Growing up too fast....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trista-looking all grown up!


I can't believe how big they are getting and I'm noticing it right before my eyes. The other day I was jogging into the YMCA with the girls are on each hip because it was raining. I felt like I'd done a workout before I got thru the door. I know the girls aren't in Mothers Day Out- which I was so hopping for this fall but I think next year will be a better time. Plus I think that being at the Y for 1 and half to two hours a day 4-5 days a week has really helped their speech skills. Sadie put Trista in "time-out" on the steps this afternoon. I had to chuckle because we've never done the "time-out" thing. I'm guessing she learned that at childcare at the Y. And the biggest thing this past week is that I'm officially MOM now. They rarely say MOMMY! It sounded so funny when I first heard it and yet makes me realize just how much they are growing up. These terrible two's can be so exhausting and makes me look forward to 3's until I was told that there are terrible three's also! Oh MY!
Their favorite thing in the morning is to come get in bed with me. The sweet little snuggle doesn't last long because each one wants my head turned in their direction....see the problem?!
Lara- we made the Lady Bug pancakes the other day which they loved! And I love the buttermilk pancake recipe that came on the back. It is now my favorite and I tossed the other one I had been using for the past couple years.
Chris and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary August 20 in Atlanta. We did a quick "swing by" to Mimi and Papa Tom who watched the girls. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! It was so nice to sleep in and get away! BTW- It took me days to explain to them that Mimi and Papa Tom cannot "hold you" because they live "far" away. :)
Just returned from Brown County State park where we spent Labor Day Weekend(2011) with three other families. SO MUCH FUN! Only 4 hours away. The girls loved the horseback riding and the little town three miles away had the CUTEST shops. We only hit 4 shops so we are definitely going back next year! It was a great family trip.
Cant wait the arrival of BABY T, due Oct. 6 where we will make our big road trip with the girls down to Texas. WE ARE SO EXCITED TO MEET HIM. I will officially be an AUNT!

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