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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First day at MDO/School. They were so excited!

Did I cry? No. Did I feel emotional? yes. I wasn't sad to see them go I was just emotional because its been a long 4 years of hard work and its the first time I've left them in someone elses care/influence that I don't really know. They have been talking about it for a week. Right now they are only there one day a week for 5 hours and in May will start 2 days a week. They are taught a basic Pre K curriculum which should have them ready for Kindergarten by the time they are 6.5. Their teacher is Ms. Erica and Leslie. Quite a few of the teachers are at the YMCA childcare so they knew a lot of familiar faces right away. I was glad for that. 
I will say this, five hours is not all that much time BUT cleaning the house and it staying clean for more than 10 minutes is so WONDERFUL! I will be back and sales meetings at CL on Tuesday which will be nice because I haven't been able to go in 4 years. They had no problem saying goodbye and putting their lunch bag in their cubbie. I am glad I waited as long as I did. They were more than ready. 

 Sadie on Left
Trista on Right
 In your lunch I packed you a p&B jelly sandwhich on homemade breakfast bread, a individually wrapped prune, carrots for Sadie and Trista wanted cucumbers and pretzel sticks and your Lighting McQueen water bottles.

 Silly Trista crossing her eyes.

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