Growing up too fast....

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Its hard to believe that school starts for everyone in almost 2 weeks. Thankfully we are not there yet although some days I wish we were. School is EXPENSIVE!!! Just to give you an idea. Sumner Academy is $7800 for Kindergarten, ONE CHILD, for one year! Although I love their curriculum(15 students to one teacher) with emphases on Science, math, technology and Agriculture. Kids have to grow and take care of their own vegetables for a semester. Not to mention they encourage critical thinking. We are a couple years away but public school looks a lot more appealing on the check book! It's interesting how I just got off the phone with a good freind who is actually moving to the Brentwood area just to put their kids in Public school there because their academic score are exceptionally high (Hendersonville ranks 2nd for Top A+ rated Schools in Mid. Tn) I know I was give the opportunity for a private school education and am VERY thankful for that but my friend stated that he just didnt see the academics scoring to justify the price tag to send his kids to Madison Campus elementary. Interesting. Here are a few pics the girls took while goofing around. They did pretty good handling the camera. And as Sadie would say, "look at my crazy hair"

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