Growing up too fast....

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Everything is BIG in Texas and Parks Birthday was a BIG deal!! Two big celebrations.

I headed to Texas for Lara's birthday where we feasted on Thai food, ate fruit cups and plurged on a FREE IHOP Breakfast. Had such a good time. Always love to visit Texas! are so precious! So lovable and oh so sweet. You are into everything.. curious like any 2 year old and full of life!
I loved getting to spend your 2nd Birthday with you!
Auntie Am loves you! siding and WIndows!

                                             2 years later 2008
NOW 2013
                                                                                               2006 BEFORE
We've come a long way baby.
Okay sort of. 
Just finished with Cement Siding, new windows, gutters, painted the garage and front door and paved the driveway in the past 6 months!  
I LOVE THE WINDOWS....been wanting windows that open for SEVEN years. 
Much needed updating. When you stay here for as long as we have you just have to start all over redoing stuff. :)
We actually eliminated the theater room and extended more garage space. I'm thrilled because that is one less room I have to pick up, clean and vacuum.:)