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Sunday, September 18, 2011

All in One Weekend...

Chinese Foot Bath, anyone?
I was busy getting supper ready when I looked over and noticed Trista giving herself a foot bath. Those are the bread cans I use when I make bread. I had just made 7 loaves of bread and the cans were soaking in the sink. Trista thought, "what the heck, my feet fit in here perfectly" Yum-anybody like a loaf of my bread;)


Food Coloring does not come outta wood. Chris had to paint the cabinet, I was at work all day, Chris had a sprained ankle and we had a showing on the house in 2 hours.

What exactly have we done to deserve these crazy kids?! Oh wait...its actually the lack of parental supervision. This is what you get when both parents hear the kids downstairs at the butt crack of dawn and both of us were waiting on the other to roll outta bed. When I came down to the kitchen I literally thought two adult Possums had been rummaging in whatever they could get their little paws on. There was pound cake crumbled all over the place, all the M&M's in the bowl from the previous nights get-together were GONE and NEON food coloring dressed our naked children. They were on a sugar high.


I was for sure that Chris has maybe thrown my flip flops out. I had been talking about replacing them for awhile and I figured he just went ahead and did it....which would not be like him to do that but it was just my initial though. I dont know why but something told me to check the vent since I've found valuable items in there before and sure enough....there they were....nice and cold! They are actually missing again but I didnt find them in that same vent...of course not...our oversized curious critters are smarter than that. I still havent found them.:(

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