Growing up too fast....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

JuJu and Granddad Thurmond WE can

have our much needed Thursday night date night. Thanks to our faithful babysitter Stephen....we decided to give him the night off since mom and dad drove over for a couple days so we could go out. stephen came anyway but we are so thankful for our wonderful families. Mom and Mimi thank you for the endless diaper supply that seems to keep popping up just at the right time! And of course little outfits here and there....they lack for nothing most of all LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Window Watching (Chris on the John Deer)

The girls were munching on a MUM MUM (rice cake-way less messy) while chris was mowing the yard. Great Entertainment!


Trista on the left Sadie on the Right

Watermelon Chow Down



The girls enjoyed their watermelon fresh from my Granddad's Garden(Roy B.Thurmon)
Tasty indeed! I have a melon baller and I find that fruit or veggies in fun shapes just seems sweeter to eat!(Landers- you will understand what I mean:))Sadie would have one watermelon ball in each hand while Trista would keep grabbing one thinking to herself....."maybe this one will be better tasting" They had it everywhere, all over the blanket, their outfits...thanks for OXI-clean spray it all came out. So fun to watch!

8 Months and New Adventures!

After naps on Saturday we tried out our new bike trailer that came that afternoon. Chris did many hours of research to find the BEST one for his girls.
Can I say Jane Fonda eat your heart out! This is the new cardio for moms! Every hill that came up Chris would warm me that I needed to be in a low gear to be able to make it up. I informed him that I was blessed with James Earl's(my dad) legs but let me tell you THAT is a WORK OUT!! And summer they will be probably 25lbs each! They LOVED it though as you can see.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Marilyn Monroe's

chris thought it would be funny to put them on the AC vent.

Great Grandparents Roy and Venice Thurmon

With my grandfather being the oldest out of 11 brothers and sisters and always seeing his mother pregnant he was not too fond of pregnant women. He loved his own babies, great grandbabies and now Sadie and Trista, he did admit this past weekend that they were really cute babies---I told him I agreed!:)

With the help of the Krueger Cousins all I had to do was nurse and hand them off. Thier feet never hit the floor I dont think that whole day!

Sadie slip sliding away on her naked butt!

Tub Time at JuJu's. This was the first time we've had them in the tub together and they love it! Sadie had her whole head under the faucet and didnt mind it. We are starting bath time much earlier since we can tell they need more than a good scrub and rinse. JuJu's tub was nice and big!