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Sunday, March 31, 2013

HAPPY EASTER--Sugar Overload & a easter bunny believer!!

On Friday the girls planted magic beans in the ground hoping that lollipops would grow.
We waited and we waited and finally......

TA DA! Lollipops rose from the ground on Sunday morning;) (glen "planted" 105 lollipops at 5:30am Sunday morning before the girls got up) He loved seeing the look on their faces.
Their Easter basket(per their request) was filled with garden shovels, watering can, cotton candy and candy filled eggs. They also got sidewalk chalk, veggie straws and a mini gum ball machine. The Easter bunny left (at 1:30am Sunday morning) a trail of eggs starting at their bedside and they trailed all the way down the hall, down the stairs which led them right to their Easter baskets!

Yesterday we went and rode our bikes on the trail. Well.....they rode and I jogged behind them. Trista is OFFICIALLY a bike rider without training wheels!! Sadie started riding without hers last summer(2012) but Trista just wasn't quite ready. SO proud of her. We had  a picnic at the park then rode our bikes for about 2.5 miles. 
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Anonymous said...

So cute. I ike the idea of planting the jelly beans and coming up lollipops. Very clever. Sounds like they had a great time. Wish I could have been there to watch them.
Love you to Trista and Sadie and the Easter Bunny.