Growing up too fast....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

They are smarter than you think

I bet you cant guess who folded their clothes nice and neat. If you guessed Sadie, you are wrong. Its was Trista. She loves to fold her clothes and pajamas. Sometimes they are taken off and flung whereever to land but this morning she wanted to fold them herself. As for the stools, thats pretty self explanitory. They figured out how to double stack them to get what snacks they want in the pantry. Sadie is my sneaky snake. She's in a bad habit of saying that the other parent said she could something depending on who she's trying to manipulate. Trista on the other hand is my tattle teller. She tells on Sadie all the time because Sadie is usually the one that just hit or punched her. Yup--that one little tid bit of advice that all the moms of multiples DID NOT warm me about. "Oh, they'll play so good together" Could you have at least warned me that they'll want to KILL EACH OTHER too! Its hard to believe they will start Kindergarden next yea. Trying to juggle work and be a mom is something I really had not idea was going to be so hard at times. Its just challenging sometimes and still I seem to do it and make it look like a piece of cake. ITS NOT!

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