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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer 2015. A fun summer it was! "How many more nights till we.......?

 Sadie on Left Trista on Right

 Kim and Amber In PCB
 sadie making sno cones

At Hoppity Hop with RILEY

We swam, we played, we rode our bikes, we swam, we watched movies, we ate LOTS of sno cones, we went to Panama City Beach and hung out with the Smiths, we went to Mimi and Papa T's , we went to see Grandad, Juju and Aunt Faye and the Krueger Cousins! Oh and did I mention we SWAM!! The girls passed their swim test at the YMCA, which means they can swim in the deep end and go down the slides. AND it also means I dont have to be within an arms length at all times which means lounge time for mamma!

Goodies from Juju
Sadie:R Trista:L
Thank you JuJu for our package full of goodies and our adorable Minnie Mouse Dresses!! We Love you!

They spent all day in the ocean and swimming.
They love the beach.


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