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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Happenings. Family Photo 2013

I just realized I have only hours left to make a December Post! This time of year, as always, is crazy busy and stressful. Its been quite eventful to say the least. December 15 the girls turned 5 and this year we decided to have it at our local YMCA gym. The girls swam, ate, played games and opened presents.
Now....let me back up a little. Mom had decided and said she would be coming for their birthday.We were so excited because she hasnt been able to come to any of their bday parties. I was especially relieved because this is the first year that we let the girls tell us who they wanted to invite. 10 invitations later we had a list of 25 that were ALL coming! Mom had left early that morning on the 15th, the day of their party, to get here early to help me get ready. What better way to start out a bday celebration than with a Cracker Barrel breakfast?! We got there and we waiting for mom to arrive. I had just spoke with her 20 minutes prior. We got our seats, went ahead and ordered and I started to think that she should have made it there by then. I had accidentally left my phone at home so I used Chris phone to call her- it went straight to voice mail. A few seconds later a call was coming in from moms phone. It was Davidson Co's fire dept telling me that mom had been in a bad accident and was being transported to Vanderbilt. She had fallen asleep at th wheel and Dukes of Hazard off Briley onto I65 merge lane. Lucky to be alive indeed!!
We let the girls finish eating and I quickly took them home and headed to the hosp. I was able to see mom before they took her back to have ankle surgery and put her shoulder back in place.  I rushed back home to throw things in the car for the girls party. Thankful for an Awesome Chris who made 20 something kids sandwhiches and got stuff together for the party. 
The party was a great success. The only thing missing was JUJU!!
Although we have SOOOOO enjoyed mom being here and getting to hang out with her at the rehab facility I do not wish the pain and discomfort she has felt. Mom goes home on Friday, Jan. 3rd. 
Poor mom spent her Birthday, Christmas and New Years at Vanderbilt hosp and rehab. Most importantly we are so glad she is alive!! 
We LOVE YOU JUJU!!  (photos take by chris(on a self time)- that is a whole other blog post)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Everything is BIG in Texas and Parks Birthday was a BIG deal!! Two big celebrations.

I headed to Texas for Lara's birthday where we feasted on Thai food, ate fruit cups and plurged on a FREE IHOP Breakfast. Had such a good time. Always love to visit Texas! are so precious! So lovable and oh so sweet. You are into everything.. curious like any 2 year old and full of life!
I loved getting to spend your 2nd Birthday with you!
Auntie Am loves you! siding and WIndows!

                                             2 years later 2008
NOW 2013
                                                                                               2006 BEFORE
We've come a long way baby.
Okay sort of. 
Just finished with Cement Siding, new windows, gutters, painted the garage and front door and paved the driveway in the past 6 months!  
I LOVE THE WINDOWS....been wanting windows that open for SEVEN years. 
Much needed updating. When you stay here for as long as we have you just have to start all over redoing stuff. :)
We actually eliminated the theater room and extended more garage space. I'm thrilled because that is one less room I have to pick up, clean and vacuum.:)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

When it rains, it pours

Silly Sadie

 she loves rocky

Teranasaurus Trista

Ahhh! Let the flu/sick season begin. Its been a rough week and yesterday was one of those days. Sadie had the flu, trista had a melt down when she realized chris ate her "pink" icecream, I had a UTI, Rocky has fleas and is banned from the house, Navigator had a dead battery, chriss bike wouldnt start, the hot water heater wasnt working- so no shower for me, cold and rainy and I had a ton of real estate stuff to catch up on!! Pretty good day to be at home until I had to meet my client at work to get some signatures and the kids stayed in the car with a DVD player that now does NOT work. By the time I got home sadies temp was 102.6, got dinner ready, left to show a rental property at 6 and in bed at 9. Sadie is feeling better btw! What is up with these 24 hour bugs or flu like symptoms? I am not complaining but all I know is Trista is usually next, then me, then chris. 
Above was the outfit Sadie picked out when I told her to go get dressed. The pictures of Trista are by Sadie the photographer. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kisses, Kisses

Mom (Juju) left her car here for a few weeks while she was in Texas. I was cleaning out the center console and found this Katy Perry, Marilyn Monroe RED lipstick, SOOOOOO we all decided to try it on!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sadie and Trista
Pre-K/ MDO
You girls are learning so much at
HELP-Hope Enrichment Learning Program at the church of Indian Lake
You know all your letters and numbers, address, phone number. The days of the week, months of the year. You both really love it. Your teachers are very nice and they are getting you ready for Kindergarten!
KINDERGARTEN.....I cant believe I am even saying that! It is so hard to believe.
You both are 43.5 inches tall. You have long legs and GORGEOUS strawberry blond hair. Everyone wants your hair color and wants to know "who colors it" 
You, Sadie, have gone on strike a little with school since now you have caught on that its not all about recess/ fun and games. You actually have to sit still and learn. oh boy... its going to be  along Kindergarten year. 
You both do well in the same class but I haven't decided if I'm going to separate you or keep you together next year. 

Sadie: Your favorite things to eat are carrots, grapes, watermelon, Pancakes and I think you'd eat oatmeal for every meal if I let you. 
Trista: Your favorite foods to eat are also oatmeal, pancakes, cucumbers,blueberries-frozen, you say. You also said you like Ice, Strawberries

Favorite Colors: 
Sadie: Purple, Pink, blue and green and black and grey (my unique child;)
Trista: Pink and Blue

You both love the song: THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE and Aselin Debison's Christmas album.

You know how to navigate your way on the Ipad and our phones better than we do. 
What do you want to be for Halloween:
Sadie: undecided
Trista: Jesse from Toy Story


Be careful what you wish for! Juju asked for them and she got em:)
Thanks so much mom for all the times you kept the girls this summer. I know they can be a handful but they love coming to Juju's house even if they play with Venice and Carrie most of the time. 
What an amazing sister Aunt Faye is too for staying with the, gmom and gdad for 3 weeks while mom went to Texas for a break and to see lara.
Grandmom and Grandad you are 98 and 96(i think) in this picture and I know you all wont be around forever but I am glad the girls have gotten to spend time with you and know you. 
Dad- watching you is heart breaking. I miss you, dad. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Oh, this old house! Girls night out on the Blackburn boat!

Its a work in progress

Chris gutted and put in a new tub shower for our Master. MUCH NEEDED. We finally got the driveway done. Nice and wide and plenty room for the girls to ride their bikes on.
Next is cement siding, windows and floors and we'll be about ready to sell. J/K. Decided we stay here for at least 3-5 more years.  Have had a couple girls nights out and datenights here and there but overall its been a very busy summer jammed packed full of work, MDO, playdates, sonic runs, Swimming, yard work and home repairs/updating.

July Happenings

SADIE 4.5 years
 Sadie and Trista- Hawaiian day at school.
 TRISTA eatin Rice at Thai Rest.
Happy July.
I'm going to pretend that I did not completely skip July and go ahead and post pics from July because that's when these were actually taken. 
What is wrong with me??? I just cannot keep up with this anymore. I'm telling you...the older they get the more busy I am. They require more entertainment. And trust me there are days that I completely have to blow them off cause I'm working on the computer or on the phone with a client/lender. 
I sometimes feel guilty that my nose is always in my phone does allow us to do fun things, go fun places and have nicer things:) We have lived at the YMCA pool. You all can swim all by yourself now without floaties and you ride your bikes like champs! 
Wouldcha just look a them!? They are a hot mess and full of all kinds of silly. 
They just got back from a week at Juju's THANKS MOM!! They were in MDO this summer. Hated to do it but it is my busiest time of year and I cant blow work off. And besides its only two days a week. 
Next week, Aug. 13th they start Pre-K and then next year KINDERGARTEN!! I cannot believe it!
Trista you are starting to be more dependent on Sadie. Noticing that you all wont do things without the other one. Sadie you are my little spit fire. You are independent, quick wit, full of facial expressions(hence, pic. above) and you are sassy. Trista you LOVE to sing and I love to hear you sing.  You both dress yourselves, bath yourselves, brush your own teeth and you even know how to separate lights from darks with the laundry....I taught you that. Its a big help too. You both know how to spell your name. You know your days of the week, months of the year. Letters numbers, shapes and colors. Sadie you are good at picking out outfits that match. Trista...not so much. 
I love you girls. I have so enjoyed being home with you this summer. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This one is for you, Aunt Faye!

WE are Fun. We are FOUR. We are Fabulous!!
                                                     LADY BUG OUTFITS from 4.5 years ago.
Aunt Faye, remember these????? You got these outfits for the girls and gave them to me at my first baby shower four and half years ago.  I cannot believe how fast time has gone. These little outfits have hung in their closet since then. I remember thinking how long I would have to wait for them to wear them. This was their  back to " Summer Camp" aka MDO outfit. They love em especially how the little lady bugs dangle from the bloomer bottoms. We love you Aunt Faye!!

Its been a busy couple of months but finally an update!

Introducing "Sweet Dreams Bella and "Rock a bye Avery"
smells like(sweet smell) looks like, feels like, weighs like a real newborn....glad they're not real.
These are played with only on special occasions. The label even says "not a toy or to played with by children" WHAT?!?!

 At the park with Eli and Everett (3.5 twin boys and RUBY-6
 Trista helping daddy dig up the driveway! FInally a driveway so our kids will stay on our driveway and not the neighbors.
 Out to lunch at their absolute favorite place....Rainforest Cafe or aka...the Jungle Restaurant, followed by frozen yogurt and a Carousel Ride!
 Bike riding on the trail. They picked their own  biker outfits and all.
 At the wave pool with Jenny- their other fav. place that we finally just got an annual membership because we go so much.

What a crazy couple months this has been. I've had a  very time consuming client, a couple closings and changed real estate company's!!(which I realize doesn't sound like much but it is when you are a full time mom and wife too:) This is a recap of just a few things that we've been up to.
New roof last week(insurance claim), Chris started to dig up the driveway and realized it was going to be a bigger task that he didn't want to tackle so contractors are finishing it up once the rain stops. Chris put in a new bathtub upstairs-- BYE BYE "harvest gold" as they call it from the 70's! Yuck! The girls heard me say how much i did not like that tub that they started to say, "this is disgusting" when they'd get in to take a bath.
They LOVE to ride their bikes, swim, chew GUM, go to school (MDO), make sno-cones, swing and play with their neighbor friends- Race, Abby and Madison. Have I mentioned how GREAT FOUR has been?! I love this age.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Been a hard days night and I've been working like a dog!

So this is what happens when I work FULL TIME. Lets just say I've had a very time consuming buyer. 42 homes, 3 contracts and I wish I could say we have a done deal but not yet!
So...I was trying to pull some pics from my phone but I cant figure why they wont upload. Its 1:21am and I am too tired to figure it out. Will have some pics up soon. To Be Continued......

Sunday, April 7, 2013


This year I made Jonathan a personalized photo collage Granola Container and put RETRO GRANOLA in it for his Birthday which is (APRIL 10). Hope he doesnt check the blog cause I havent mailed yet:)
I dyed the COCONUT and then baked it. Got the idea this year when I was up at 4am dying coconut green for the "grass" to go in the girls rice Krispie treat "nest"
This was so fun to make. Next time may put a little more coconut! Obviously I'm using GRANDmoms recipe and it is hands down the best granola ever!! Hope you like your birthday gift, Jonathan. LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this age!! 4 is fabulous!!
 trista and mommy
 serious sadie and mommy

Picasa has some new features I was playing around with. This was a rainy day. We had spent all day inside, 1 hour splasing in the hottub followed by a warm shower. 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

HAPPY EASTER--Sugar Overload & a easter bunny believer!!

On Friday the girls planted magic beans in the ground hoping that lollipops would grow.
We waited and we waited and finally......

TA DA! Lollipops rose from the ground on Sunday morning;) (glen "planted" 105 lollipops at 5:30am Sunday morning before the girls got up) He loved seeing the look on their faces.
Their Easter basket(per their request) was filled with garden shovels, watering can, cotton candy and candy filled eggs. They also got sidewalk chalk, veggie straws and a mini gum ball machine. The Easter bunny left (at 1:30am Sunday morning) a trail of eggs starting at their bedside and they trailed all the way down the hall, down the stairs which led them right to their Easter baskets!

Yesterday we went and rode our bikes on the trail. Well.....they rode and I jogged behind them. Trista is OFFICIALLY a bike rider without training wheels!! Sadie started riding without hers last summer(2012) but Trista just wasn't quite ready. SO proud of her. We had  a picnic at the park then rode our bikes for about 2.5 miles. 
(click on the picture to view it bigger)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter, Art Work and Spring Fever


There is something about rice krispie treats that make you feel like a kid again. And so tasty too! Up at 4am to make these little egg baskets for the girls school. I dyed coconut for the straw and put PB M&M's in the "nest". Then I crammed RKTreat in a large plastic egg as the mold, made an indention and put a PB M&M inside and then closed it up. thanks for the idea, sister:)

The girls are LOVING school! The teachers are fabulous,the teachers hug them when they leave everyday with an occasional kiss that Sadie insists on giving. She can be so independent and not need you one minute and so loving the next!
If I haven't said it yet....I LOVE THIS AGE!! All the moms of multiples use to tell me that 4 is a good age and indeed it is. Just a few snap shots of the crafts they do at school. I love the hand print ones. I can tell already that I am going to need a second file folder just to hold it all. 
Roll playing is a big deal right now. And very serious about it too. One day they were Venice and Carrie and they wouldnt even answer to their real names, then the next day one is England(sadie talks like a baby for a week after being around her:) and on many occasions one is Kelly, the dog and Trista is usually the master! They play mommy and baby a lot. They hold each other(funny to see cause they are the same size), feed each other, push each other in the "baby" stroller-- that would be a stroller that fits a baby doll NOT a human- the poor wheels on that thing are about to bust.  And occasionally I will catch them changing each others diaper...hmmmm!
They play for hours, I mean hours by themselves. They crack me up the conversations they have. The other day I asked Trista what her puppys name was and she said, "Vagina." Alrighty then!
They remind me every morning to give them their vitamins. They are growing like weeds-        inches and weigh   lbs. They love to sing and dance. Trista your favorite vegetable is cucumbers, edammame, peas, green beans and broccoli . Sadie....if I threaten your life you will eat Carrots but you do like and are willing eat peas, broccoli and corn on the cob. That is corn on the cob not off the cob. Can we say particular?;)
Sadie-L     Trista- R
They love their nails painted(Wacky sock day for school if you didnt notice)

I am so ready for SPRING. I can almost feel it in the air. I saw the biggest ferns at WalMart the other day and I am ready to plant flowers, hang ferns and  get dirty in the garden. Looking forward to fresh basil, tomatoes, cucumbers and veggies. The wind was crazy the other day so we decided to bust out the KITE that Mimi and Papa Tom got them for Easter. I'll admit it right now, I don't know if I have patience for kite flying especially on a day like Sunday when the wind would change directions every few seconds and not to mention that is was 40 degrees outside. We'll try again on a warmer, sunny day because the girls LOVED doing it! The girls Easter basket which is a product in the making will have a garden tool set because that's what they requested from the Easter Bunny. I think they believe more in the Easter bunny than they do Santa. To tell or not to tell? Nah, they'll figure it out one day! 
So, they also requested candy, chocolate, cotton candy....can we say Sweet tooth!?! They requested a Frisbee, garden tools(gloves, watering can,rake and shovel) and a kick ball!
Thank you JUJU and PAPA, MIMI and PAPA TOM for all their Easter Goodies, they love their packages and goodies BUT they especially LOVE YOU!
Happy Egg Hunting!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A quick trip to see the Fam

As always the trip to Dyersburg was enjoyable. Mom....I dont know how you do it. They are definitely FULL time work! The girls LOVED playing with Venice and Carrie and getting to see Great Grandmom and Granddad, Papa and Juju. Thank you mom! Love you
 JUDY AND JIM aka Juju and Papa

 Grandmother: Venice Sweet Thurmon
 and Granddad: Roy B. Thurmon           Celebrated their 75th last year!
Just a few pics from the weekend.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First day at MDO/School. They were so excited!

Did I cry? No. Did I feel emotional? yes. I wasn't sad to see them go I was just emotional because its been a long 4 years of hard work and its the first time I've left them in someone elses care/influence that I don't really know. They have been talking about it for a week. Right now they are only there one day a week for 5 hours and in May will start 2 days a week. They are taught a basic Pre K curriculum which should have them ready for Kindergarten by the time they are 6.5. Their teacher is Ms. Erica and Leslie. Quite a few of the teachers are at the YMCA childcare so they knew a lot of familiar faces right away. I was glad for that. 
I will say this, five hours is not all that much time BUT cleaning the house and it staying clean for more than 10 minutes is so WONDERFUL! I will be back and sales meetings at CL on Tuesday which will be nice because I haven't been able to go in 4 years. They had no problem saying goodbye and putting their lunch bag in their cubbie. I am glad I waited as long as I did. They were more than ready. 

 Sadie on Left
Trista on Right
 In your lunch I packed you a p&B jelly sandwhich on homemade breakfast bread, a individually wrapped prune, carrots for Sadie and Trista wanted cucumbers and pretzel sticks and your Lighting McQueen water bottles.

 Silly Trista crossing her eyes.