Growing up too fast....

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The girls turn SEVEN!

Happy Birthday Trista and Sadie
We are so proud of you both and what sweet little girls you are. 
You invited a few friends from your neighborhood, school and your cousins. Who also made the list were Oni  and Jenny, Glen and Katherine and Jacob. 
 We made spaghetti, sauce, 5 cheese garlic bread, peas and corn and salad.

For Dessert we had an ICE CREAM SUNDAE BAR with all kinds of toppings....
there were: 
Spinkles, brownie bites, confetti cake, hot fudge, magic shell, strawberries, raspberries, cool whip and of course marchino cherries. 
You friends had fun making their own ice cream sundae!
You got all kinds of gift........
gift cards, rain boots, swim suits, games and SHOPKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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