that were lifesavers all weekend and actually stayed with Amber 1 night so I could experience what real sleep was once again. Thank you to the Landers, we owe you. Saide and Trista met Rocky for the first time, and he has been really good with them. Rocky is real timid when he is around them and perks his ears every time they make a noise. I think he is going to be looking out for them as they grow. We are still trying to find a groove for the night feeding, had a really good night Saturday, they girls were introduced to bottles after pumping, and that proved to save Mom some time feeding, and some much needed sleep. We are learning as we go and have already learned that 1 would be a breeze. Amber is healing slowly but steadily. She is literally a milk machine right now, she is amazing! We are so happy to be home, and excited about this new phase in our life.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Move over, Rocky...the girls are comin' home!

This is Stephen posting a little something for Amber n' Chris. They just want everyone to know that they'll be going home TODAY with two new bundles of joy! It's been a long and exciting week and everyone feels so blessed with the two new additions. Everything has gone so smoothly for Amber, her pregnancy, delivery, and early adaptation to motherhood. However, Trista (below) is a bit Jaundice, a common condition in healthy newborns which shows up around the 2nd or 3rd day of life, so they're going to keep a close eye on her. She's able to go home...but, they may have to bring her in to the doctor for a few days if she doesn't improve on her own. She's eating well, so that's a big plus.

A quick rundown of this condition for those [guys] who might not know, or [ladies] who have forgotten, can be found at this link:
Jaundice in Healthy Newborns

Because of this, Amber and Chris have requested that no one visit the new bundles at home just yet. They want to be sure that Sadie and Trista are both in tip-top condition for their public debut. We're curious as to how Rocky (Amber n' Chris' 1 Yr. old Boxer) will take to playing 3rd fiddle now that there are two newborns to spoil. I'm sure he'll do just fine as long as he has his rope to chew on.

Thank you for all the continued phone-calls, love, and support to our family during these past few months. With Dad's situation and the arrival of the twins, it's been an exciting roller-coaster-ride ending to an exhausting year. We're all looking forward to a wonderful 09 with the new babies. Talk again soon!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

3 days new

Trista and Sadie are doing great! They sleep perfectly, and when they start to squirm a little bit, its time to eat, and after eating, they go right back to sleep. We feel pretty lucky so far, not to say our luck might run out on the quiet side of things, we are very happy. Sadie is starting to catch up with Trista in weight, so her cheeks are starting to fill out which is making her look more like Trista. I can still easily tell them apart, but it might get harder the more they fill out. We did find out that they are fraternal and not identical twins, of course this does not mean that they won't look the same. We are already finding that they both have different tastes, Trista has to be cold and mad to stay awake and feed, and Sadie likes to stay bundled up to feed. Speaking of feeding, they are eating great, breast feeding is going perfectly, they already starting getting actual milk yesterday after finishing the colostrum. Amber is doing good also. She got a little bit of a bladder infection after the c-section, and was anemic, so we have had to stay about a day more than we would have if it wasn't for trying to get her blood count and iron back up. She is up and walking around though, slowly, but she's up. Got her first shower yesterday, and food, so she is anxious to get home. We should be able to go home this evening, but possibly Friday. That's about it for now, will keep you updated.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

They finally made it!

Amber and I arrived at Hendersonville Hospital at 6 AM Monday Dec. 15. Right away the doctor broke her water and the pitocin started doing its job. She was already dialated 1cm when we came in, and the contractions started. The nurse would slowly increase the pitocin and the contractions would slowly get worse. At noon we started to wonder how long this was really gonna take seeing as how she was only dialated to 2cm at this point. At 6PM, 12 hours into it, the doctor finally mentioned c-section for the first time. Amber was very adimate about not having to go that route if we didn't need to. 8PM she was dialted to 3 1/2cm and the doctor went ahead and ordered the epidural thinking that might speed things up. For some reason the contractions fell off after that. And finally at 17 hours into it with the advice of the doctor, Amber realized that she had done the best she could and we needed to get the babies out. So to the operating room we went and within 20 minutes Sadie Glenn Carlson entered the world at 10:52PM weighing in at 5lbs 12oz 18in, and then Trista Lee Carlson at 10:53PM weighing in at 6lbs 2oz 19in. It took about 28 minutes for the team of which brother in law Gavin Carter was a part of (was nice to have some family there) to button her all back up. The babies checked out with all of their fingers and toes in tact. Perfectly healthy and perfect in every way. Trista is an exact replica of Amber as a baby, and Sadie is almost a replica of myself, so needless to say we wont have to figure out a way to tell them apart. We had lots of family here to welcome the little ones into existence, and we were happy they could experience this with us. Hope you enjoy the pictures, and we will update as we can, Chris

Sunday, December 14, 2008

3 Full Moons, Castor Oil and "Afternoon Delights" still no babies

Boy have I gotten the pressure these past few days- I realized I was not the only one that wants these babies to come. With walking,3 Full moons and "afternoon Delights" not working these babies are proving already to be stubborn.
Castor Oil...oh my goodness that stuff got everything out BUT babies but at least I feel empty. Thank you all for your comments. The tears that flowed were tears of anxiety,happiness and fear all wrapped up. Now I put my faith in God that things will go well. Anxiously waiting......much love to all.

PS: quick note on dad. he's been transferred to a new Nursing Rehab facility for a month and then will return home. He's walking(a little unsteady) but is walking his own. Mom told him the babies will be here Monday(or Tuesday) and he got a big grin on his face and his eyes got really wide. Cant wait for him to meet them.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ready or Not.....Monday is the day!

My last ultrasound was yesterday. Baby A weighs 6 lbs 7oz and Baby B weighs 7lbs 2 ounces! They are both fighting for first place but so far Sadie(baby A) is still the closest to enter the world first. I go in Monday 6 AM for induction....which is already deviating from my organized (typed out) birth plan for the nurses:) I got to thinking though that I have so much to be thankful for. They are a good size and I doubted myself at times whether I would make it 38 weeks anyway. With both babies head down more of the weigh is in my lower half and has made walking even more difficult...lots of pressure on my cervix-which does not feel good. I actually am sleeping okay and other than my right hand having some numbness and a few pinched nerves down my legs I FEEL GREAT!;)
Hope the next pictures you see will be our Christmas bundles in their stockings!

Friday, December 5, 2008

2 days short of being a full 37 weeks!

I've realized it doesn't matter which angle Chris tries to take the picture- I am just a tad "big" and I love how for once my stomach has exceeded my chest!- but at least something good is gonna come out:) I know I'm busted- Chunky Monkey is my favorite and Rocky loves the new elevated "pillow" to rest his chops on.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Babies they'll be.....

Thanksgiving has come and gone so it looks like Christmas babies they'll be. Monday will be my final Ultrasound and he'll also check to see if any activity is going on. I walked Opry Mills Mall yesterday for 3 hours but realized after a while that its the weight on my feet and back that suffered more-kinda fun wearing flip flops in December. Contractions/sharp pains are getting more intence though. Today I will tackle making my annual reindeer cookies and the infamous "Landers" toffee crunch for friends.
I feel so blessed. I have made it 37.5 weeks and feel good. Dont get me wrong I am big and awkward and the swelling is controlled by frequent foot props. We are guessing the babies are closer to 6 lbs each. You can do the math and give me KUDO's for that:) They are still very active which is always reassuring. I figured I'd get a pedicure since something has to look good from my view just hope I timed it right since pedicures only last about 3 weeks! Bags are packed, birth plan done(lets hope we can follow it) and soothies are bought(thanks Stacey/Kristen). Despite my mother-in-laws permission to "get busy" Chris and I have decided that there is no rush- we hope they will come when their ready. Doctor has talked about not wanting to go past mid December but no date has been set yet for induction! So we wait.....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Update on Dad. Stephen Visits Dad Day 46 Post Stroke

So, I finally got back down to pay a much needed visit to Dad. I surprised him at his rehab facility, Cane Creek, in Martin, TN. He was just starting to eat lunch when i walked in and he looked surprised to see me...all smiles. I let him finish lunch before he started his afternoon therapy sessions. One thing's for sure...he hasn't lost his appetite. The little guy can still put it away...and definitely prefers mom and grandmom's home cooking to the facility fare.

I stayed the rest of the day with him and went to his speech, physical, and occupational therapy sessions. All the sessions were very good and the staff seems very nice and competent. He's definitely improving.

Last week he learned to hum "Amazing Grace". This week he's added 3 more of his favorite hymns to the list and is eager to perform for anyone that will listen. We were in the middle of his speech therapy session and he started humming "Amazing Grace" again...only this time at the end of the first stanza, he said two words! "was blind, but now I see." We were all surprised and ecstatic to hear him say "I see", because he's only been able to get out incoherent mumbles and groans thus far. His face lit up like a kid's on Christmas morning when he said the clearly surprised him as well. I don't think he even expected it...but, whatever synapse needed to fire...did! This is AWESOME, and has rekindled our hopes that he'll speak again.

For the remainder of the evening, he wanted to hum "Amazing Grace". He still only got out "I see" at the end...but hey, it's a start. We had a great afternoon. I took him outside for a bit...was cold, but refreshing, and dad loves being outside and breathing cool, crisp air. We spent the last hour or so just hanging out in his room while he tried to stomach the facility's dinner menu. He devoured the home-cooked food at lunch, so didn't have a choice at dinner. When was back to humming church hymns. He gets really frustrated trying to talk so he almost immediately goes into humming the hymns now that he's discovered he can say "I see." It's heartbreaking, but exciting at the same time. Apparently, the "singing" part of the brain is a different area than the speaking part, I've been informed, so a lot of stroke patients learn to sing their words before speaking normally. Baby steps indeed. He's a fighter and won't be giving up anytime soon, I don't believe.

He'll be at Cane Creek till Dec. 7th, so we're hoping for some more big improvements. After the 7th, we're going to try to get him into Vandy again...but, don't know if that'll even be an option...gotta love "the system." Thanks for the continued thoughts, concerns, and condolences. We all greatly appreciate them...especially dad.