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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Happenings. Family Photo 2013

I just realized I have only hours left to make a December Post! This time of year, as always, is crazy busy and stressful. Its been quite eventful to say the least. December 15 the girls turned 5 and this year we decided to have it at our local YMCA gym. The girls swam, ate, played games and opened presents.
Now....let me back up a little. Mom had decided and said she would be coming for their birthday.We were so excited because she hasnt been able to come to any of their bday parties. I was especially relieved because this is the first year that we let the girls tell us who they wanted to invite. 10 invitations later we had a list of 25 that were ALL coming! Mom had left early that morning on the 15th, the day of their party, to get here early to help me get ready. What better way to start out a bday celebration than with a Cracker Barrel breakfast?! We got there and we waiting for mom to arrive. I had just spoke with her 20 minutes prior. We got our seats, went ahead and ordered and I started to think that she should have made it there by then. I had accidentally left my phone at home so I used Chris phone to call her- it went straight to voice mail. A few seconds later a call was coming in from moms phone. It was Davidson Co's fire dept telling me that mom had been in a bad accident and was being transported to Vanderbilt. She had fallen asleep at th wheel and Dukes of Hazard off Briley onto I65 merge lane. Lucky to be alive indeed!!
We let the girls finish eating and I quickly took them home and headed to the hosp. I was able to see mom before they took her back to have ankle surgery and put her shoulder back in place.  I rushed back home to throw things in the car for the girls party. Thankful for an Awesome Chris who made 20 something kids sandwhiches and got stuff together for the party. 
The party was a great success. The only thing missing was JUJU!!
Although we have SOOOOO enjoyed mom being here and getting to hang out with her at the rehab facility I do not wish the pain and discomfort she has felt. Mom goes home on Friday, Jan. 3rd. 
Poor mom spent her Birthday, Christmas and New Years at Vanderbilt hosp and rehab. Most importantly we are so glad she is alive!! 
We LOVE YOU JUJU!!  (photos take by chris(on a self time)- that is a whole other blog post)

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