Growing up too fast....

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Trista washing the dishes

Trista one day said she wanted to wash the dishes. Up until now they really couldn't reach the kitchen faucet but since they are such "big girls" they want to try and wash their own plate. Well, go right ahead, Missy. I'M NOT GOING TO STOP YOU!!
She washed all these dishes herself. I'm so proud of you Trista.
They had their second teeth cleaning and were cavity free. SURPRISE....since they LOVE GUM and candy.
And they had their 4 year check up with Dr. Patterson and they are growing good. Both are in the 75% for their height. Trista you are a whopping 38 lbs and Sadie you are 37 lbs (always been one pound smaller since the day you were born) Trista and Sadie you are both 41 inches tall but I still think Sadie might be a tad shorter.

They didn't have to get any shots but next year they will get THREE. Better plan a big ice cream day for sure for that one.
You both are good eaters. I would like Sadie to eat a little more green items but she is warming up to more things and I'm not going to stress over it. They both love olives, edammame, broccoli and carrots.
Peas are not really your favorite but every now and then you will both want to impress us at dinner and you'll both eat lettuce or a spinach leaf.

You both are growing up so fast. I am noticing less fighting and more sharing.  We love you!!

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